Sources say the name of the young woman who was killed,Natasha Valentine , she worked at Heart Trust and lived with her grandmother in Stony Hill, St.Andrew. She was twenty-two and came from very humble beginnings in Clarendon. It is alleged that Natasha had a long term relationship with a police officer that spanned nine years. The officer is said to be married but was abusive and controlling .A source says he was told to stay away from her as it was thought that the police may one day kill her out of jealousy.
A young woman close to Valentine said that she had met a young man who was younger than the police officer and ended the relationship. On the night she was killed it is alleged that she went out with a few coworkers from Heart Trust was shot when she tried to enter her home. When the party that drove her home heard the shots they reversed and saw a man trying to escape . During the confrontation a young man who worked with her (Jerome) was fatally shot and died at the hospital. She was found with $50,000 in cash and an Ipad.


  1. Dem Damn smell bad police yah yuh see man!!!! Kill di poor likkle gal Pinckney cuz him impotent and she did tired fi raise di dead. Ah cyan manage dem stinkin Babylon yah inu! When will they stop? Mi naa lie mi feel it if her, her granny and her parents… Speaking of which, she died at 22 how she fi deh wid POLICE OFFICER fi 9yrs? Somebody please explain this to me, as far as I see him unu only fi deh pon murder charges! This lil girl was obviously underage when he started sleeping with her! She was a victim as far as I see! Old heartless married f**ka! Hope him own wife turn him in! Ole germs!!

  2. Hi Met n Metterz how ya all doing? I hope y’all well. RIP to this young lady..but can someone confirm that she is 22…cuz I not quite understanding the part wa say she had a 9 yr relationship with a cop..cuz that would have made her 13 when they start dating..Good God what is wrong with these men..n then now it seems that he may have something to do with her n this young man demise..Aint nothing wrong with the world..its the ppl that are in it…Polonia…

      1. Met u know seh when mi see it mi guh back guh read, do di figgah innah mi head and den draw fi mi calcs caz mi did tink seh mi a lose di likkle brain wah mi got…Dear lawd have massie pan wi and disyah ginjaration…watah johncrow spwoilage

        1. A it spoil the nation because these men mess up these girls mentally and they are messing up the children from these relationships

  3. Have mercy Perci..val James Patterson..dem fe prisen d ole pedophile..She must have a hard 22 yrs of life..cah according to the article she was abused…n can u imagine dis big grey tone back man a sawka sawka her every minute..Me saying everyday..To b poor is a effing crime…a wonder whey r mumma puppa n granny did deh when she have fe a tek dis big ole long time crosses policeman..mek him tan deh deh..him gonna have to pay one way r d next..Polonia..


  5. If she a 13 a nuh relationship dat, dat a child molestation. Is a damn pedophile a be with a minor who nuh hab no ability to consent to sex eeda unda man law or God’s law. All who did know bout dis fckry and condone is also responsible fi di death a dis young woman. Bloodclaat pedophile dem caan even meck di pickney dem guh school in peace. As soon as dem si di poor ppl wid a dawta dem launch een fi exploit dem. Dem razz dick fi beaten wid mallet and di same fi dem fingas and tung till it flat like paypa. Jeezam peace when wi going to bloodclaat stand fi summen and puddung di fckry wid dese drankow man dem. Some a di fambly know dese mofos are beast and still a baby dem and treat dem like smaddy. Anyting come out my gut a cause problem pan land mi send it back weh it come fram. Blinking legions dem.

      1. Met, you nuh know how mi bex. Is like dis girl come een like a mi own fambly now man. Mi is a womanist and mi know wah di worl is like fi women and girls, is a cold fckng world fi wi, don’t be deceived by di illusion a equality. Mi nuh bline, mi seet all ova di globe how di ting set fi women and girls.
        Some a dese fkng ooman dem so male identified dat even dem own pickney soul dem sell fi a couple tin a mackerel and two tuff crackas. No sah man, mi woulda haffi walk and beg a street side and bare di shame, or guh sell mi body miself before mi sell mi pickney suh and ruin dem souls, and in dis case dis very young woman lose har own life because somebody couldn’t stand fi summen. Mi so rass irate, meck mi guh come off u decent place yaw, before mi blaze up any more.

  6. she get wise up now and see say di old dutty police man was just a child molester and plan fi lef him.. and turn over her life. dem fi lock him up

  7. I read the earlier story and was so sad seeing her dead body. People can be so heartless. I am constantly disgusted when I read/hear about young girls being taken advantage of. I get real mad when it comes to children and anyone hurts them. I also don’t like abusive men and women. I have never been through either but have been close to others that have. I hope justice is served. R.I.P.

