58 thoughts on “USAIN BOLT IS SINGLE

  1. Same suh it guh Met.Why is that only Usain half sister as daily mail states is feeding the press with information about Bolt and Kasi.Kasi a try hold on to Bolt for fame and the man money gal Gwey.

      1. No man Met she did think when she send in story, bout she is him longtime girlfriend to foreign media that he was going to think twice in his pursuit of frock tail nah bitch, him amplify it yah now and who look like a dummy you do Kasi.Yes Legend f**k all a dem & then some because you never hide say you love nuff woman so do yuh ting but memba fi ramp it up.

        1. She looking to capitalize from everything. I dont think Usain and she together she just want it seem so because she want to make a name for herself from it

          1. yes, Met she nah guh quietly, she will do a paid interview where she will, ‘tell all” she need fi dweet soon cuz Olympic fever a die down

          2. As a woman who loves my man that isnt perfect and if I saw this I would be distraught ..I could never be on social media muchless a direct media inquires..That girl know what she doing

  2. Noelle is the sister “Christine. Because everyone knows Bolt sister’s name is Sherine. Kasi and Noelle you guys putting in overtime! wow

    1. Di girl wah a run off her (Christine) mouth is his sister. went to high school with her. she been quiet over the last couple years nuh know why she start chat now, I wonda a how much $$ them pay her

  3. Usain keep rocking on, never be faithful to a groupie. Any female that’s cool with doing threesome with you is a whore, don’t ever take that type of girl seriously. Usain needs a girl on his level financially who likes him for him and not for his bank account. I can tell that Kasi is just a gold digger, who would phuck pon Usain if a man or woman of his earnings comes wandering by, heck I think she would bun him if some tight pants bleachers waste man came by and showed interest.

        1. The man snap chat say him a live him life!! Him deh London from yesterday!!! As closing ceremony done him left!! Pick up two more!! Yuh know say when him go Jamaica him go fi dem Gyal deh to!
          He seems like he’s doing all of this out a spite!!

  4. This nasty boy soon catch aids, kasi best if u gwan yuh ways before him give Yuh the big H r the big A mek the ditty boy gwan

  5. Jamaicans in the usa don’t realise how huge a global superstar bolt is.He transcends sports and is bound to have many women falling for him .If me and me broke pocket no name self can have women wanting me,just imagine Bolt.

  6. Yea keep belived the white man won’t sink him … Mike Tyson Bill Cosby OJ Simpson Tiger woods and many . Black ppl are a big threat to the white race Espcially if you become famous amongst them . So stay dey sey more gal more gal .

  7. Bill Cosby ,Mike Tyson OJ ?Those people committed crimes. Bolt is living up to his image as a happy person who is overdosing on life.

  8. Dash weh di cock without warning usain… A wah kasi feel like… Ediot gal fi di year Mi did say but mi tek it right back dis need more time cause ano like Mi or anybody else ago figet so…. Ediot Gal fi di century tuh bloodclaat.

  9. @anonymous 10:45
    Christine Bolt-Hylton aka Keisha is Usain 1 and only sister weh u a go bout Sherine. Every post u run under wid this rubbish go get u facts str88 and shut u messy trap door.

  10. @TALK LOUD…question did USAIN BOLT tell you or anyone else that his girlfriend name is KASI? Unnu leave the woman one boy pickney alone mek him live him life…he’s free, single and disengaged. If it wasn’t for his million KASI weh walk and fu$k like knuckle duckle wouldn’t claim him as her man.

    1. Dana throwing bare shade at Kasi in her quiet sneaky way. All the video with her throwing bolt the flag. I guess a coincidence she know bolt itinerary fi him birthday celebrations post Rio. She right a she still a win. Coming from someone who think him need to go try work out tings with Mitsy.

      1. Mi agree. Need fi rally back pon Mitsy fi true. They were supportive of each other long after the breakup. And really, dem foundation girls are usually the ones who will stay true. This chick…hmmm. Looks nice (like so many others). Don’t know her, don’t care but all these pictures all over the world must hurt. As a woman mi feel that for her. But him is. Young man, she and him nuh married, no extended history, so she nuh need fi too mash up ova dis. But she need to be se dibble and either move on or get wid di program. I say work out wid Mitsy

  11. Usain is SINGLE, period he does not cohabitate with a woman, neither is he engaged or married. I don’t see the big deal. He is rich and famous and young and a red blooded man. Thank God him a gyallis and not a fish. Nassy dutty bruck pocket dancehall man have gyal in rotation much less. Let him sow his oats and get it out of his system now, then when he meets a proper educated young lady he can take home to his mother, then he will settle down. Until such time some people need to stop wash them mouth Pon the youth. Not since Bob Marley have we had a young Jamaican carry the banner. He has not disgraced Jamaica. In fact he has set a higher standard in Track & field. So why is everyone so upset with a young single man doing what any young man would do. Please let him live his life. As for the glorified groupie, threesomes and dealing with your brother, will not get you a cut, clarity or color.

