A lot of uptown guys and some girls got
Lock up this morning most of johnshop kids them in too smh it’s so sad all this gang violence drug dealers ruining there like lives


About 100 Bronx gang members responsible for multiple murders — including the slaying of a 92-year-old woman — were busted early Wednesday in the largest takedown in city history, sources said.

The raids by the NYPD, members of Homeland Security Investigations and other federal authorities took place at more than 100 locations in and around the Eastchester Gardens NYCHA housing complex in Williamsbridge at dawn, officials said.

Those busted are affiliated with the 2Fly YGZ (Young Gunnerz) and the Big Money Bosses — two rival street gangs authorities say wreaked havoc on the area as they fought over turf around the Eastchester Gardens and the nearby Edenwald Houses, which is less than a mile away.

Busted gang members are walked out of the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx on Wednesday.
Of the 100 or so people taken into custody, more than 60 are expected to face criminal charges in federal court for a string of violent crimes, including at least five homicides, according to court documents.

The alleged gang members didn’t seem fazed by the charges, with one flipping off reporters and news photographers outside the 50th Precinct as he was being loaded into a U.S. Marshals bus.

“F— you,” another screamed as he was carted away in handcuffs.

Another claimed his innocence.

“I didn’t do it,” he said. “I already did my time. I just got out on parole yesterday. I didn’t do nothing.”

One of the arrested gang members was walked out of the 43rd Precinct located at 900 Fteley Avenue in the Bronx on April 27, 2016. Over 100 gang members were arrested after a huge gang bust in the Bronx.This man was among the 100 gang members arrested in and around the Eastchester Gardens NYCHA housing complex in Williamsbridge, at dawn, officials said.NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiNYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiVIEW GALLERY
100 Bronx gang members arrested in largest takedown in NYC history
Still another took time to blow kisses toward a young woman who had the misfortune of happening to walk by the precinct as he was escorted to the bus.

Police and federal authorities had search warrants for 120 targets.

Jamal Blair pled guilty in the death of Sadie Mitchell, who was hit by a stray bullet sitting in her Bronx home in 2009. Blair was pulled out of jail to be charged with gang conspiracy Wednesday.
“This was a major gang sweep across the Bronx,” one law enforcement source said of Wednesday’s takedown. “The charging documents were quite severe.”

The gangs were responsible for the death of Sadie Mitchell, 92, who was killed by a stray bullet in her living room on E. 224th St. in 2009, officials said.

The two gangs are are also accused of murdering Keshon Potterfield, 18, in 2014; Alexander Walters, 17, stabbed to death in 2012; Donville Simpson, also 17, shot to death in 2013; and Jeffrey (Famous) Delmore, 15, stabbed to death on E. Gun Hill Road last May.

Gang members are also charged with conspiracy, robbery, credit card fraud, weapons possession, and selling marijuana, crack and Oxycodone at area playgrounds like the Agnes Haywood Playground on Barnes Ave. and the Rienzi Playground on White Plains Road, officials said.

They also doled out drugs near the Young Scholars Academy on Barnes Ave. and the St. Mary School on Carpenter Ave.

Mitchell, known as “a mother to everyone on the block,” had lived in her home since 1954.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
Cops busted about 100 suspected gang members in the Bronx early Wednesday in the largest takedown in city history.
She was walking into her living room to watch a game show when she was hit with a .9-mm bullet.

Cops later arrested 18-year-old Jamal (Fish) Blair, who claimed at the time that the shooting was an accident and that he had been “framed.”

Blair was later identified as a member of the Big Money Bosses. He ultimately pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

He was pulled out of the Elmira Correctional Facility and was brought to federal court to be charged in the gang conspiracy Wednesday, officials said.

The Big Money Bosses operated along White Plains Road between E. 215th and E. 233rd Sts. — an area known to members as the “Forts.”

The crew also operates along Boston Road near Eastchester Road, which they call “B-Road,” according to court papers.

The 2Fly YGZ operate out of the Eastchester Gardens houses and Gun Hill Road, known to its members as the “valley.”

