These pics look like a father, his daughter and his grandchild don’t it? Nope, not today. You did know say Serena and Venus 70 yr ol daddy have 33 yr old wife. That’s them with their 7 month old baby in March of last year.



  1. Bwoi I doan know whe fi say. get dem daddy….lol….NO. If me was Venus n Serena or any of his daughters since they happen to be the youngest of the bunch…I’d be disgusted. Ca tell daddy whe fi do still, but she has that digger glow all over her. Glad my daddy have enough of whatever it is that make him say hi can’t date young gyal cauz he has 3 daughters and him say it would just not feel right at all to be dating women young enough to be his children

  2. This lil baby gonna grown up without a father, di man look like him use him last drop ah energy fi mek dat baby.
    Look at the first pic, gramps caan hold dat deh woman deh nuh how. And mommy, why cant you tek ur step daughters tuh yuh hairdresser, not the one that mek the short crop Jolene di alligator one, but the other hairdresser.

  3. My dad get me when he was 55 years old and I’m 27 now. I don’t see nothing wrong with this man age and he have a young wife n son. Them happy together that’s all that matters

  4. Good Morning Metty & JMG fambily. Dem seh weh nuh dead yuh caan call it duppy :hoax
    Fi lub nor money mi coulda neva bed Mr. Williams, no sah him mouth neva look sanitary nonetall. Guh thru Mrs. Wife of Mr. Williams…..Hercules nuh hab nuttin pon you stomach

      1. Dem yuh si how him serious inna di pitcho dem? But ef yuh look good pon him face him yuh can read him mind, cah inna all di pitchos dem him ah seh “Viagra nuh hab nuttin pon me. Ask har howmuch length ah timber mi lay pon har 3 times ah day” :ngakak

  5. Di poor(rich) old man omygoodness… Mi can just imagine how shi a count down the mans death dat deh gal deh dwoah want him, nopessss not even the threat whey sew him clothes. Goodmorning.

  6. Metty good morn yawdy morn also. Met on a serious note u know mi ago find u a give u a good spanking fi stop tell untrue. Sinting go so him really get baby at his age no sa some woman stomach strong no rass. Met u c Weh mi a tell u how informative ur site is wasn’t for jmg what would I do. Hey yawdy Mek sure u link mi u know cause mi want u fi bartender a mi red eye party Nxt mth.

    1. Morning Genuine. Weh yuh seh….ah me ah run di jinkings fi di Red Yeye Affair :ngakak Book mi quick, cah mi dus get a gig fi run it ah di Bad Mind an Grudgeful Bashment :ngakak

  7. Yes she need fi carry dem to har hairdresser.U cannot help who u fall in love with but har stomach strong sah

  8. Nothing is wrong with their hair, if they want to wear scare crow straw on their heads after all it’s their prerogative they can do what they want. The new wife is no example they want to follow.

    1. Yes something is wrong with their hair.If u step out u house as a celebrity strotting in Designer label and looking fabulous, why u neck guh up cah look good to…O PLEASSSSEEE

      1. mi se venus put up a pic ina one redish purple braid and one a har fan dem comment n tell her go tek it out because it nuh ready so a nuh we alone a see it , not even good braids so mi nah look pan dah person deh wid di book

  9. Strong man, I remembered the story on Richard Williams……don’t believe for a minute that he didn’t put her through it, at birth of the baby Mr. Williams got a DNA test!
    Lakeisha is focused, if not for love it gotta be for something!

