Police Intensify Probe Into Sex Crimes Allegedly Involving 60-Year-Old Pastor

The St Elizabeth police have now opened a wider investigation into sex crimes allegedly perpetrated by a 60-year-old Moravian minister of religion.

The pastor was last night arrested and is now facing the possibility of rape and carnal abuse of a 15-year-old girl.

The police report that about 9 o’clock last night, a team was on patrol in a community near Black River when they observed a parked car that aroused their suspicion.

They went to investigate and reportedly found the pastor in a compromising position with the child.

He was immediately taken into police custody.

Police investigators spent several hours today questioning a parent of the child and other family members.

*NOTE: The police had earlier reported that the pastor was charged with rape and carnal abuse. However, they now say he has not yet been charged but will be soon.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE ON THE 60YO PASTOR

  1. So dis 60 year old who gwaan wid him almshouse to a 15 year ols is NOT charged yet????? Mi vex ova dat!!!!!! It’s only a pity de Police dem never just round out de 2016 death trend to blurt nawt!

  2. He is also said to be involved with a relative of his victim . the police are questioning her as she is said to be a minor as well.

  3. Dem ppl yah fi stop a palm out dem gal pickney to di man dem inna church! And den a gwaan like seh dem nuh kno a wah gwaan! A dem kinda hypocrisy deh me caan tek!

    Me used to go school with girls whose family dem inna church fi how long and a dem sed father and mother woulda a set dem u pon pastor and deacon and big man inna di church!

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