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  1. No met him cah do no better a dis Mawnin mi a wander ….where in the world is Usain bolt ?? It look like him a look house Fi buy a farin ….. A mus move him move

    1. Real talk MIRROR. Dem things ya fi get BIG BIG UP. The Youth a DO HIM, and a help the poor at the same time.

      Kinda hard to say these girls ugly etc, when nobody no really know nothing bout them.

      Fcked up thing is just that our J’can women don’t like to see J’can men go outside of them race. Time to grow up peeps!

      One thing I can attest to that would make me stray outside of my own J’can women any day – lot of them love to tear down and emasculate niggas. If you can speak out, they say you GHEY ROFL. And, when niggas successful, they want you to live by the BOOK they have written. Darn fools i tell ya lol.

  2. Longing for some tastee patty sighs tired of Old Harbour juici patty kmt! When oh when will tastee come to Old Harbour :cd

  3. Mi personally know man wey have nuff gal inna bundle (when de man dem have nuff money), but when de money dun, de gal dem missing in action. I certainly hope dat dis situation DONT reach Usain Bolt! Him can have him fun yes, (cause him single and free), but him mustn’t overdweet!

  4. Some of these women have been hanging out with him since Rio like the girl with the blondish red hair, the girl with the braids and Samantha. I believe they’re just friends of his. However he’s still picking up new girls in clubs to take back to his hotel. :nerd
    Usain has been in the spotlight long enough to know how to be discreet and avoid paparazzi but, I get the feeling he wants to be seen. :mahongintip

  5. And this is okay with Kasi? “Open” relationahip or not, she must shame. Di man a send clear message to me. Mi woulda rather work and buy my own car at this point.

  6. Some of these women are the same women who were with him in Rio and the last 2 nights in the UK. I believe they’re his friends. The lady with the blondish red hair and the lady with the braids are his friends so is Samantha. However he is picking up random women in clubs to take back to his hotel and I don’t see the problem if he’s single. Usain has been famous long enough to know how to be discreet. Something tells me he don’t want to be discreet.

  7. I believe Usain dumped Kasi shortly after the Jamaican trials but for whatever reason she decided she didn’t want to accept it so she made a spectacle of herself by putting herself out there on social media and the press as his girlfriend.
    Maybe she thought he would acknowledge her or take her back but,instead he’s flaunting around a new group of women every night for Kasi and the world to see. I see it as him making a point. :cool

  8. Oh poor kasi all now she nuh come back pon snap chat she shame Kasi didn’t even wish him happy birthday. Kasi yuh should have kept your mouth shut or else know one would have known you where with him look how he publicly shame you no acknowledgement mnl :tkp :ngakak :ngakak :tkp :ngacir2 this serious him not even bring yuh go Rio much less care yuh go London fi him birthday celebrations Sam you wining though we know you and bolt f**g yuh smart. Kasi I think you should delete bolts pictures from your Instagram coz he’s not with you and everyone knows that so u in denial :sorry

    1. Where is Ms. Old Harbour hmmm? On her couch making doing videos on periscope & tweeting & rt non stop. While Bolt a seh Kasi who? :ngakak

    2. You only love her cuz Usain was with her. And again he ddnt say Kasi frm Old Harbour. Hello0 he claimed Lubica publicly with that kisss that is why ms. Kasi she pulled that kiss stunt at carnival!

  9. I saw that Bruce was saying that Usain need to be careful of his actions and while I agree with him I feel like him only speaking out because of his relations to Kasi

    1. Yes, suh dem have it to say in Old Harbour, Bruce and Kasi related but i dnt know how close they are cuz i think is Old Harb Bruce frm.

  10. Unnu keep on a talk bout claim, some a unnu nuh have no self esteem and nuh know unnu worth! That’s why man will always continue fi sh*t pan sum a unnu! When man proud a dem woman dem waah show dem off to di world, if Bolt did regard Kasi as special as unnu claim, he would have her behind him like his tail. He’s not hiding all these other women, so why is he hiding her if they are in such a loving relationship! If a suh me fi get claim from a man, mi nuh want it… Unnu love to much hype life suh deal wid di embarrassment.

    1. You nuh know Man when dem play mind game. Him tell her lay low yuh special. I don’t want my main chick name call up bla bla bla. She fell for it. Only was a way to control her. He tell all a them the same ting including Sam

    1. G! We have bay fi strengthen we back wid fish… Tastee can gwan :ngakak we stroll cause we nav nothing a ‘run’ from.

      St. Catherine no jesta.

  11. Usain when you a go send fi Kasi ? Kasi me dear, book u ticket right now and find out from bolt what a gwaan . Better yet, gwaan a de Kanye concert

          1. But him nuh fi talk cause him give him wife mate and child so a betta him did encourage someone else fi chat on behalf of…….

