32 thoughts on “USAIN PAN SNAP

  1. So usian you couldnt bring kasi fi enjoy the fun too? So the girls dem go rio by themselves and a lef back with usian the greatest as me put it. Kasi this mus lef a very bad taste in your mouth. The way me woulda bex usian couldnt chat back to me again.. Not even hello him couldnt tell me

  2. Sumting just crasss mi brain…. How come on none a di message no interview nothing!!! Mi Eva Eva Eva Eva see him say anything bout kasi nothing like not even say hey honey I miss will be home soon or say hey babe an he has the power to do it a mean nothing like really nothing… Gal a how Yuh feel mi woulda shame God know… Den shame is too good of a word dis yah need face bagging. Gal all if a me like yuh….. Aww boy

  3. What real woman is going to sit comfortably at home patiently waiting, while her real man parties and travel the world with his squad of females?! Come on now… Only a shameless groupie who’s only end game is fame and money!! I hope Usain Bolt have sense enuh, because regardless of what she don’t help him build nothing… She ago stick around and take every embarrassment because his net worth rising!

  4. Low self latty go fck yuh self..nygga wit doo can do as hm plz..n fa yuh grow di huck up hve a reality check..guh sit inna yuh small corner

    1. But a wah di bloodclaat is dis?
      Yuh sound like Yuh hurt bitch! What a loooonesssss go suck shit and feel fit…. Dutty roach like you weh stawt fly come pitch pan mi comment. Low self-esteem unda Yuh madda big pussy weh bring a off breed bumbo like you.. And yes mi luv mi self nuh bloodclaat till mi affi f**k meeee… shitpit! Di way mi corner lawge nuh bloodclaat.. A nuff comment deh yah an Yuh pick out mine… Thanks fi di complement bitch!

  5. Lmaooo world boss. By ex Kartel need to hand ova USAIN Name. When man good dem bloodclaat good. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  6. Usian and Kasi are NOT together. Lmao!!! I wish people would stop affiliating this man and kasi as an item. Dwflll di man dont want Kasi nomore.

  7. She don’t have nuh visa that’s why she not there……okay…Whilst I believe that…I really think dem done. They have to be or he is completely shameless. More importantly they’re all clearly having a good time and I just lovelove that. Bolt big up yourself u deserve it and you clearly have no worries

    1. No visa? And har man is bolt? If bolt management wrote a letter inviting har to rio with him. She would get the visa. Bolt crealy doesnt want that girl bolt parents had them visa at his first winnings mizty got it too. That girl kasi don’t worth nothing to him but 1+1=3 as met would put it lmao hush kasi this too shall pass.

  8. But it seem to me him a Mek it clear dem lef and she never waan hear so she haffi feel! You caan tell me him never have a convo with her sey dem dun and she still hype up har self so him go outta him way fi prove di point. My girl having shame is there to save you from embarrassment. A better Yu did just tek wey you get and gwaan, no car caan worth this a embarrassment here

  9. Yow … A one ting Fi sure this is a single man and if Kasi go back to him she is double a woman ….yow him coulda line wid goal literally da yute yah Frozen only Elsa coulda manage him

      1. Sample action require sample chat a Wah tell yu se …..Kasi Wah Bennett and Usain Bolt ….hmmmhhhmm… All mi a bawl and a nuh mi him A do it to….

        Real** soon sign in

  10. Anony 5:48 pm… Yuh sound hurt mum, ah wah UB a f*$k pan u too or u a one of Kasi f*&kA gyal dem? hush he’s back in JA unnu soon get unnu likkle piece! F’ing cuhnumunu

  11. unless him tell har him a go roun the world fi guh sow “royal oats” like Akeem inna Coming to America, and will be coming back to Jamaica fi marry har, him just haffi get the womanizing outta him system, mi nuh see wah coulda mek she a wait. KMDT.

  12. Wonder how f Kasi met the squad at the airport and organize transportation for them ? Wonder if the he squad went to help her m pick out her ring? Wonder who got drop off first? Wonder if she greeted them with hugs?? Soooo many unanswered questions?

  13. Look pon Lebron and Savanna….as the whistle blow, Lebron win, baby in hand, sons and wifey by his side. Homecoming parade, she was right there with him and the kids. Since him off them been vacationing, alone and with the kids. See relationship deh…..she can use that as reference. Bolt single full stop comma comma dash dash

    1. What are you talking about? Since the season ended Lebron and Savannah have been on couples vacations with the Wades, the Pauls and their other friends plus he threw a massive birthday party for her 30th birthday last week and gave her a vintage Ferrari as a gift.

  14. @Youknowwhat… what i said…..isnt that basically the same thing? (me lef out her bday part) I was making reference to them as model of what a real relationship looks like. Its obvious that Bolt is single. Because the dolly house weh she claim exist, is just that, one big ole toy house. Cuz real man weh check fi them woman no treat them so

  15. Kasi don’t need visa fi go Brasil no Jamaican does so if a even desso she cudda reach. . . . ENGLAND now a diffrant suppen unuh look here mi cah bada no more a yasso nice…. wooiiiyooii

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