17 thoughts on “VEGAS ANSA MARLON?

  1. Vegas u tooo f**k nuff! Why u want surf on Marlon wave??! Everything u put yuh mouth INA! Escape and Trick daddy are rejects in this era and so r u das y u were amongst them! Vegas if u over here f*k off! I doh like you!! Not even footah upset me like how u do!! The old man right go get a hit song!!! Weh u a read out the man file fah? Vegas I don’t like you period! U are a confused individual religiously!

  2. Mr Vegas go fast and pray and stop wid the schupidness. Yuh sound dumb asf. A because yuh nuh ave nutten fi hype bout now das y yuh a chat bout Marlon a hype wid car an house an shoes. Gweh man. Go sort out yuh life an stop watch a nex man.

    1. Same here. Me like both of them. Marlon is eccentric and love him family bad.

      Me love to see him and his elders interacting. Dem alive to share his good fortune and him no mean wid it as far as mum and dad go.

    1. Marlon hype is with his family and him dog.

      Vegas, I defended you to the ground, will continue to do so if needed…BUT LEAVE MARLON ALONE!

      You, Vegas, fell into a position similar to Marlon and it’s call PUBLIC DISGRACE DUE TO A JEZEBEL (fi yu did heart wrenching)…you forget already? Leave the youth because him not bothering anybody.

  3. @smh… thank you, mi wan shake u hand. Mi tired a Marlon too. Woman to woman him just deh pon the young lady suh.. woman mouth a wi strength.. Marlon is very unhappy n need a lady in his life.hope him come off a Yanique now and stay pon Vegas.

    1. Which part you stay and see marlon talk bout that gyal how much weeks now? The only dog marlon feature or talk bout is Bailey.

  4. Marlon a boss yo! He’s a genius..hes keeping people talking about him…their tongues keep wagging..anyways him know weh him a do…bless up yourself and your family bossman…real boss, you mine your kids and take care of your parents. Love that

  5. that’s y him woman f**k pon him.. he was too busy a watch out other pple busy and neva pay attention to fi him own.. damn dick rider.. with him pussy lips

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