The body of a University of Technology third year student was found hanging from a mango tree at his home in Cooreville Gardens, St Andrew this morning.

Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that a neighbour discovered the male student’s body at approximately eight ‘o’ clock.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s information arm the Corporate Communication Unit (CCU) is yet to confirm the incident.


    1. Adult matters is what these teenagers are burden by. I despise parents who cuss their children with dem problems. Children shouldn’t have to worry about how light, water, rent and expenses are paid. They shouldn’t have to be told about who not doing what to maintain them. They don’t need to share in adult crosses because they didn’t beg you to bring them here!

      If you pickney not too bright be honest with yourself and stop trying to create a genius, STOP letting the children feel less than because they didn’t get into programs you as parent deem to be “better” so onu can show off- let them be who they want to be!

      If you child changes their routines find out why. If they change friends know who they are AND I DO NOT SUPPORT BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND CONGREGATION where dem a gwan like dem married! If is a hoe you gi birth to or a player then be upfront about sex, but the lock dung relationships before adult life begins I don’t support. And don’t blight onu children’s future out of spite!

      Condolences to the family

      1. PP I’m most impressed with how uve outlined this,thus I’m inclined to agree full 100! Uve offered partial solutions but I think we need a one size fit all or fitting the majority solution dear.

        1. :maafaganwati Sad thing is…there is no one size fit solution because human nature is so bloody complex that I think all the creator lost control of that schematic many moons a back.

          Met point out that is woman issue him resigned from life for…damn shame.

      2. I agree 100% My kids owe me nothing. It was my obligation and responsibility as a mother to take care of them because I chose to have them

  1. That’s what I want to know, why are they more young people killing themselves… Our young folks shouldn’t have no worries but school work.. A program needs to be put in place for our young children to go and talk to someone…

  2. RIP young soldier. I hope you meet peace and clarity despite this tragic, premature ending. Condolences to his loved ones. A big fuq u to whomsoever felt it necessary to snap this photo and send it in the Met to post. The photographer needs to learn to respect people in their time of grief. Body not even cold yet but you well stand up a get good angle fi di pic. We would have believed the story without the added photo Mr./Ms. Photographer.

  3. Dearest Lord,
    We entrust young man to your undying mercy and love.
    While in this life, they felt much pain and found life difficult.

    May you enfold them now with your love where no pain can find them, but rather your love can heal them.
    May you be a comfort for those who struggle with life, for those who struggle to see you and the love that is around them.

    Give them Lord, kind admittance to your Kingdom and bring comfort to their families.
    We ask this, as we ask all things, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  4. In all fairness @ Lurker if we going to blame someone for taking the picture we might as well go ahead for putting it up. The disclaimer was there though and it’s usually for things that might not be so “pleasant” to the eyes. If you a chant bout respecting the dead then do it cross di board. Met can you please remove the picture of the deceased as it may be too much for love ones and strangers alike to bear.

  5. Jamaica really need to step their autopsy game up, I’m really starting to believe that some of these “suicides” are a coverup by the real killers. Don’t take anything at face value, make certain this is the cause of death.

    Bless our beautiful island and people Oh Lord, we are strong willed and known survivors, we know how to make ends meet on nothing, cover us under your blood from the demons that have been released on our island, in your name I pray. Amen.

  6. Mi come late star cause Mi nuh see di pic… di things ppl think bout scary most times….A wah him could a go tru

  7. Thanks Met for moving the pic. Curiosity make me come look but in mi heart mi know I never wanted to see it and I don’t know the yute. RIP young man….

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