As the fallout continues from Usain Bolt’s now-controversial birthday party, Prime Minister Andrew Holness confirmed that the matter is now being investigated by the police.

Holness warned that the sprinter, who was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, will not benefit from any special treatment in the process.

“No one is going to be treated with any exemption, so all Jamaicans have a duty, and those who have public ear and influence in the public sphere have an even greater (responsibility),” Holness said during a virtual press conference on Monday.

Bolt, who was celebrating his 34th birthday last Friday at the Football Factory in Kingston, was tested at home a day later in anticipation of a business trip overseas this week.

The 100m and 200m world record holder confirmed on social media about 11 a.m. Monday that he had not, up to that point, been officially notified of his result.

Health Minister Christopher Tufton provided the confirmation of Bolt’s result Monday night and advised that the process had commenced for contact tracing.

The party, which was attended by a host of local and international celebrities, including Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling, Bayer Leverkusen star Leon Bailey and former Reggae Boyz captain Ricardo Gardner, as well as entertainers, has been the bane of criticism after videos surfaced online showing COVID-19 breaches.

While there was temperature screening, mandatory sanitisation, and mask wearing upon entry, social-distancing and mask protocols were later ignored. Occasional sanitisation was conducted during the party.

Quarantine Not Observed
The presence of Sterling, who last played for his England-based club on August 15 in the Champions League, and Bailey, who featured for German club Leverkusen in their Europa League loss on August 10, indicates that the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for overseas visitors was not observed.

“I am not aware, I don’t have specifics of any individual coming in and breaching the orders for quarantine, but what I will say is that we do not discriminate depending on the person,” Tufton declared.

“The rules apply to everyone.”

Meanwhile, Bailey’s manager and adopted father Craig Butler accused the nation’s leaders of hypocrisy and double standards.

“Was it a mistake to have the party? Maybe. Was it a mistake to attend the party? How could Leon not attend and support his friend?” asked Butler.

“Who are we to judge them when our own politicians are out encouraging electoral parties and revelry? … If you want my opinion on public figures setting examples, let’s start with those that are leading us into an election right now,” Butler said.

Jamaica recorded 83 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, bringing the overall tally to 1,612.

44 thoughts on “USAIN N COVID

  1. You know…it’s just a shame. Time and time again in the global sphere, we see scores of celebrities” be it athletes, entertainers and even politicians, living as if they are “above the law of the land” or just in plain terms, exempt from the orders in place now —during Covid and for various other reasons. And time and time again, we find ourselves right back here asking, “Why?”

    Why was it okay for you Usain Bolt and Kassie B to throw a party without protocols being STRICTLY observed? Why are most if not all politicians out canvassing and so on without masks. This double standard is sickening. Whatever happened to Elephant Man’s case wherein he too I believe, failed to quarantine?

    The problem is …this will become “news” too soon…something of the past when instead, Jamaicans should demand answers and justice publicly until “celebrities” are treated like everyone else and should by all means, keep following up until change is made..I’m afraid, however, our disapproval and immediate shock will dissipate much too quickly and by then Usain will be hosting another party to show us what a piece ah crap government, society, morals, and ideals we have.

    This is sad, but, oh so true.

  2. On another note: this IS A JOKE of an apology. Come betta Usain. Mi see yuh DANCE with more enthusiasm on the race track :hoax2 gimme ah effin break! It’s you who are asymptomatic AND careless (to say the least) causing the greatest issues in society right now! Tan yuh baxide Ah yuh miserable yaad wid yuh miserable self-servin ooman man shit

    Lose offa yuh BIG TIME yute. Covid and ya lu

  3. yeah man so all a who attend and hug u must get it, and you were holding your little daughter, i tell you not everyone who can have a child shoulld, i don’t see you as no damm responsible father you and you baby mother. first uno have a young baby so usain you should know not to party to get it because if you do you will put your daughter life at risk, men like you very selfsh and it makes me wonder if uno know what loving a child entails. You are very carless and disgusting and i personally thinks they should charge you and you knuckle head gal. why uno cant be humble when uno poor and get likkle money this is why some people will always remain poor, if you were not bolt mi sure you would a never have them so call celb dey as u friend, you need to look into your damm self and go back to being humble and drop some a dem friend dey. you want tell me not even your g string Briscoe that have 2 kids couldn’t tell u say bolt u have a child nuh do it. That boy Briscoe mi wonder if him a the g string in a bolt batty hole, the boy nuh give bolt a break he is so damm nuff a ll him mi sure get covid, fi smaddy whey broke like church mouse him really a live off a bolt though. at least the others around bolt have them things.