  8. as a police officer, he might have intimidated the family
    DUTTY DRANKO POLICE BWOY, MEh KNOW YUH GUDDA A READ JAMAICAGROUPIEMET ,because it large like dat and if so, I hope you and your family never have a good nights rest as of now. yuh rawsclath Pussy follower pedophile yuh.

  9. It’s also sad that da young man(her co-worker) also died when he went back to see what was happening, it rough, mi nah lie

  10. Met wat did happen to d case weh d police woman did kill d likkle police yute? near dem wedding date something of the sor

  11. unuh a cuss di police officer…… it can also be the wife who found out and get mad… I am just saying.. I doh know none a dem..
    condolences to the family

  12. This is not true about the policeman. The girl was with the policeman for a few years he assisted her to go to school. The problem with trudy is that she had alot of different men, natasha valentine aka trudy wanted the hype life. She met ace boogie from british link up crew that wanted to control her life.On her birthday she went out with her coworkers, ace boogie never like that as he was a control freak.While he had his many other women in clarendon he felt because he had money he could control trudy.Thats where things started to go wrong.He was in jamaica and decidede that he not taking her out for her birthday and thats how she went out with her coworker.

  13. There is more to this story. Yes the policeman and her use to dey, but it was ace boogie the young boy that wanted to control natasha valentine aka trudy. Ace never like that she went out on her birthday with her friends as he was very jealous. He felt because him live a england and him have him money he could control her.And yes trudy kept more than one man as she like the hype life.Last night was her nine night and no support from ace boogie.Today is her funeral.

  14. i doah tink is de police kill dis likkle gurl yuh hear base pon how mi read up else where she a have more than a double life living and collect money from more dan wan man..mi just a gwaan read still,neva haffi kill her like dat doah

  15. Pussy Alvin Pinoliar your are just a shit starter. based on the circumstance of her murder, with all the men involved, the man pay for her funeral and lay low. If u hear that u woman have a next man and her murdered her, how would u react. They just met a couple months now, how can he control her life living in england fool. Are u trying to say her orchstrated her murder in that same evening cause she went out with her friends BULLSHIT this is how people end up losing their lives when fools like you speculate. If her own co worker who she works with monday to friday says that trudy had multiple men, who are u to bring up the man from england name in this. They just met a few months now, he dont fly to jamaica to see her every month cause he got money in order to control her life. He didnt have man watching her and bringing news. if so he would be making pop up trips to jamaica. England man met the young lady not long ago and if her and the policeman did leff how did this younger man who u refer to as the england man become an issue or a factor..u sound like a jealous man

  16. I agree simplicity he never had to kill her like that. She had a good turn out today, britelite was used and ace boogie and the family get in a argument at the church. I have the funeral pics , i soon send them in.Ace and him new woman now a model up and down.Sorry but sometimes some woman must not jump after some foreigners, dont make them fool unuh.

    1. argument a the church service?!?!?!
      suh Jerome nuh bury yet its seems like ppl feget seh him dead dat nite tuh

  17. It is trutly disgusting that this young lady lost her life in such a manner especially on her birthday, and for all the speculation to be going on is crazy;.this is how people get wind up. ALVIN PINOLIAR u see u last name says it all. LIAR are u trying to take the heat off urself or one of ur frens, because the investigation tunup and the killer will soon be brought to justice. Shifting the blame i see. are u the policeman who it was said that she has been with and was still with up until the day she died..u mentioning the england man having all his other woman in clarendon shows jealously and envy. You also saying that it was the england man who was jealous and controlling is actually shifting blame. SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WELL ABOUT HER MURDER TO ME. How could he be upset about her going out to celebrate her birthday if he and the coworkers organised that celebration, and thats a known fact. Come on dude, get it together..if the kitchen getting too hot. Go hide out. Dont come try wind up people.

  18. Pinoliar shitstarter who are certainly a jealous man. I see it now, u life sad bad. The england man paid brightlight to give her that beautiful funeral. The family a tuckery cause dem a argue wid the man ova rum

  19. Dutty family. The fada mash him owna daughter funeral talk bout dat pussy. He did not put a cent to her funeral. And because the man find out the circumstances of her murder and decide to draw back a bit.. Him still do something big. He didnt have to do anything. Not his wife or childs mother, but he still did something. And britelight nuh cheap.dutty fada a cuss at him owna daughter funeral fi money. Smfh

    1. suh despite all wah gwaan de fada a cuss bout MONEY..wen him dawta lifeless bada a put tuh rest mi bombo smfh

  20. Yup that POINLIAR person is a bitter female . U dont speak like a man hun…hence, “ace and him new woman a model up and down”. This is a female posting as a man. Goes to show u..wow

  21. @1:33 him name was there alvin poinliar…so him change it to anonymous…is that possible met…btw…mi realize that it is a girl a post…a bitter gal..

