Loud explosions early yesterday morning drove fear into the hearts of residents of this seaside town on Jamaica’s north-eastern coast.

After they called the police at approximately 6:15, their fear gave way to shock with the gruesome discovery of the bodies of 62-year-old Albert Pryce, 25-year-old Rushelle Williams, and her nine-month-old daughter Aleir Sewell in Pryce’s house on Fort George Road.

All three had gunshot wounds.

Pryce and the baby were reportedly found on the bed, while Williams was said to have been found on the floor in the room. The police are awaiting further examinations to determine if the child was directly shot, or if she was hit by the same bullet that killed Pryce.

The killings remain a mystery, but the investigators said they have information which suggests they stemmed from a domestic dispute.

Pryce’s son, Aubyn, said when he received news that his father had died, his first thought was that it due to illness.

“I believed it was illness, because he’s not involved in anything. He is humble and hard-working,” the younger Pryce said.

He said his father shared a close relationship with one of his sisters who called him every night, but the last time they spoke he had not given an indication of experiencing problems.

The dead man’s sister, Winnifred Clarke, said the death of her brother was a shock to the community.

“He was jovial. He was not a wrongdoer; it was from work to his home,” she said.

While people in the community spoke about Pryce, his family members said they did not know Williams.

“This morning mi know about she,” Clarke said.

Pryce’s children also said they did not know Williams, who is from Portland.

It is believed that Pryce shared a visiting relationship with Williams, who turned up at his home Wednesday evening with her daughter.

Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams, who visited the scene yesterday, called on Jamaicans to find peaceful ways to solve their problems. Stating that it may have been a domestic situation which led to yesterday’s killings, he said the police will do whatever it takes to find the killer or killers. Dr Williams called on residents to tell the police what they know.

The St Mary police are investigating.


  1. Looks like this was caused by the girl coming there. She mussi have a bad man weh jealous. Understand she had 3 other children. Such a sweet baby, heartless evil person.

  2. Why mi feel this hav something to do with the girl!!!

    Cause di man deh deh how long and ntn never gwaan and as she turn up shoot up inna di man house!

  3. We strongly condemned the brutal slayings of our women n children!!7dead yesterday alone,I weep for my country!

  4. Yardie…where poor people getting so much guns and bullets…half of the murderer never leave the island..guns and gunshot is not cheap…Jamaican people open unno eye’s this is a population control thing going on..

  5. Met when I go to Jamaica some of youth dem weh a beg mi a thing 2 months after Mi hear seh dem dead..them get kill by police r gunman wen I ask seh but him live with him mother n father n he don’t even have job then mi him a gunman a him have the biggest gun inna di community..my next question is where get it from n the answer is always the same God he knows

    1. Max when a nuh gun shot a cancer …Mi nuh think nobody whey a struggle fi find food can buy bullet so mi wudda really love fi know whey dem a come from? Jamaican people nah wise up…see FBI gone park up station in Jamaica..u soon see more drugs pan di streets

  6. Met a longtime mi a watch it..ur right a man that can’t buy food can’t afford gunshots..I even get to find out seh badman n the morgue owner’s dem a work together..i remember wen u post Damian Crawford outta flankers a tell the people dem seh funeral a big business it takes money from the community not give money..

    1. Mi get story pan funeral owner whey send out man fi kill people because him want business. Him tell di man kill dem as long as dem a bad man

      1. Met you saw that bright light at the end of the tunnel!

        A long time dem a send man fi kill ppl. Di newer funeral homes are the ones that do it nuff! And when the ppl dem dead, dem lef dem office and run gone inna di community gone push up pon di family and offer funeral package!

  7. For some reason I feel like is her babu father follow her and do this shit maybe she and him have some problem and run to the old man fi try and keep safe never know she would put the man life in danger kmt
    9 months old how mankind heart suh cold.

  8. GM Met, This is control and strategic move to keep one of the most popular and wealthier island in economic and emotional chains. It is an experiment on an entire people. Let’s analyze now…
    Jamaica for the past 4 years been striving and the infrastructure is getting better and stronger…roads buildings athlete with world records. People love the brand Jamaica but Crime still plagues the island with unknown source of support to crimes…such as lotto scam, Drugs, Guns and bullets.
    Mi ago sit these 2 Marcus Garvey Quotes here…#deepmedz
    “If the enemy could only know that Marcus Garvey is but a John the Baptist in the wilderness, that a greater and more dangerous Marcus Garvey is yet to appear, the Garvey with whom you will have to reckon for the injustice of the present generation”.
    “There is no force like success, and that is why the individual makes all effort to surround himself throughout life with the evidence of it; as of the individual, so should it be of the nation”.

  9. St. Mary man/woman known fi kill man n woman out of jealousy. To the point if a woman tell mi she come from St. Mary and nuh av nuh man mi run. Honest to God Met. Mi fren dead ova deh sake a woman and when u check it out the man weh kill him a nuh the main man either. I have worked and stayed in Annotto Bay and god know mi heart weep fi dem. Nice ppl deh deh eno but a large portion of them a beggar and teef. Mi nuh know which shop dem nuh bruk and the hot part bout it is nuff a dem have land weh dem can work but dem nuh deh pon that n as another yute try dem scrape off the whole a him labor and a so nuff war bruk.

