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  1. Bolt mi know u use condom but u can get std from kissing. How dem seh yuh security tight and all these women have access and people a tek pics?

    1. I made a comment yesterday and I don’t know if a spam it go or what because I was too lazy to log in, when you said he likes strippers!!!! Here is the comment

      Met I witnessed with my two eyes at the club in new Kingston, the one that cause Taboo to relocate. Usain kissing a stripper just the way he is kissing this young lady I was in awe because mi a sey this youth nuh kno that him can ketch all Herpes so…..Met him frequent Taboo nuff and is very free handed with money him will al give random girls a nice change depends on how him feel.
      In the back a my mind now mi a start to believe that him and Kasi nuh deh or him a do all this to run her indirectly…sad weh some gyal will put up wid for spotlight

    2. You know mi feel like a usian a tell the other gal dem fi dash out the pic dem? Cause him ean kasi lef him.. It look like usain tired a her now. Usian just break up with her and done.usian mussi a say dis gal coming like a f***g leech. Me give her a lenth she tek the whole yaad.. Yow tiffany stacy kim kardashian dash out the picture dem lol

    1. We all knew it was coming…nuh we over yah a tell her fi easy herself fi how long now and fi gwaan tek wah she can get and build herslef! (Mi see ppl all did a recommend she go set up a likkle store instead of being a stay a home girlfriend…she never waan hear we…a she push till she reach out deh

        1. I know. Which is why this will be an interesting ride!

          Leo’s can hurt u in the coldest manner. Cancers start cry if u look at them to hard! Kasi supposed to a dead!

          Met go be a good person and go check pon har nuh!

      1. She’s a stay-at-home-girlfriend?! But unuh si mi die-ing trials! How can she be stay at home anything & there’s not even a proper ring on her finger where she can pop out 2 legitimate children to validate stay-at-homeness? So this young, young woman has nothing going for her except what this man gives to her?

  2. No need to be so sloppy Bolt, have fun but you can’t be taking selfies with prostitutes and kissing anybody. Just lay low with the thing man.

  3. Aye sahhhh, it really messy tho man….we all know of bolt never have nuh money him wouldn’t get certain type a girl.

      1. Never push a Leo!

        I’m a Leo so I kno exactly what was coming! He will drag her jus to show her she’s nothing. And pretend as if she doesn’t exist the sweet her up just to f**k her over again…this is just the beginning trust me!

        1. See someone just seh di same thing, he is doing this out of spite it really bad. Kasi should have kept her ass quiet

          1. He is! That’s how we operate. He’s dragging her, beach she pushed him.and he won’t stop until he feels satisfied she is hurt and on the defensive.

  4. I just honestly feel he’s doing it outta spite, we have NEVER seen him behave this way and he’s no fool he knows everybody is watching him. She should have kept still now she has to deal with the embarassment. Dont force ntn on no Leo im telling u they will destroy you.

    1. You’re right…for all the years Usain has been in the spotlight….he has NEVER done something like this!

      Everybody has a dark side. But this is not the Usain we all know! Hope this blows over quickly!

      1. Him always ina di girl thing, a spend pan strippers and ting but the picture ting with the white girl u can see he posed for it so mi know a spite him do that fah

        1. Met, I think he probably need some space from her. Cancers are sweet and will give you the world but they will drain you with their emotional behavior and their clinginess. Sometimes it’s hard to tell a cancer you need space but I don’t like how he’s going about this. He don’t need this mess attached to his name.

          1. Usain not doing anything new, he finished his career on a high and this is how white people do black people. He does not know himself so he will learn..Him party and run him body hard pan a regular basis but it look like him give up him strip club addiction

  5. This photo looks like the young lawyer girl that just celebrated her 30 bday she is in Rio and had the caption up a we still a win

  6. I don’t think Kasi cares about him kissing/ sleeping with other girls because they have threesomes all the time. The gag is that she put herself and the relationship out there as more than what it is. Now shame and humiliation going kill her.

    Bolt is a single man, who is in an open relationship with Kasi and a few others. But she cya tell that to her 70 thousand adoring “fans” on IG. They think she’s Mrs. Bolt and on her way to getting a ring and starting a family. Sticky bad.

  7. JMG is burning , JMG is burning , look yonder, look yonder, fire fire fire fire an we have no wata :kr :kr :kr… Met u better have a fire truck n standby fi di wall tideh.

