Following his third consecutive Olympic 100 metre win on Sunday, Usain Bolt celebrated to Popcaan’s popular single “We Still A Win (World Cup)” in a series of Snapchat videos.

The 2016 Olympic Games are currently being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bolt could barely seem to contain his excitement in the Snapchat videos while singing and dancing to the NotNice-produced single.

He belted out the lines to “We Still A Win”.
Popcaan has since responded with a repost of Bolt’s video with the caption “Stay winning my brother; honestly, Usain is a national hero”.

Bolt, 29, is expected to run the 200m and 4×100m relay, today and tomorrow, respectively.

4 thoughts on “USAIN SEH WE STILL A WIN

  1. Gm Met,

    Mi no know if a me alone notice that Mr Bolt look Sickkish. Him face just suck een , him head a peel out and him have this pale look to him, not to mention him teeth dem…. I wonder why him a really retire? At such a young age at that, what career will he be geared towards when he didn’t retain much subjects to start off a career with.. With his promiscuous ways anything is possible.

  2. He’s retiring on an high instead of waiting for his decline. He’s very rich and will be still making a lot of money.
    This is is last olympics but he will probably be at the world championships in London next year.

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