  4. I agree with “Butler’s”statment these Poltrickians wasn’t following protocol on COVID while doing their champaigning for votes yes we have videos and picture as proof. They are the ones who really cause the spike in COVID. Who really in charge to questions the Politrickians ?. Yes Usian party kept he did had all the protocol tools in place. However him and his people did whatever they wanted after the liqour start to flow. For the ones who fly in they did have a app to informed of there where abouts on the island. I am not saying Usain is wrong or right however lets be fear in all this. Politrickains never follow the protocol for COVID while champaigning to put the country in more debt and take for their friends and families. Walkgood

    1. Last time I checked a goat, papaya and something else came up with a positive result so who do we believe in regards to this fake virus ijs

      1. Waiting on Bolt to be the spoke person for COVID vaccine . Everything is in designed order. How come our sheep’s didn’t lose off their political parties Champaigning during Covid. They need public figures to promote the vaccine .

        1. Yessssssssssss worldwide there has been a famous person the media has said has gotten this thing why do you think Jamaica is any different?

  5. Bolt is the epitome of careless and Kasi is no better as she and another friend apparently threw him the party. You would think as a mother of a very young child she would’ve said no but just goes to show that fame and flashiness mean more to a lot of people. I am not chastising her anymore than him though. They both are irresponsible in their behavior but for some reason I am not shocked. Also, since we are on the topic of responsibility, why are Jamaicans not making a fuss about the fact that their Prime Minister is creating a perfect storm to spread COVID by calling an election. We need to stop hyping up the wrong things in Jamaica and open our eyes to the foolishness that is amongst us.

    1. Exactly she so damm fool before she thnk of their child safety she a think bout hype and a keep party damm yamhead gal.

    2. Whether famous or not, they should adhere to protocols! All of a sudden everyone on SM are Doctors, scientists, specialists, etc.

      Everyone has an opinion BUT we also need to understand that everyone also has A&@HOLE and we know what comes out of it.

      No SURPRISE here about Usain’s Party but SOOO disappointed to say the least. We y’all about these politicians but as an WORLD RENOWNED you indirectly become MORE of an influence over the people than even POLITRICKANS!

      People in the states are doing the SAME and they’re NOT rich. Some of them can barely afford to PAY THEIR BILLS and would KILL to KEEP parties THROUGHOUT quarantine. They had young babies, older children, grandparents, sick family members and still insisted on not following SD rules.

      To those people I say this…..

      WE ALLL WANT TO GO BACK TO LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!!! Ever thought MAYBE IF you’d adhered to SD rules— the numbers COULD potentially been LOWER?

      Yes, QUESTION things but let’s NOT go out there SPREADING statements some of us have NO business making.

  6. Based on all that is being said and highlighted the party kept the Friday and he got tested the Saturday he did not catch covid19 from his party, he had it before. The international footballers were wrong to ignore quarantine but let’s be realistic they did not give him that virus. He caught it somewhere else way before the fact. What I can say thou with bolt having covid19 at that party amongst other international celebrities who did not quarantine and possibly might have the virus among other patrons at the party the spread of it is bound to happen. All they can do now is just follow protocols and do not spread it anymore by staying in and get tested. Last but not least I’m very disappointed in miss Kasi B I thought she knew better than that. So many things she could have done for her man bday and she chose to have a breakfast party in this pandemic. A mean the sun boiling hot outside and those mask worse hot when u have it on and not very easy to breathe in, common sense must would have told u that those mask are going to come off at some point in time worse when everyone is intoxicated by liquor. By all means she can have a party yes the government did say parties can be kept but just a certain amount of persons to attend. But to think of her just having that young baby doesn’t sit right with me that is so not responsible at all that’s a chickenhead behavior you need to do better cause u sure do act like you classy and level headed more than everybody else.

    1. Your mout twist twist up so much ina yuh chat . Like what exactly are u saying?!? If you’re smart enough and have been following the news and experts, clearly he didn’t catch it at his party but bc of his NEGLIGENCE and CARELESSNESS, he risked infecting others who will in turn infect others, until there is a large scale outbreak in Jamaica.. which by the way , our infrastructures CANNOT handle.

      :cd :cd

      1. Exactly we nuh care where him catch it fact is him give it to some of the people that attend his party .

    2. On Kasi, your EXPECTING too much from a BIRD!!!

      I don’t know of anyone with LAW degree who doesn’t practice law; has no other CAREER / JOB but hitched up with a man for years who DISRESPECTS her publicly through the relationship AND they weren’t even MARRIED.

      COVID or NOT, you just had a baby why would you be thinking of keeping/ attending any party. Your breast MILK not even dry up yet and WORSE— it’s RIGHT in the MIDST of a PANDEMIC?!?