    1. Dis is like u go town and see dem a sell meat wrap up fi cheap and buy it den go home go si seh u get..meat,, rotten meat, soup bone, chicken back, foot and neck. She get more dan whey she bargain for oo

      1. Met she let all of the retweets and insta like/comments get to her head knowing damn well Bolt is very much a single man,keep your backside quiet no, the whole world need to know you well see it here darling Kasi the whole world know you a get bun, not even no hear say bun but a look come see kind a bun withe the whole world weighing in on your life hope you happy. See why you must not SPAIF this will happen!!!!

  8. @Cassidy same way suh I call it an open relationship too he knows the status that he has and is using it to please him and him only, any body wanna jump on the bandwagon feel free but nuh ketch nuh feelings .

  9. truly reckless indeed a try too hard to prove something or cover up something … Asafa mind the company u a keep

    1. Asafa worse :travel I hear seh Asafa seh regular sex cannot satisfy him and he likes when his male friends listen to him a do di girl dem

      1. And that is why he is at the bottom of the heap, and can only medal inna group and not solo. If it wasn’t fi all the politics and favouritism inna JA track him wouldn’t still a run. Track so corrupted dung deh why you see non-performers still a run and a gwan like dem doing summen.

  10. After all the dust is cleared him can go buy her a car of her choice and a mansion on the hill’s propose and all Wil be forgiven…Kobe Bryan did it to Vabessa after his rape scandal suh mister Bolt can dweet to :ngakak :ngakak

  11. That’s Leo men for yall…dem spiteful bad and will a mountain a tings fi hurt wen yuh tell lie pon dem are try fi mek dem look bad…mi use to date a Leo man suh me know and mi is a Leo woman…him ago nice r up just fi f**k her and den dump r rass watch…a Leo man seh revenge

    1. I can give her some good advice..Deactivate all social media accounts and go pan di north coast for a week or so :alay

      1. And dont listen to people who are saying not to leave him. Leave him while you may still have love for him because staying will breed hatred for him.

        1. She can’t leave just yet. She nuff up herself and quit her job to be a full time cheerleader. She needs time to formulate a plan or find a next man.

          1. Man a go find she because a lot of them will want a girl whey did deh wid Bolt ..Mi neva know seh country bwaay know bout kissing fi a guh all bout ana kiss suh :travel

  12. But she a get store an things! enuh look out September! Kasi and Mommy a build den empire outta INSANE Bolt ! dwl Remember she have apartment already and she a save up the money dem Kasi alright

    1. is rent she paying .. i heard she has a plan so a must store she a open i hope so because she is a big woman acting like a chid 28 and u can’t know your worth ,,, everbody a open store ERRICE A OPEN STORE SHAMIELLE A OPEN STORE..hwt can’t manage

  13. A true somebody need to explain to me why everybody a frighten fi Kasi so. All I can hear is oh she so sweet and all this Shit! Weh enuh know her from ? Unum too nuff and beg fren!

  14. The more mi think bout it the more mi a get angry. Likkle fool fool country bwaay Usain, the same white people whey build u a di same white people whey a go bring u dung to zero. Be humble. You bowed out while u are still the fastest man so they did not get the last laugh and fi dat dem nah go stop. You are a fool to be getting it on out there like this, and although Kasi started it by putting up her stupid Rio caption, you could have been a man about the way you carry yourself. Yuh likkle stupid fren dem roun yuh whey a program yuh mek u feel yuh larger than life and dem only round yuh fi what dem can get so gassing u up is their damn job. If u continue the same white people/media gonna set your stupid ass up and try scrape whatever funds they gave you because di white bitches u a go put yourself with can seh yuh rape dem. Stop while you are ahead u hear

      1. Ah nuh smoking mek him lip change color…ah de whole heap ah pump weh him eat oooo…gynecologist said women vagina secretes acid in their discharge which causes panty crotch to change color and that same secretion CAN change man lip color.

        Check some man top lip ESPECIALLY de on wid mustaches…dem mustache color ALWAYS different from dem natural hair color

      2. Funny u brought up the smoking bc I had to inquire if him high or what and the person said yes he smokes hard.

  15. Usain has serious PROBLEMS….mek him keep up the nasty living…he may f*ck is own damn self and miss out on the real deal…this is some teenager bs.

      1. Yuh go a di people dem country and u dont even know their culture like that but u gone tek up with women there..Yuh si how fast you became viral though? Aldo a mus u set it up due to your posing..Those women will set your ass up and try to defame your very existence

          1. Did u see how quick dem go find out age? Usain fi realize he is a BLACK male and his dick aint free…

  16. I hear she keep talking about September and how she has a business partner name Mel. So what you saying, a store is coming? What kind of store?

