0 thoughts on “VIDEO FI DI FYAAAHHH

  1. Anyone else notice that the most overused phrase by the bleachers, thieves, fish and sketzz is “who Jah bless no one curse”…They will not receive this message bc them “blessed” already…Next time preach bout the wave of child killers and rapists making the headlines…save the new generation..cause this current one too blessed…smh

  2. Anyone who put this video together verrrrrrrry creative lovvvve it. Fiyah fi oonu funny mannnn! A lovvvvvvvvvvve u man a dust burn them out. Mi wa man a dust preach pon di inflated body a lean buttock.

  3. The man yah sample man, I laugh so til a weak. They don’t want anyone to tell them anything. Everytime you lick out on their rubbish them start talk bout ppl bad mind and grudge dem. I ain’t wasting my time on ppl who don’t love themselves or spiritually blind. Them hate correction because they are fools. Whenever you correct a fool, he will hate and curse you.

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