  22. A me alone read the part bout the 50k dem find her with? Like who get so much money after going out with friends?

  23. @MIKNOW just to let you know i am a male, and for your information get you facts correct they have been together way over a year. Please check british invasion 2013 pics on the ineternet, i think is foster took them trudy and ace took pics toether. And for your information i am one of her classmate,i am one of her best friend. Another think did you know she was waitin on ACE to take her out for her birthday.And yes it was last minute she and her coworkers went out.The father is angry at ACE as him lose a dauhter, put yourself in his position, you would a feel the same eay. You talkin about the ACE pay for the funeral thats very good, but a him voluteer to do so.You are really a silly person talkin about the father vex for a bottle rum, get you facts straight . I am quite sure you know the father owened a bar, so how the man fi vex over rum you dumb idiot. The father heard certain argument and decided to ask ACE about it. You think money can buy everybody silence.You are probably one of those licky licky person that can be easily catch with money.And no i am not bitter or jealous of noone. The truth will be revealed

  24. The father was disgusted that ACE was at the funeral, so he let his emotions got the best of him.Can you not see that the father is mournin the loss of his daughter. Miknow you actin like you know everythin, were you at the funeral cause i was there. You think because a britelite do the funeral that means ACE can control the people them funeral.Why dont you sit you rass down and chill.Did you know ACE came to the people dem Grave digging with him attitude and foot soldiers. Did you know he tried to get his money back for the funeral and britelite said no.The girl family would have have buried her sameway, did you know Phillips funeral home was goin to deal with the funeral as trudy family was going to stand the expense, and ACE change it.

  25. Now Miknow i am sorry that trudy died that way but let the police do them investigation and the truth will come out. Theres so much to talk but as i said the truth will come out as not everyone can be bought.

  26. Exactlyyyy let the police do the investigation and the truth will come. And since u is such a close friend and class mate. Why were u not at the celebration that he himself organised with her coworkers. And yes I was at the funeral. Y not mention how ace had trudy birthday gift to meet up with her and give her…and kept it until the day of the funeral and went to put it in her coffin…why him neva give it to one of his many gal dem wey him have a clarendon according to u..eehhh..and u are definitely a gal…mi mean female gal…

  27. And if the family did waan bury trudy who coulda stop dem.. And if ace did want back him money from britelight why him couldnt get it back .. Trudy is not him wife or pickney.. Him not obligated to bury her..u lie nuh f**k…a u a act like u know everything u sound like a female family member.. All mi know u have a wholle heap a hate fi ace…

  28. How you a pree the ting so..how much times have u seen ace and trudy together since he was soooo controlling

  29. Met the man find out what the family was hiding. The talk is that trudy other man killed her. The funeral planned was over the top, because of the circumstances the man draw back a bit. Did something big but not as big as planned before. Unno fi split justice POINLIAR and stop try wind up people. Is her daddy alone have feelings

  30. Miknow you a really ACE defender nobody nah take nuh side me just a state facts, you say him did want give her gift and and do it at the funeral, listen trudy was alive on her birthday, so why him never give it to her then, you r very stupid, how far is ochi from clarendon. I am quite sure you know she was celebrating her birthday in ochi.So if him did want give her gift him would meet her or tell her to meet him.It simple you say the family hidin something, i would like you to talk what the family was hiding? Ace organise her birthday celebration, dont make me laugh why would a man that hype up him woman and then nuh spend her birthday with her, tell me if it make sense.

    1. Just to add to this debate, ALVIN u got that picture wrong. That picture is not British invasion 2013. Thats dons and divas that was held in April of this year on the Plaza roof in Kellits. So next time wen u want to proof something research properly.
      British invasion was held in Crofts Hill.

      1. Thank u very much curious…first pix of them toghether…still waiting on the pix where they was together at the invasion 2013..dem net a couple months now..they have not been together for over a year…get ur assumptions at leasr close to the facts..and yes Alvin..i am Ace supporter…dont try wibd up the youth…

  31. A nigga a go outta him way fi go find pix…and wrong pix at that..alright ALVINETTA.smh..let the poor girl RIP…and the familyvgrieve.Sleep in peace NATS…am done with this issue…next

  32. Ace good looking though, she was a beautiful young lady as well. May her soul rest in peace.

  33. Ace killed her and then he made sure he was weighted down with what he put in her coffin. Her friend had a dream about this. Trudy didn’t want the coffin she was in

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