The NYPD-led operation involved more than 300 HSI members along with representatives from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. Marshals, law enforcement sources said.

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  1. Somebody correct me if i’m wrong, is this “Dior Johnn” person requesting that people pray for her family who have been incarcerated during this crack down, or is she a family member of a victim? I’m reading it as pray for her family who have been charged in which case, F@CK NO! People always want to turn to God after they get caught being EFFED up. Look at the list… the murders i won’t even comment on but drug dealing on playgrounds? When will we realize that children are the future and you bring that trash around them. The danger associated with dealing… imagine stray bullets from a shoot out killing somebody pitney weh just did a mind dem business and a swing? No to r@ss. Then you have the weaker mind adolescents who see these dealers and start getting enticed by the fast life. Don’t even deport dem EFFERS. LIFE in prison mi seh, and true LIFE at that. Disgusting. Now the robbery charges, KMFT…. bun mi fi dem. People work hard fi buy a nice phone or jewelry or even a purse and den you tiefin’ set come and stick wi up. Just crawl up in a corner a die since you don’t want to be a productive member of society please and thanks.

      1. Thank you for the clarification. SMH, She’s sick in her head to ask people to pray for com-artist and murderers.

  2. That girl name Dior John is Demi that’s Dwayne and Simone ruff daughter he in the Feds since the 90s And Simone deprorted . I heard her brother and sisters were apart of the set of people that got arrested they always showing off and look what where they at smh good for them I hope they learn a lesson and come out and get legit jobs after this . Trust me it’s not over more people going to get arrested because half of the 100 is going be snitching no summer sixteen for them

  3. Welp! Gunhill/Whiteplains road gonna be quiet this summer…..But of course we know that as one head cut off 5 more spring up.

  4. Ain’t no praying for nothing dem suda tek all yuh and yuh many social media accounts wid the rest of them….the only time unno know or member praying a wen fire reach unno front door,plz

  5. Good job on behalf of those involved in bringing these criminals to justice. My prayers are with the families who lost their loved ones at the hands of these bloodthirsty warmongers whose aim was to bring down their community and further ruin the children who they come in contact with. May that elderly lady rest in heavenly peace always.

  6. Btw…the one who say him on parole get wha de duck get cause parole well violated since you can a get nab with a assload of felons 😀

    Mr. I was framed, yet the murder of the innocent woman was an ‘accident’ should get life on top of the 14 years..jackass!

    I hope none eligible fi deportation as Jamaican nationals!

  7. R.I.P geo he plunged to his death because he got scared even though he didn’t have anything to do with the raid he fell from the window smh what a day

  8. Speaking of quite summer 16 has anyone heard anything bout batty man dafton/sistaprettilike shim lock up fi a minute now wide shim thief in self. Every summer him spend a jail

  9. Hallelujah scrape dem up yes white plains road need cleaning up to. Dem stick up mi 15 year old 2 summers ago an teck weh him brand new bike Mi wuk so hard fi buy gi him fi him birthday set a low life Dem.

  10. But ruff son just come from prison for 6 years smh sorry for them cause they know not what they doing

      1. Nico Met him come out year b4 last and got picked up I heard. I know Simone is not going to take this well. Awh boi some ppl have some serious generation curse pon dem enuh.
        She always praying for him and his temper as well.

  11. As long as our dearest papparazziprincess name nuh call then I say lock up every rass one a dem and let due process takes it course!

  12. Why s Kay a say a now she know God a wonda if she nico get caught up too….with them scamming ass….don’t sorry fee none a dem….atleast she get to scam her son party and make him change shoes 3 times and all now he no Christian bout you know God now…try know a immigration lawyer dum bitch…

  13. Simone ruff shoot the pregnant woman and only do five years come a road and Nuh stop f**k roun people tell them deport her nasty rass now all her pickney them gone a jail me Nuh sorry fi the generational curse and pebbles will get nuff crotches fi nam a prison …good fi them

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