    As it relate to the guns really and truly only a few yutes actually own them own gun, most guns belong to a gang or don. Yutes dem get it fi lock and do as them like as long as the don ok with it and it nuh lost or them try tek it fi dem self. A it cause nuff inter gang conflict as some man get the guns and a say dem naah carry it back n dead fi it. You also have the rent a gun places that, even if u nuh have the money, a strap fwd to u, u go mash works and carry it back n pay outta u earnings fi the rental. Nuff a the yutes dem weh u see pon site a do likkle work dem save dem money and buy gun thats how dem buy or them group up and buy one or two that will be accessible to the crew. Once them have one dem either mash works and get money, extort or kill and tek weh a next man gun and so the guns multiply. Then u have the drugs fi guns trade from haiti which in recent times a the big ticket. Dem go country and buy or grow as little as a pound of weed, or teef ppl animal and freeze it and jump pon boat dem self and go trade fi guns.

    Mi and cousin fight ova this bcuz after the man grow him greens (and it did mad eno trust mi) mi think the man a send it come a town. Only fi see it well press and him gone a slipe fi go tek boat n come back wid guns. A box him til him weak bcuz mi ask him if him pickney can nyam gun or him ago start rob n kill ppl. Him a say him ago sell dem fi a money mi ask if when dem come fi kill him with it if still ago mek sense. Mi vex fi dem yute ya god know.

  10. Met.well well have a point..Jamaica is growning n looking better n better but bare in mind that is the Chinese made the roads n it’s Chinese setting up shops all over the island..we as black Jamaicans r more into the fast lifestyle so scamming n fast cars n big house is r he order of the day for the topical young man…so what they do is give it to them n let each one hate one..you ever si a chiney man a flass n wear Louis vuitton n gucci? What is happening is so plain to be seeing n the people r blind to it..the heads of government in Jamaica need the be excicuted..all dem get up n do is set up poor uneducated black people for a small fee instead of educate them n teach them how to make a better life

    1. Chinese could be part of the agenda…They are not to be trusted and they are all over the world building and investing.

  11. HeavyD I see ur point too but the amount a guns a Jamaica can’t come from Haiti r own by a few people..guns without bullets is just worthless piece a machine..what we do know is alot of the guns r brand new a nu old guns from Haiti..you sound like a cop n i can see the train mentality that they give bcuz the truth may cast u ur life if u find out how is involved in bringing the guns n bullets…I have a question if ur bringing yam to a market n very time u go it’s not selling would go somewhere else r keep going back?

  12. Met u start get it…who bring in the most containers in Jamaica who ship thing from all over world to Jamaica..A from 2005 the biggest gun runner I know was a chiney man

  13. Trust mi Max, Haiti a weh day, the wharf still account fi most guns. And even with state of the art machine u cant check everything n u always av a link inside. Plus alot of the old guns from 70/80s still deh road. Plus some a the same police dem a sell gun whether confiscated or license gun weh left a station fi years, why u think FLA tek up all license gun from stations. But the amount of gun a circulate it nuh funny, a murder commit a Kgn and the gun find a Westmoreland and is not who find with the gun commit the other crime. Check it for yourself man, most guns belong to a clique or Don, then issue to the younger set weh well waah prove demself. Bcuz even on the black market gun nuh cheap and there is no way nuff a dem could afford it but them can afford to rent or lock one from the Don. Matter of fact thats how the Donship establish nowadays. Is not who them feel can run the place or who a the baddest. Its all abt who have or have more guns to issue. Me and u as commoner can get donship right now if we have enuff gun fi distribute. Oh no cop but in and around the security field of work.

    The Chinese dem a do weh dem do best which is capitalize pon a weak fence build dem up n tek weh dem resources. But Met u right cant trust dem look no further than Africa fi see dem deeds.

  14. Yes heavy a Africa dem dem a develop right now them own all the copper mines there..I understand yu nu heavy seh Dons is a big part off the problem but my shotta fren nu deal with Don a politician him get fi him dem from n mi a talk big fcking guns..the biggest problem him used to have is bullets up untill 2010 is very expensive n now bullet deh a road fi stone dog..there has to be some reason behind all this killing..look at tesha Miller the police weh day seh turn himself in it happen yet u hear dem talk bout it again..what is going on in Jamaica is fully planned strategies to get rid of some of the people..I was reading n article the other day that say Jamaica is in the top 20 countries in the world to invest in bcuz the next 20 your it going to be solid economy

  15. True story…Max & Met mi family a soldier there did you know that bullets are part of the arms deal Jamaica have with the US, CHINA and England…my family tell me say when bullets come for the security forces it’s not properly documented and distributed also bullets are issued to special security forces that protects the PM and members of parliament….stick a whole heap a bullets(pun intended) when dem a issue… man tek extra fi sell fi dem friends, fi dem area, fi dem family, now do the math…there is no real audit and accountability when the distribution of bullets are carried out o and im not making stuff up mi see with mi own eyes when mi visit yaad and roll wid mi soldier family o.

  16. The arms trade can be very profitable, many elements in many governments have their fingers, hands and even arms in the arms trade it is quick easy money… No one cares about anything anymore unless it is Money, they care not how many people will die as long as their pockets are filled…

  17. It just sad to read and to hear this is the way, these young thugs are getting weapons and bullets to commit murder, it is sad to learn that the cycle will continue as long as there is supplies to hand out or sell… The Chinese is also in my country own stores and restaurant and anything else they can find, they are one bunch of people to look out for because they are smart and under handed… But Jamaica needs to stop excepting things from different countries that are not going to benefit the people as a whole, just like they excepted the 60 odd people back from UK, JA should of denied the entry of those people, but we know if the UK or any other country dangle money in front of them they are going to take, now you have people on the streets with no where to go because JA is money hungry… JA I noticed it’s about how much you have and what money you working with they the government and the people do not care about anything else most people anyways… Everyone wants to have money and claim dem rich and the way to get it is to scam, rob, murder for it… smdh

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