1. That itch better bleach her skin properly and stop put all the makeup on the face the body is horrible

  2. Veechy soon filter face an donkey bite :ngakak Congrat Maine yuh soon geh Tia pitni a next :babygirl r :babyboy Yuh nav no shame :cd


    HI METTY :thumbup

  4. Looks like the bad hair hair kelly selling all them dancehall mattress dem frizzy cheap bundles dem always stay bad cheap outfit dem wear cheap shoes cheap
    Pussy do better hoes

  5. dat girl hair always laid obviously it aguh frizz cuz she inna wata but she need fi put some makeup pon di scar dem

  6. Veachy is big black and nasty looking. She can’t keep a man and she need fi start wear clothes and shoes weh can fit har cause she stay bad. Veachy how u squeeze u foot Ina di shoes dem and stand up while night and the tight cheap ass clothes. U waan bade Ina bleach!! Stay the f**k home

  7. The hair is cheap hair good hair don’t react like that and when is her hair laid when she us laying on her back you bitches to easily influenced she is dry in this pic shut the f**k up with the water shit Kelly don’t sell good hair

  8. That Bitch just fat black and Ugly!, she never wears nothing her size and gwan like she nice! Maine and Coco a breed for the dead beats weh a look green cards cah tek them little bitches that’s always trying to prove shit to the public eyes…Veachy just need to stay home and off the internet because she don’t look good!!!

  9. Kelly hair a cheap hair I heard the gyal them a chat her by The basement salon by Marie they Charmaine hair is better quality than Kelly.. Marie Charmaine Ria they hair always look nice because they not wearing that Kelly cheap Ass Hair…Veachy stop look a hype because most of the dancehall man them f**k yuh and Neva wife you that’s y u hate Shana because man always a wife up Shana yuh nuh see how Shana baby girl pretty the F**k off all Shana man dem every man she sleep wid yuh sleep wid too. Veachy yuh wah bade Inna detol yuh look like yuh need a detox yuh look Dirty yuh skin tan bad fi yuh gyal u just 31 and look like 45 stay home wit ur kids!

  10. R you guys sure Maine preggo. What happen to her matey in Arizona? Damn Omar really breed Maine. Well one day mi hear Maine ah brag saw Omar nah go no way and she have no competition. But I hear saw the girl in zona look way better than Tia and Maine. Boy oh boy

  11. Bubbles yuh look stink All wen yuh pose off in front ah di ppl dem husband like dead bloated barbie dem nah wan yuh my gyal Yuh come like experiment gone bad Unu boy pitni muss shame wen unu leave di house ugly nuh bc

      1. Soo wait deh, mi neva see Bubbles and PAt Classic ah exchange words as if they are frens? no man It no look good. If you a teck ppl man You nuffy smile ina dem face much less chat up to dem..Voodoo was given the right name cause him pretty juss like a duppy weh get obeah. Why does Pat continue to stay wid this munk who contiously embarrass har bysleeping with all the women around her. Is wah day dem seh she and Cherry ina argument cause Cherry gi him a taste. Pat You are a nice look good big woman But Voddo meck you loose you value. I can’t name one of your daughter’s fren that he hasn’t sleep with . sad bad.

  12. Veachy has looked the same and been the same person for years. We have to adjust. She nah nuh change ah change. Ah she dat… Birds of a feather flock together and in this case. Live inna one nest. If one sista cannot manage to have a heathy and balanced relationship with anyone more be less man Weh dem ah f**k… Why would you expect any of them to be better than the next. Loh coco, when yu see her she look good. Body in tack, she probably have an extra row ah teeth but that’s a simple fix. Why do anonymous senders mention random names. What the hell does shana have to do with veachys donkey bites and unshaved pussy(fact check the unedited photo…use your zoom )that night?? Ah Shana send di donkey fi bite veachy??

  13. Her body look like target practice da man take him practice before him squirt inna her cheap Brazilian tuff skin nah look good mi girl u should wear da clothes that fit you Stop borrow cocoa clothes cover up dem nasty wounds stop party all
    Da time mi Neva seen so many girls dem in dancehall who nah hav nothing always in front of cameras posing like dem is celebrity’s with no car no job no aspirations no place of dem own. Is only 1 man own up dem mate is Kelly own hubby da rest of dem hoes don’t even get a side by side pic with den mate lol sucks to be you have

  14. Mi nah lie veachy skin tan bad buuuuttttt!!!!! Tia own tun up real loooouuuddd!!!! Unnu nuh see tia a foam party????!!!!!!! No maaaaannnnn!!!!!! Tia sick mi stomach real bad!!!! Is why unnu gone tell er bout er skin tone tights fa man and mek shi come out and nuh wear it jus fi proof sey shi can come out without it and show Dem leg dey!!!! Mi sey!!! Donkey bite veachy but train run ova tia!!!!!! No to bloodclat!!! Mi really want fi know if man really f**k unnu!!!! No sah!!!! And u Kelly!!! I think u and Shauna look so tacky!!!! Jesus have mercy!!!! Unnu dress maker want 3box!!!!! Mi sey as u look pan unnu clothes suh mi see bitch bitch up!!! So tacky and untidy!!! Mi see nuff gal mek bathing suit and it nuh look suh!!! A wey Dem dancing wid di stars out fit dey ago!!!!!!! No say!!!! Di 2 a unnu outfit nuh tan good!!! Tacky out rass!!!!!

  15. Mi dun talk di truth aready yall big mad or small mad??? Veachy hair nuh look suh bad to how unu a galang and shauna yuh look f****g good! Haters need fi give credit when it is due! Shauna tek di foam party gal on fleek

  16. Bubbles you and Indy not meck one. All unuh do ais walk and gi weh unuh Crathces fi big Ooman. Some frens unun be. How uunuh gone pan Claira Buss ride when unuh and Soom di a par unuh gwan like unuh couldn’t stand claira but all of a sudden unuh run gone look knowings chu unu want to be remembered and think unuh a spite Soom.

  17. Kelly alook a hot mess sorry the cheap shoes and the sowing nah look good Kelly outfit was horrible Shaun’s look way better and u can see dem 2 not really friends like dem use to shauna didn’t post one pic of Kelly pon her page

  18. Vechie shame yuh shame ah unu self No gyal weh av confidence bout self all go cho chubble fi filter dem face body an appearance Unu sick unu tummick fi look ina yuh own face r wah Same way unu seh unu love yuh flaws all unu run gone spite unu self fi filter weh yuh neva born wid Person weh nah shame ah dem self show off dem real body hypocrite

  19. Is there any real friends in philly?u guys are sickening walk and f**k each other man none of you girls makes sense f**k for nothing not even good name unnuh condition bad shampoo couldn’t remove the dirt unnuh full up a hate and envy bad nobody moving forward just on that level,im referring to these so called hot gal inna every dance and owns nothing.

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