    1. He can f**k the world, but do it behind closed doors. Like all the other ppl with money!

      He’s showing things up! And that is what is disgraceful, every sentence his name is in Jamaica is right beside it and it does look bad because the media is working this story hard! The media like we hav seen before can make or break you! Right now Usain is known more for his international dick than his accomplishments and that’s not how I or anyone else will like to see him go out! You need to look at the bigger picture, where image and brand is everything!

  12. My assumptions, Kasi did want to go Rio with Bolt, Just to show say a she run things and she is him rightful woman and go sit beside Him mother and father like Mitzy with a Z, Bolt tell her NO! Stay you rass in Jamaica because it not necessary, Kasi get MAD after coming on the Pinkwall and see the metters a say, GAL YOU A FOOL THE MAN NOT OWNING YOU, You claiming Girlfriend position but you not in Rio, Kasi even get Madder when she saw Bolt mother interview say is time him cease and settle, Get married and give her grandkids, Kasi now the idiot, before she hold her corner and relax, She send out to every Media story bout she is the girlfriend just to show the world she is the fastest man Girlfriend and did not expect the backlash, Bolt get MAD and start hook up with everyone cause Kasi never listen to keep har arse quiet. :ngakak DO YOU BOLT. What a cat and mouse game, Kasi please to go find a work, Bolt really don’t have times for you and your tired games.

  13. Who care if bolt is single or not! Let him enjoy his life❗️If I just won three GOLD medals I would go crazy too! Mek Kasi go bloodclaat sid dung!!! Mi neva see him claim her yet inna media! She is just another girl! Mek bolt him his life! We have one life to live ! Nuff deh yah and kasi aint the only gyal pon earth! Usain biggg uppp yuh damn self! You are one of those mek Jamaica well known and forever proud! My opinion and mi nuh really business who get vex!

  14. Usain better watch himself with all of these women. All dem see is “money” not who he is. Tell you the truth, Usain look tough fi him age. His hair is balding off already. Meaning he isnt the best looking where a pretty brown pretty hair girl would want.

    He might end up with crosses pussy. Next thing you know rape charges and his endorsements taken away. He’ll be back ah country in a little cottage. He better humble himself.

    People let money run their life too much. Money will attract all kinds of people to you while you hott. Once the money and fame run out, no one knows you again.

  15. I am convinced Bolt Went through you dumped you Met and that is why you are so bitter …why every day u deh here on d man name…How much a dem gyal on here dont even have a clue where dem man is unu making all sort or comments and u man an a nex gyal probably a read them… Come on man One week straight MET… I Love your Site but this is getting annoying now.

    1. Dont come here then because people emailing me that they are been booted off and you are taking up space. There are so many topics here daily and when uno dont like a topic uno find time to go in that same topic and harp about it? Nuh put Usain cocky pan me because not even when mi old and ben suh..and lean suh mi wudda want him blow pan mi :travel

      1. Met i need a user name give me Mandi spot, i don’t understand how such post annoy you but still, you read them from top to bottom. Try let Met alone enuh go else where with it.

    2. Mandi, tell go over to DailyMail and Shaderoom etc and tell them that too nuh. Set a fools. Yet here you are everyday reading with popcorn. Girl you know you love this.

    3. Mandi f**k off!

      Why you not on all the sites telling them to leave him alone! Nothing anyone has said here is a lie! He is going beyond himself! Most of what Met post is already out in the open!

      Why you don’t go fight Usain with him behaviour before coming to attack Met!

  16. Usain is right he is single but dating… as women we need to set standards for ourselves. If I were Kasi I would say I’m single until he puts a ring on it. With Usain’s fame I would have rather to be hiding until there is a ring. As a matter of fact most ppl should claim being single until a ring because on legal documents it’s never engaged or cohabiting or dating you have to chose single or married etc. So people need to stop claiming people till a ring is on that’s your nearest thing to security in any relationship.

  17. Met Kasi is weak to Bolt! THIS will not change a ting! Bolt will come back and apologize out hell and Kasi will be like Ok babbbyyyyy! LMAO

  18. To how some people a talk you would think Usain a cheat Pon them, to how them tek it serious. No terrorist attacks to report so the media has nothing to report
    tBolt a get attention today. Trust me something else soon box him outta the headlines, tomorrow is another day. Is a good thing some a unnuh never deh bout when Bob Marley did a cheat Pon Rita, unnuh woulda roast him alive, dwl

  19. If a man or woman is not married they are indeed single….not if ands or buts about it

  20. Mandi mi like how u over here fi the one week st8 a read tho. When a topic is hot it will run for days so get over it.

  21. Anonymous on August 22 at 12:22 pm I agree with your entire post. Most logical explanation based on mounting evidence against Kasi. She delete the “direct all inquiries” part out of her bio though.

  22. So all of a sudden Kasi go do eyebrow and cannot be seen for now…. Poor excuse. Den if you did a go rio, eyebrow no shoulda do before. Smh

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