  7. Mouth twist up twist up yes cause I’m highlighting key factors based on the party that was held. Not trying to point out one specific factor @anonymous 1:33pm. Thanks for bringing to my attention and a repeating the very thing I said in my comment how very smart of you :cd

  8. He should be an example of good character and encourage others to wear mask and social distance but no this careless man couldn’t set an example He took his brother woman anyway so what do you expect from usain in character
    They should charge who keep the party civil is deadly and to play with it and life is unacceptable Covi affect people different almost a million people lost dem life in 4 month. Careless usain could miss one Birthday party and him just have a young child

    1. Usain and Donald have things in common they both stupid and foolish. why would u even go out if you dont and you have a little baby , come on he is irresponsible and stupid. a suh it go when them damm hype ediot musi think Covid was a joke, april 1 gone ediot boy usain.

    2. I though there was a story of Kasi dating Bolt’s brother first which is part of the reason he probably didn’t marry her… he had DOUBTS

  9. Boy uno love kill bolt sir did he say he has it ? Or did the media/government say it! they told us before telling him do u not think that is strange? Mi just ah ask

  10. Shuda check di boss fi some odda shit to, cuz mi sure him did a ketch few batta-aze di samtime him a ketch COVID loll

  11. And yet Usain and Kasi couldn’t care less what any of you think. They could do the most basic thing, Kasi could file down a broken nail and someone would post the story just for the opportunity to tear her or Usain down.

    The joke is that in spite of that, they continue to live their very best lives and 10 years later are still enjoying each other and now their baby. This is after you all said they would have mash up and this and that. That a white girl would have got him or he would have left Kasi. Regardless of your long dialogues and speeches, nothing has come between them.

    Give it a rest now and move on. You must be so tired after all these years. Cho man. LOL.

    1. Kasi is that you? lol, you should thank God everyday that Usain is mentally challenged, you’re not special, you’re not good it’s just the fact that Bolt is riding the slow bus. You have tried with so many rich uptown men but they see you for what you are but here comes this ugly country bwoy who now finds himself with millions and got jealous of his own brother so he used his money to buy you. Give it a rest, it’s not love why he’s with you so long, it’s the fact you re the only person willing to do all manner of nasty, depraved things to keep his money, no decent woman wants him. He has millions and yet the best he could do was his brothers pump and dump, he has to be in girls DM begging pussy and they always run him and put him on blast and when that doesn’t work he use you to try and get threesomes. That’s why you have to try so hard to please him and to try convince people that you love him when even he knows it’s not true, that’s why nothing is in your name and his friends and family hates you. Both of you are trash, trash with money but still trash. Bolt doesn’t deserve a decent woman because he’s not decent so both of you deserve each other, boasting about 10 years and have nothing tangible to your name except Olympia, no business, no house, no car, of all the celebrity girlfriends Kasi is the most worthless and none of the other athletes wives or girlfriends have slept with their brothers.

    2. just for the fun i hope they all ketch it and edn up in hospital that way they can take it serious. seems like you is a damm ediot if you are a comedian now is not the tiime to be comdedic, make him daughta ketch it and end up in hospital then uno see how serious covid is, damm ediots. uno can f and breed but that nuh mean bolt or his likkle slut will make good parents, fuckka dem carless and stupid liek mi sorry for that baby girl upbringing, how can a slut raise a daughter at that???

  12. Batta ears Kasi is to be blamed, throwing a party for bolt to showoff and to win some imaginary girlfriend of the year trophy was more important to her than her child. Kasi loves Bolt money and status than she loves her baby because no mother who have a 3 month old during a pandemic would think to put their babys life a risk but the need to hype and showoff was too great, they live for the gram. Neither Bolt or Kasi loves that child, Olympia is just a prop for them, she’s Kasi meal ticket and for people to stop say Bolt is a gelding. Since the birth of Olympia, they have been partying same as before as if they don’t have any responsibility, they left the baby with sitters to continue their freaky lifestyle, when this is the time where they should be bonding with the child, they only post her when it’s convenient for likes and views. They were not ready to be parents, you would think at their age they would grow up but they both act like they are mentally challenged.

    1. Stop living under their social media to see how they are living. Bolt is a millionaire, living millionaire lifestyle. He gave her a nice birthday in July, she gave him a nice party last week. They spent a day recently on the Rio Grande and before that on his boat where they appeared to be the only guests on both occasions. Other than that, where do you stay and see them living freaky lifestyle?

      Little Olympia is Kasi’s mother first grandchild, the same for Usain. I bet that child is not even with nannies, the way most rich people operate. That little girl is being well taken care of and bonding with her grandparents. Get your facts straight.

      1. Who the fuck lives on their pages, if it’s not posted on pinkwall or skkan or sleek people like me would’t know what the hell they are doing. The fact remains, Kasi you and your baby fadda is WORTHLESS, no matter how you try to spin this, this wasn’t about love, it was about SHOWING OFF and trying to prove a point. Talking about she threw him a nice party, you mean a COVID party, all because she have to try and prove their love when the more they try the more people realize how fake they are. People who genuinely love each other don’t have to go to such lengths all the time to try and convince people.

