What makes them stay? The women below tell.
Sharon S, 44:
I’m not going to say it never happened. It happened. But I was so young and foolish, plus I was not working and had my daughter to take care of. I sat down in it for almost two years before I spoke about it. I told my brother and he gave the man some rahtid lick! But I was so foolish that I was vexed about how my brother handled him. I didn’t speak to my brother after. Then my lover beat me after accusing me of having another man. So after that the police got involved and I left.
Elaine D, 43:
My friends used to tell me to pay someone to kill him, or boil hot oil and throw in his ears when he was sleeping, but I never had the heart to do that. Every time he put his hands on me I used to tell myself that what goes around comes around, and that he would feel it one day. At that time we had been married for over seven years. Now 17 years later I’m married to somebody else who wouldn’t even think of putting his hands on me, and my ex won’t stop calling me to borrow money. So you see? I’m happy and prospering and he’s suffering.
Becky, 34:
I was afraid of him so I didn’t try to hit him back. Plus I had the pickney dem and I didn’t want them to think that two wrongs make a right.
Crystal J, 52:
Boy, it looks like it’s just those types of men I attract — the ones who love to beat women. I don’t know why. I’ve been with three different men who felt that to control a woman they had to lick her down. I tried to help myself but I can’t manage a man. But one thing I can tell women, don’t bother stay and let him tell you ’bout him going to change, or that if you don’t do anything to provoke him he won’t hit you. From a man realise that he can get away with it, he will beat you.


  1. My abuser ussa mek people think it was me dat was da mad 1. him beat da livin crap outta mi one day. all now him refuse to admit he is an abuser. mi knees buckle to this day…mi cyaan walk right affa how much years later. he sit pon da mic nd chat one bagga foolishness…people rate him nd dem doah no who dem a rate. da man stand bad.

  2. I’m 37 now and it started from i was teenager & i didn’t know right from wrong. My babyfather was a scum bag he was much older than me so I get up fed up 1 day & stabbed him a few times & almost kill him. He chose to walk out of me & my daughter life 4 good & dat was d choice ever. D 2 relationships i had here was a totally disaster I was almost killed by the both of them. I never blame myself, 1 abuse mostly because i stop having sex with him & d other every time i say i want out he’d abuse me badly & threatened 2 kill my family.Words of advice abuse ain’t love & once he see he could get away with it, it’s going to continue. If u r ever caught in a situation whether it’s physical or verbal abuse, talk 2 someone about it.2 many females r caught up until it’s 2 late.

    1. @ Kerry Bashment, So sorry you had to go through that, I am happy you had the courage and strength to walk away from it & get out of that abusive relationship amidst threats, it takes a lot of strength to do that. A lot of females in abusive relationship tries to leave but fail for whatever reason,perhaps out of fear for their abuser that he may find & kill them, or because of financial security. Sometimes facing your fear & fighting back is your only line of defense, you did what you had to do to protect yourself. As a mother, you owe a duty of care to both yourself & your child, to protect your sense of security at all cost comes what may. Its never ok to stay in a violent relationship, because sometimes it kill or be killed; & that’s not love, that’s a battlefield.

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