  10. Money money…The girl a SECURING HER LV, future…….I wonda if a fi him pickney too?..not saying he cant breed har..I know he can…but he look like hes can’t get that shhht up…lol…

  11. Y`all trip me out with the recent obsession with Venus & Serena. What a stress dwfl!! Unno come across as very shallow, bitter & ignorant!!When unnu put up the dancehall cesspool a pose inna dem tiefing bootleg clothes, unnu claim dem need assets not clothes & hair!! Now the hard working Venus & Serena who nah gi way dem millions to white people, unnu a mock dem coz dem seek the assets wha unnu claim dancehall ppl need. Serena & Venus have a mansion inna Florida (d two a dem live together), Venus have a mansion inna LA, Serena have a place inna France. Serena have schools a Kenya. Right now Venus a battle an auto immune disease she coulda roll over & die or retire, but she still out deh a give her all win or lose!! As fi Lakeisha it easy fi dress up coz she no wuk. All fur she wear go a dem game! Not even Venus & Serena mooma no gwan so extra. It`s obvious unnu no know nutten bout dem. Dem depon WTA tour @least 6-8 mths outta di year, dem a athlete why dem need the best hair fi wear when dem a work all di time. The two a dem hair natural dem dress up during the off season. Unnu ever see the white gal dem have any hot hairstyle during the tour or even dressed up? Oh wait unnu wouldn`t know dem! That hair argument is dated! They’re not fixated on them tingz deh. If dem ediat argument deh did have any effect dem wudda change long time. Dem too busy a do wha God put dem pon the earth fi do. U can tell say God bless dem coz if Him never bless dem the amount a racism & hatred wha dem face incessantly dem woulda leff d tour long time and dem wouldn`t win anything coz most people don`t cheer fi dem. I know this is a sip site but keep the tea good!

    1. who said they were broke and didnt have anything? we congratulate them but we stand by dem hair neva stay good has nothing to do with anything…fyi I personally was never fixated on their personal lives but mi a watch dem from dem father have dem a play ina neigborhood parks and shit..u know what they have after dem get famous mi a follow dem from start…also whatever they have is well deserved no one is hating..dem hair can do better and a facts dat

      1. Venus have such wonderful bone structure dem can hire someone fi show dem how fi care fi dem hair…………mi a follow dem fi bout 16 yrs in terms of them playing the game..a come from when venus used to bat wild and serena neva go pan a professional court but everyone knew she did a come up better…so when u a talk or see people like me a go roun di ting dont think we dont know. Dem have enough money fi go get a good weave and a good grade a wet and wavy to go

      2. GroupieFan dus learn bout dem an couldn’t wait fi dash out di knowledge. Thanks fi di info, but we know dat long time. Now let’s get back tuh di topic….DEM WEAVE TAN BAAD . Nobady nah talk on court, ah OFF COURT wi ah chat.

  12. Met dat is y I love u, very intelligent wen u ready well said so mi a keep it moving. Cause mi tongue did well shapen fi u anonymous.

    1. because we chop it dem swear we dont know them………mi a watch dem from dem did racist against dem ina tennis so nobody cannot tell me much bout them really, the jehovah witness part I didnt know and mi still a tek it with a grain of salt……dem father bad long time dem fi low we mek we talk because we nah bring dem down..and I must add they are real role models except fi whey day serena go mek crips sign

      1. And C walked on the court :ngakak Been watching!
        As for Daddy and his womanizing azz, he is who he is and Lakeisha is wife #3 and baby Dylan well he is baby 8, 9 or 10 :travel

  13. Thank u Met…dem mek mi wah pay fi dem hair do outta mi owna pocket..Bout nothing is wrong with dem hair, kmdt

  14. Pic 1, Daddy Williams foot look like him borrow Jay Icon stocking (face lighter dan body, do mi kno him naah rub)

  15. Groupiefan ur point is??…tell we weh we nuh know wid u goggle bootleg info.Nobody not talking about their accomplishments they are talented young ladies.Would u weaar a nice beautiful cocktail dress with sneakers? NO…Well a suh mi feel wen dem dress very nice guh an award ceremony or any posh event and mi see di bad head do wid dem tunnup outfit

  16. Nuh care how mi a look a come up mi couldn’t teck dah one yah, nuh dah one yah. And is a decent looking ooman enuh. If di man bade off and look suh inna di miggle day, how him look fuss ting a mawning? How she hangle fi him mawning breath, and di body odours wah come wid aging?
    Mi like Venus and Serena, dem a sports icon, suh it alright if dem a nuh fashionistas too, dem hab dem glory aready, and dem earned it.

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