1. go easy …………..look hw much time u dis older than u ………kmt…………..octane big up u dam selfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff…………………………lol

  2. hold on.. as far as mi know a him first call Octane name…. so how dat translate to him not respecting him elder?

  3. shelly mash up him head man…………….a u fuss dis d mn an den a baaawwlll foul……..kmt……………..a same so him dis up ziggy dem wen dem win d grammy 1 more time………………wap wap

  4. Di tune bad still, but Vegas fi kool n go sidung…. Badman tune a nuh fi yuh mi general…. Caah wen yuh do dem tune yah nobady nah tek yuh serious….. jus gwaan bunup road wid di gyal tune dem… a ur ting dat

  5. Dah man yah have a gallish gene inna him enuh, a swear, what a man love trace, lakka some big gal!!!! Him eva ready fi some tracing match….No sah dats y shelly rght fi leff yuh baxide!!! Vegas guh check again if a balls yuh have under yuh or a p tongue… him an smaddy eva inna cussing yuh get pan tap a mi last nerve yah now man. Octane dis fi kick yuh dung….. an a bet him cant fight just full a mouth….kmt…. NEXT!!!!!!!

    1. Mek a tell u how di guh.Last year before Sumfest dem did deh pan one piece a announcement that I-Octane a close, radio,tv all bout did a announce it. Vegas put in him mouth n se why dem a announce it so fah but by this time what was in the belly was never spoken because anything Octane do him like di bag a excitement..him will call radio station ask how him song nah play etc so me feel dat was vegas way fi neatly step pan him corn..Everybaddie up up wid it including Octane did vex bout what was said and him entitled. When he performed Vegas said he did well, because mi ask him how Octane did at Sumfest and he said that last year..My issue is why Octane tek up back wid it again this year? I think when Vegas talk people think him badmine maybe because him nuh say di full or maybe people nuh waa hear him talk period either way darts were flying in both directions because Octane who vegas help go mek Ray Alexander who is enemy to vegas be him manager so part a everything a stem from desso. Vegas deh pan di show dis year and world boss Octane a say Vegas fi close when Sumfest is a more laid back show and di bag a excitement nuh deh pan dem line up. Mi feel bad everytime unno trace him God know :nohope: .But mi a listen out fi Octane and di foolery because him love use badman tactics and him fi memba say him mek 2 man lose dem life ova di same music ting wid Gyptian :travel

      1. One more ting Vegas is a clown , him love tek tings fi joke so people shudden tek him so serious although he does not come through like dat pan sm

      2. Mi neva know seh a suh it guh Metty! Thats y it nuh good fi jump to conclusion eh nuh, its best to know both sides of the story before yuh comment, becuz tru Vegas love chat suh, here I was thinking seh a him a start it up again, when a Octane a dig up dirt. Oh I see, a desso d animosity intensify when Octane guh get manager weh a Vegas nemesis? A dat add fuel to d fire??? A tru him come off as being arrogant sometimes, dats y mi guh suh hard pan him man, but mi never know seh a suh Octane hype and roll deep??!!! Kill mi dead him is a likkle humble youth…. all a call radio station a ask how dem nah play him song??? So Missa Sar, nobody else tune nuffi play???? Wah more airplay him want more than wah him a get???? Hush man wi nuh mean fi diss yuh artiste Metty, a my artiste too but tru him love fi laba laba and him nuh leggo affa nothing him just piss mi off sometime man, more time him fi bill and settle man……So dem Octane did all mek man lose dem life too inna fued wid gyptian, a wah yuh nah seh too mi???!!!!!! So him is a badman rasta??? A dem deh bangarang deh rasta man a mix up inna yah now??? If a suh it guh then Vegas gwaan duh yuh thing mi nah bother yuh, nuh mek nobody bad yuh up and think yuh a weak fence yaw!!

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