1. Mi not even need proof say yuh a battyman… Mi just wah hear a likkle batty talk mek.. mi run like ten battyman far far away.

  2. Is not her and him me see at the party ,so why them post the girl ,them only was standing near by ,they weren’t even talking

  3. Is har pussy unuh a look fi suck unuh put har up pon pinkwall how much battyman f**k unuh plus unuh a lick out batty

  4. Oh so stand up beside somebody now in dance u & him deh the amount a unuh fabricate story & put on pinkwall weh unuh life a shit pit

  5. Unique Chin You could at least change up yuh written same way yuh write yuh status them On Fb A the way yuh send it enn people can love attention suh smh

    1. Sanisha leave me alone why tf yah si mi girl? Me member you ? Y would I send in something like dat to look attention fi people discriminate me and talk bad about mi,when mi see dis I almost cried because I don’t want my man see them sumn deh ,Yuh need fi leave me tf alone girl god know.tired a y’all enemy trying to get mi dung ,when Yuh man di buss out say him a battyman ,Yuh hear people a tell Yuh say me a chat bad tingz? Nooo B avoid mi.

  6. So true Latty, them gal make Socia media hype life wanna be rich battyman , make them get f**k and duck them boy want money maybe she freaky too cause batty a batty lol bother walk eat and f**k lie dog to wear nice thing lol China made and Tommy him hype nuh rass and love ❤️ batty bad !! Bimmakid boo

  7. All a unuh come suck har pussy one by one ugly shit mouth **ks unuh always a look people that don’t remember unuh fi bring dung unuh can’t stop har shine cause Unuh never build har a mi build har johncrows go look a life how much battyman f**k Unuh a company Unuh a look battybreath f**ks

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