  13. Anon 8:25 pm, stop trying to find all sort of excuse for their despicable behavior. There was a party at Devon house and Kasi retweeted the picture calling for the relevant authorities to punish them because people wasn’t wearing mask and practicing social distancing, she even retweeted that people should let them know when the next party is keeping so they can call the police and she retweeted quite a few more berating people at parties but yet here she is keeping a party with no mask in sight and no social distancing. She and her friends especially that piece of shit named rush cam really thought in their minds that it will be ghetto people who will spread the disease because of their partying but look at Karma. She really thinks being Bolts baby madda gives her power, I’m still yet to see any of those same friends have the same energy they had for other people. They can’t say anything because they want their little presents at Christmas and to be invited to parties, bunch of kiss asses.

  14. I hope this teaches them a lesson, they were on their high horse looking down on people and look how life is humbling them. My thing is, why do they have to try so hard with each other, they could have had a lovely time at home with each other but the constant need to do all this showboating just proves that the relationship is not true and is not based on truth, it seems as if they are just continuing the relationship to prove a point, it’s sad to be honest, Kasi doesn’t look happy, you can see it in her eyes and they only smile with each other when they know the camera is on them but for some reason they insist on keeping up the charade.

  15. BEST GIFT Kasi could have given him is some Dental Work, an implant for that missing side tooth and veneers or teeth bleaching for his rat looking teeth.
    Onoo come beat mi now. Dat wouldn’t spread Covid cuz he sure caught it before the party.

    1. Some of these comments as usual are disappointing .. yes they were wrong but come on.. some of you are so bitter its unbelievable

  16. In one of the videos from his party I saw he (Bolt) dancing to Koffee’s new song “Lockdown”. Isn’t it ironic that now him a de real one under lockdown?

  17. Anonymous @ 8:01. Duncebat this is covi that affect everyone different and kill almost a million some even lose body parts dunce bat you really a compare some have long term illness after bout no care unu better careful ooo bc covi is unpredictable
    Fools of a feather flock together like how you a defend him go visit him then and have another party

  18. Nuff ah unuh ah lu
    Talkin about money and lifestyle

    Where are Money and lifestyle when u 6 ft under ? Or whenever you’re hooked up to a ventilator and are intubated and in a coma ?

    God wid some ah unu wey ah lu
    As someone mentioned , the ignorance of some PRIVILEGED Jamaicans is that the spread would be “specific to the ghetto “

    Uptown and wealthy people caw ketch covid ask WHO (World Health Organization) and they’ll confirm.

    :cool :cool

    1. That’s all they can defend Bolt with, is that he has money because all he has is money. Zero class, zero style, bad character, zero personal hygiene and zero style. Everything he has he bought with his money, including Kasi and his friends. They were on their high horse, turning up their nose thinking “ghetto” people would be the only ones with COVID and the ones to spread it but look where it’s running rampant, look where the most cases are, right uptown and they are trying to keep it hush hush.

  19. Not defending Bolt…who knows how long he has had it…..asymptomatic ppl spread the virus just as much as those with symptoms. Kasi and Bolt are both careless. This can be seen when Bolt throw her a bday party shortly after her having a baby….she was there drinking wuth a baby to breastfeed so much so she got drunk and fell àsleep. Neither she, their friends nor him had on masks then… y ppl acting surprised abt his party….their priority shld be their daughter in this covid time….its obviously not

  20. You all must be the Queens of multitasking to be able to live such full and interesting lives and still have time to be watching other people’s social media accounts, partying activities and even Kasi breastfeeding. The truth of the matter is none of you have moved on from years ago when you used to watch Kasi’s every move and pray for Usain to dump her.

    How did she get from head concubine to wife of one of the biggest athletes on the planet? What tactical moves did she use that got her a company, house, car, vacations and the mother of Usain’s child when all of you got kicked to the kerb?

    This explains the long comments. Many of you had personal investments in the harem which explains some of the very personal comments directed at Kasi, full of cursing and opinions. In reality, you all hate yourselves for what you became in your quest to be Mrs Bolt that you dont even realise that you channel all that hatred of yourselves onto Kasi. It was like the Hunger Games back then and there was only ever going to be one winner and sadly it wasn’t any of you.

    Time is such a precious commodity and something we never get back. Some of you ladies will one day wake up and regret the fact that you wasted so much of it.

  21. Unno need to come off a bolt plucking name !!!!
    How the prime minister and him colleagues keep big parades with thousands of people and that ok. Why unno never demonstrate ? Why unno nuh lock up the members of parliament people them to a have all kinds of rally. A wah covid nuh guh a pnp and jlp gathering only bolt party them can guh. Tell the politicians fi cancel them election and stop put people lives at risk. Unno leave kasi and Bolt alone. 1 little party unno a create big drama.

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