  17. Mi did know kasi never did a get no good treatment from bolt. Bolt a cheat and don’t give a f*** with it woooiiiieee mnl this serious kasi yah get bun wid out cheese! Mi know fi a fact say bolt left kasi coz why were you not invited to Rio fi the big history and your suppose to be his main girlfriend mi know you nah breed and even if you were that could a never stop you fi see yuh baby bolt make history and it’s not work coz if a work you did done know say him ago deh a the olympics so it could a plan plus mi sure yuh work would a give all the time off because ur bolts girl. But your not I think bolt drop kasi and she shame! This look bad tho if a mi a did kasi mi belly buttom would a drop out :tkp :tkp :ngakak hope you did build a house out a him or buy a car or open up A Likkle business but then again your not so smart think you were gonna be wife

  18. I’m surprised that the Gleaner, Observer or Star have said nothing, yet. I feel sorry for Kasi, I do. Regardless of whether it was she who went and threw their business to the press, she didn’t say anything bad, she merely bragged of her love and devotion. And for Usain, if she forced his hand when he wanted discretion, there are other ways of showing how betrayed you feel but cheap sex in a room with a tramp and sloppy wet kisses with strangers is wrong. He may be spiting her but his image is taking a battering also. A lot of the comments from the public on this recent event are more about people feeling sorry for Kasi. As for the statue in Falmouth, he don’t deserve shit.

      1. Huh? He needs to be called out by us because the foreign media will tark an seh a dat kinda life gwarn yah and is condoned and accepted. Memba seh, Chris Gayle is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Usain needs to be reined in before he destroys himself whilst we all sit back and watch.

    1. Bolt f**k yuh and duck yuh..everyday yuh come pink wall ah write epistle bout kasia and bashing bolt endlessly.Everyone have them opinion over here but yours just drawn out endlessly…kind of like someone drawing them nails across chalk bolt..mi tiad yuh now man gweh!!!

  19. So Kasi really left her job?wrong move girl. Not before him put on the ring or put a house/business in a me bbc name !

    she had a catering business before and closed it down, hope this one mek it.

    This reeks of spite on bolt side but me feel like is something he found out about her. Maybe that she was a private escort in another life. Remember he said he told her to tell him everything cause when the relationship go public it will come out.

  20. He is fckng gross. Mi see him in bed wid a man looking white ooman pon a Yankee gossip site. Dude has nutten bout him, cause if mi a public figure not a rass cellphone nah come inna no bedroom and when di deed done mi gone, Nah drop asleep wid stranger suh. No wonder him face a get tuff and him going bald, sekkle my yute and act wid likkle decency, acting so damn common.

  21. Awwww boi. After such a spectacle inna People mag. I will never rate him as a person only as a athlete. Lot of secretion swapping.

  22. MET!!! MET!!! GO CHECK OUT ON INSTAGRAM @dovey_magnum do a video and tagg KASI inna it.

    MET didn’t i tell you say a 2 things usain ago do is either imma ago save her from humiliation and acknowledge her or 2 himma go humilate her

  23. This girl kasi must feel like Shit or she no have no shame him not even a hide him can’t respect nor luv she public humiliation and the funny thing is she not gonna leave him cuz a $$$ and through them want so call “baller” low self esteem and greed if u ask me she going to be sorry once a dog always a dog!!!

  24. Met, Kasi is monitoring her IG page like top security. I saw a post go up just now defending Bolt saying that he’s not cheater because they have an open relationship and she allows the threesomes. By the time mi go fi screenshot it, DELETED! Kasi move wid a quickness, no wonder she an Bolt deh. Record breaking time she delete the post! HAHA

    So I see now she’s allowing everyone to bash Bolt and deleting comments that expose her ways. Kasi knows what she’s doing. Bolt didn’t carry her go Rio so now they’re spiting one another.

    1. She was letting them stay for a while though. Mussi only now she start delete again cause some ppl ready do her up

  25. Leo man are very dangerous. If dem live yuh you will be loved & adored. If not you will be treated badly & ignored. She do di man something I don’t feel sorry fi her one bit.

  26. @ MET I wonder if he realizes that he may lose his deals with Hulbort and Puma? I doubt they want a man sl*t repping their brand.

  27. This is not funny anymore, kasi stop make bolt dog you out. Use the platform you created to launch yourself. Usain with greatness comes great responsibilities, not saying you can’t have fun but no one needs to know your private affairs you live for the hype. If you and kasi not together anymore, you can say it’s just a rumor you and kasi are not in a relationship but this don’t look good.