  12. How Yuh mean usain kill everything weh fi get kill deal wid it like a di race track raayyyyyyyyyyy! An den come sekkle dung but di question is a who yah go sekkle wid :nerd :bingung a dat question deh have me star cause kasi done wid you or Yuh dun wit har whadeva!

  13. Met , wha u say ? Bruce did have side chick with baby ? Den Bruce can …. U know what, unnoo lend me the bicycle likkle

    1. :tkp come come

      When Bruce did jus win it was one big thing with the baby mother and his wife all police did get involved and the girl moved to miami.

        1. ISpy mi know which Bruce mi talking. Bruce Golding’s wife confronted the girl im not mixing up anyone. Ask any police that been in the force since 2009 they will tell u

  14. Met your email not working I was saying Mr Bruce could come and speak on bolt because he is related to kasi but in regards to government affairs he’s silent (hmmmmmm)

  15. No say Met ! you see cho me no have no rich man or no law degree, me have fi beat the 9 – 5 hard , so all dem suss deh miss me bout Bruce.

    Talk of which, a doctor question Kasi bout her degree on twitter and Mrs. Not Bolt get upset, she delete it now. Lol

    Seriously tho, although I think she is very fake, I think Usain need fi easy with the bag of women in public.

  16. Serious question , was Sadiki in rio? Not seeing any photos of him partying with Usain , are they not close ?

  17. Met I think kasi watches your site constantly as mi talk bout she stop snap nuh she put up snap chat last night. Hi kasi we know you watch out met site :ngakak :tkp :tkp

  18. SMH@people acting like Usain Bolt is above reproach and can do no wrong.

    The man is a whore plain and simple. The last time I checked being a whore was not something that was considered acceptable behaviour.

    ROFL@bolt too with these basic chicks this man is big big celebrity with a flock of ordinary women. Oh wait I forgot no female celebrity in their right mind would want Usain Bolt.

    Jamaican people need to ask themselves how has bolt really given back to the sheep of Jamaica that worship his every move? In 2008 usain gave us $50,000 to a chinese orphanage what has he really given back to the youths even in his area out of his pocket???

    Idiots are here saying oh he is single he is free to f**k down the world and low the man mek him do his thing. If it were a female athlete f**g down the town you would not hear the end of it.

    People who have done far more ethical, moral and saintly needs who also have a bevy of accomplishments in their respective fields are not being worshipped on the scale of Usain Bolt. Is mussi the masonic lodge power Usain a work with mek unuh think he is Jesus Christ Almighty.

    Well want him catch a dose or AIDS or one of dem gyal deh cry rape and all his sponsors drop him so that people realize there are consequences for careless sexual actions.

    1. Yuh wrong fi wish AIDS pon di man. Talk weh yuh fi talk, but nuh badda wish life threatening disease pon Usain. It nuh look good, yuh sound bitter like di gyal dem front when dem see di condom caw dem waaa breed fi balla..

    2. God no ansa bad prayer gwaan pray ill on the man be careful you no get a dose of aids before he does wid yuh bitter heart & soul. Ole demon spawn yuh!!!!!

  19. Kasi really love attention, she’s on twitter every single day retweeting ppl who say she must stay strong and what not. If she knows what’s good for her go use that masters you have and look a next job and stop trying to play a role that requires no self respect,cause bolt obviously don’t care.From she leave har work with hopes that she would be in rio and see sehh that nuh happen you shoulda see what’s up.

  20. Um guh find the nearest church and stop that YOU! Sometimes in situations like these its best to be comical with your comments. C’mon man why are you being so cruel? U r understood when u said if it were a female athlete, then u lost me when u start being bitter. AIDS? And yes, he is indeed single. But he has no decorum being that he’s single. If its not u he’s hurting why go so hard relax man.

  21. @usainboltawhore first of all bolt gave all his Olympic winnings to his old high school, over fifty million, so come with something better. The man did what no one else has ever done before while bringing glory to JA.
    Anybody weh single, man or woman, rich man or poor man, have a right fi phuck who dem want phuck cause I certainly do. Stay deh wish bad fi someone else that has done u no wrong because u can’t live his life. Why u a wish AIDS pon the man? Is it because he’s doing what he wants to do with his own life? From him naah hurt nobody (Kasi doesn’t count cause him still nuh own har) mek the man do what him phucking please. Him say sometimes the way how him a train hard all vomit him stop and vomit, work hard play hard. U sound dumb as shit. No laws nuh say the man can’t f**k down the place so stay deh pon yuh high and mighty horse like a one man u ever phuck and if so b the case ur life sounds sad af.

    1. Usain has not been to Jamaica uno stop with the rumor spreading and den a talk bout people waa slander him. He did not go to Jamaica and did not donate anything yet . If u haffi mek up story and den a come talk bout people life sad…what does that say about your life???…we will wait :travel

      1. Maybe is past Olympics winnings him donate, he has been to 2 previous Olympics, dont know if is all him donate but he did donate a lot to his High School and community in Trelawny

      2. Met I read a story couple weeks ago where they said Bolts has build a play field in his community and give money to his old school sports programme, frankly bolt don’t care what nobody seh bout him because him still out there a do him thing same way

        1. I dont know if anyone understood what I said but here goes. Bolt has not returned to Jamaican and given this set of winnings , I never said he did not give, he is not in Jamaica as to what some people want us to believe.