  28. I memba di whole Rebecca and di footballer saga, and see her today, one million times better off. Afta a nuh Usain give Kasi life or control her destiny. Girl, nuh meck nobody kill your spirit, rise up with the power in you and get your shit done. Someone said you were doing catering, gwan follow your passion, dress up and look good and do your thing. Nuh meck no germsy mout bwoy regardless of him wealth bring you low, get the last laugh. Fi all Usain money it caan meck him good-looking or slow down him aging process, and him still couldn’t even pull a decent looking ooman fi him birthday, nuh the man looking ooman him laid up wid. Money can ongle do so much and nuff money man deh a road, so nuh worry uself; time, God, and inner strength is all you need.

  29. lol bitch monitoring her page everytime anyone write anything about her n sadiki she delete she can’t mek it reach international she f***d the brother shaderoom need to get it that kasi is a family f**k
    kasi stop deleting the comments about u n sadiki cho

  30. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…….

    Dawg know who fe bite nd Duppy know who fe frighten….for the groupies

    Dawg av shine teet, ‘im laugh afta butcha….for Kasi

    Dawg ave money ‘im tek it buy cheese…for bolt

    Dawg ‘mong doctor,cockroach ‘mong shaver…for bolt

  31. Jamaican women are very name driven and will compromise their integrity just to be associated with a name and who has a bigger name in Jamaica in 2016 than Usain Bolt? She will tolerate his cheating whether he does it covertly or overtly and he knows this, that’s why he’s so sloppy wid him ting. She’s in it for the hype of being in it and nothing more, just look at Usain and then look at her, anything short of fastest man alive or Olympic gold medalist and she wouldn’t give him the time of day and he knows that, so deep down he knows she’s with him only because of his name that’s why he treats her like this. Usain enjoy yourself brother, these hoes ain’t loyal, when you find a woman who brings just as much too the table as you then take her seriously, girls like Kasi are just more refined groupies, so treat her as so.

  32. A because wi chat over here earlier seh Dem inna open reltionqhip that’s why he’s behaving like that.. Dem ketch it rass and go chat bout open relationship kmdt.

  33. I can just imagine how all the other groupies dem a laugh after Kasi. After this man give u likle Jamaican fame a whine up with u a carnival fi shut the “haters” up, u get greedy fi more fame. Push urself pan international platform fi this man a shame u to the world. U shuda tek the laughs them when it was only us Jamaicans a laugh after u. No! So tek whe u get. The whole world a laugh after u now. Ntn more than this man leff u and u just a try milk whe u can get outta it before him move on cuz u well push up yourself to the farin media and everybody and them mumma a tag u ina the embarrassment. How u baby bday pass and not even a bday shout out pan u social media whe u ever so present on. U get likle recognition and before u post u and the man ina one selfie pan him bday u post u big pig face self fi see how much likes it ago get. Me nu sorry fi u a pussyclaat. Me a Leo and me love attention so me can imagine how your “boss” feel fi know u a ride him coattail. Seet de now him tek dung the pic that u prolly posted to IG back in April. Nu knowing a fi u gyal. Me nu sorry fi u a raas. Try hope him nu block u number and do u how him do Milan when she did a try the same angle years ago. She upgrade…we’ll see if u can do the same cuz u look fool enough fi wan commit suicide over shame

  34. Life funny e’ imagine the story drop here nd ppl a put in them input outsiders cum here nd theif from both the comments and thread title run wid and a get it own traffic put JMG nuffi get fi dem?!?!?! like unno really think unno can tell de ooman what tuh do wid har site,Usain is hot topic right now she nah duh ntn different from many other duh wen it cums on to who is trending and he is,him too phuck’n careless wid the fun weh him a av, I could care less about who him exclusive wid or not but for a man weh deh pon top him mek too much loose goose av way too much access to him

  35. AMEN! I’m over Bolt and his shenanigans now. The picture that just went on Ballet Alert even worse. He is sucking in that girl entire face. Nasty

  36. Met I have a wild theory, what if he did this so she wouldn’t look bad when her dirt come out to the world. A Leo man is very prideful with who he claims and marries, so him knowing her past of dealing with his bro will make her look nasty, and decides to sacrifice his image for her. I know it’s crazy but Leo’s do some wild things for the people they unconditionally love.

    1. Dana stop talk foolishness kmt all in all she was f***g with the bro will come out and thats the truth how all his f****g around protecting her?

  37. Met Vegas do a video giving his 2 cents in the Usain matter i think you should post it and on a serious note put out a warning message to Bolt cause when the whole fun done i see this Kasi Bennett out to destroy and humiliate him through the international media.

  38. Why as soon as dem start mek a Lil money dem run gone to white girls. I don’t want to be a black or white thing, but dam, u can’t find a nice Jamaican girl to chill with, smh. Dem think dem white gal ya easy. Dem white gal well train by them parents on how to catch a big fish marry him get a child and then take him to the cleaners, take everything so the whole family can live good, them man ya nuh watch TV. See how him head dry lol.

  39. Big pussi gal you too badmine leave the man alone. A how much page you alone a run by yourself. Leave him alone suck and spit out slime.

    1. if only you would slide out suh it can snap back,a guess it av a lifetime meal deal suh yuh busy eating and living in dere

    1. Carnival pic is still there. U nah look good. Or maybe because its dark. It’s in the far right column next to the picture with his best friend/ assistant Nugent.

      As i type that, why Bolt have so much best friend? From Nugent, to Tahirah, to Mitzy.

  40. listen sumthing went down with those two bolt a dwag but him never yet behave like this for the media to see. him a teach har a lesson and kasi this would be the best time for u to cut cuz a nuff other money man a pree yu now so u have more than options

  41. usain took down the pic he had captioned “president and first lady” the same one dem did hv on media takeout. to this day me convinced a Kasi post it with his phone and him prolly give her a caption when dem come in drunk off of the carnival vibes, but i digress…him tek it down now. only pix him have up is from Olympics of this year, not even 2014 posts on his IG anymore. as me say Kasi na get nu more knowings. a dat fi reach ar…she too fame hungry and a put disgrace pan this living legend. the media would’ve never been outraged if they thought he was single. they’d just post how he’s enjoying his dirty 30 but no, dis gal go put this man ina relationship whe him never know him ina…now him turn cheater and disgrace. that pig faced bitch soon get what’s coming to her

    1. lie that photo is still there and has been there still april 3, 2016. Go look again

  42. Bolt tell dem Seh yuh have white liva !! Mi mother say mi whore ,lubica seh she ago leff mi mi sure, kaci seh she ago guh through the door, woof woof mi Nuh care gyal still a get bore . Shout it out loud, mi horny and mi proud

  43. usainbolt
    President And First Lady
    usainboltPresident And First Lady

    It is still there or I could copy this stop feeding into bullshit,research first

  44. What I find funny is that all off a sudden Kasi is on every website .Look how long Usain famous,why would the international media just starts digging who is Usain girlfriend. Kasi send that in to the media to gain attention,she didn’t know the backlash would be so harsh.Kasi cause all of this on Bolt by going to the international media about her being the man girlfriend kmt.

  45. Did Usain fixed his teeth dem yet? Caws in de beginning his teeth dem did look rotten and mouth stink….not hating…just facts.

    Caws de way how fe him mouth look any punny can contract std.

  46. Is either store or she really a open back her pastry business! She likes baking ! :maho :maho :maho :maho

  47. Met Bolt no business wid a soul him in London partying like the rock star that he is with him bestie and Kasi alleged mate. Snapchat turn up while Kasi a play smooches with bella hush mama a so it go him soon get to you.

    1. No sah… I nearly dead LOL… Samantha popping bottles in London with him and Kasi deh home playing with her dog… Kasi mi shame for you. The man have 0 ratings for you.. Sam is the real MVP! After all that international attention whoring to cement yourself in Bolt life as his fiancee, look how the man continuously disrespecting you for the world to see. Congratulations, you played yourself *in dj khaled voice*

  48. As alkaline say, conquer the world! Reading all these stories I can hear that song ringing out loud. Dem a f**k him cause him have name and him feel invincible! When him drop dem off is a pay thing.

  49. But look how this girl have shade room and baller alert a drag the man for filth while she a play victim. Bout she a like meme. Bitch Selfridges where? U never a wear designer till bolt and if him can upgrade u, him money can upgrade anyone. U were Macy’s at best. Please. U get cheated on with strippers in taboo ALL the time and de ya a cry wolf for international gossip blogs to see. How ashamed you’ll be when they find out about u ways

  50. Kasi, please go dust off the law degree miss, if Usain loves you he will come back. All now him can send fi you, or come home to see his queen? Total disrespect. Him just neatly put you in your place. Met, you no see officialdydy a dash word … If I laugh

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