  22. God nuh Ansa wicked man prayer u hear Mi why u wishing Aids on the man eeh wtf Bolt did to u for u to be so bitter against him???…u sound evil, dumb & jealous bitch bye u might get a dose a Aids uself so Gwaan wish sickness on ppl.

  23. Big up Met n Medderz…a man who works with a prominent company n also has a good position in the company n live near to Mr. Bolt ge me a piece a joke yesterday…him say a better u meet Usain when him go out pan d road than go a him yaad…him say Bolt green like cedar wood when him deh home n him arm a kick like Van Damme…a long time me nuh hear dat…lolll…a laff so till…Appolonia

  24. Kasi back on snap chat and a nyam food. I guess she a show food pan snap chat as a sign that she still a eat even though har man a whore. I hope he no dey back with her she a gold digger. I hope he finds a gal that have money already to settle down with l.

  25. ammm Bolt doesnt have to be in Ja to donate his rio 2016 olympic winnings….thats why he has a team on payroll (money managers, managers, agents). Honestly just because one does not loud up they givings that doesn’t mean they don’t donate …we just don’t know.
    Mi luv the stories but sometimes i wonder if people just post stuff just to post, with no ounce of truth behind it. Perfect example one of the poor girl name ah call up say she n di man ah fck n no form of proof; di girl juss ah enjoy har vacay n choose to travel and explore the world…mi know she muss ah wait fi dis die dwn.
    Sometimes we just have to pick sense out of nonsense, and not because u are seen withsome1 means ur fcking.

  26. Kasi is a groupie, who’s only into Usain because of his name and money, he knows it, thus the treatment she gets. Usain is free to date whoever he wants and if he wants to play the field he’s well within his rights to do so. The man is at the top of his sport and proved it in the last three Olympics, the only way his actions looks bad is if he’s married to Kasi which he’s not. I still feel he shouldn’t commit to anyone who doesn’t bring as much to the table as he does, because if a woman is a star in her own right then you know for sure that she’s with you because she truly likes you. If Usain was anything less than Olympic gold medalist I don’t think Kasi would even look his way much less date him. If Usain and his brother were both regular dudes, in regular professions, I’m sure Kasi would date the brother, because most Jamaican women value lighter skin over darker skin any day of the week. If a female will jump from one brother to the next, she will jump from one super wallet to the next. Usain, go after and commit to a woman with star power like yourself not some groupie broad who needs you to be relevant. Rock on Mr Bolt!!!!

  27. Met kasi just get her nails done on snap chat and on the nails she right UB which means usian bolt mnl what a gal fool no sah some gal louuuuuuuu. U get no good treatment from him not him a ticket fi go see him Mek history ina Rio not even a plane ride fi him birthday celebrations in London and yuh deh pon snap a show UB pon yuh nails gal yuh want a kick inna ole yuh fool nuh f**k. You and bolt never go pon a vacation yet me sure a dat and you get no good treatment and he will never marry you!

    1. She want people fi still talk bout har but if she know what I know she go hold a nice lil corner somewhere very soon

        1. She just loves attention and must be mental fi sleep wid two bredda mi nuh know how she feel walking pass one to get to the next

  28. So a wa mek Usain arm cant stink??..jus like how some a we lie u f**k u fool nuh fvck..him a no human? So wa u a try say?? Him fart n him shit smell sweet..all Taurus Riley dress n look good him arm tink haffi hold me breath fe tek picture wid him..Be gone girl r boy…Scram out a dis!Polonia

  29. Some man just naturally smell green, dem muss need some extra special deodorant fi hold it down cus as soon as dem sweat dem arm start kick. Sorry fi dem but a so dem born, maybe surgery can help

  30. Met,why is Kasi still pretending Usain deals with her? Some of the girls with him in London are his friends from Jamaica but, some of them are just women he found in the clubs. His friends don’t seem to be here for Kasi either.

  31. Yo. Kasi is out of this world. The girl go do her nails and have UB printed on one of her fingers. Noo saaah . who ever had her on Snapchat go look. She nah love the money. Gallong gal. Smh

  32. Yes me see the snap but the stress is radiating all through her eye! She being pretend happy but really a dedd inside!

  33. Well me cah wait fi September cause she keep referring to September like she and Bolt have some major plans! God know Kasi I don’t know you from no where to dislike you but if you still deal with Bolt after all of this you are a disgrace! smh

  34. Met the one kasi deh pon a piece a hype pon snap chat mnl what a gal fool I just watch bolt snap chat he’s on his way back to Jamaica. Met yuh fi dash out weh yuh know coz the gal get hype. Me think him and Sam f********* under the quiet

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