Met movie star Jason and Mikey mention pop big fight in America. No one don’t send that story in?

But it was 3 of them in a hotel room. Mikey Jason and loudy.

Wanna find out more info but it’s sticky cause they real silent on they social media

25 thoughts on “VIDEO SEARCH!

  1. I dont understand what the sender is trying to say…. Was there a fight in the room between thr three of them or was there a fight involving the three of them and other parties? This was too vague

  2. It’s was a fight that lead into a stabbing movie star Jason stabbed Mikey mention and now both are in prison in America threesome gone wrong

  3. Yasssss the fight was over sir sour loudy from the all white party and lead back to there humble hotel room where the fight took place I don’t think there is any video of the love n war court will resume Friday 10 a.m. sharp they should be fine LGBT runs the world this is a perfect opportunity for Mikey to come out of the closet shelf bookcase whatever

  4. Slewww Dem but me na get in a man an women problem ur worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend No Worse Enemy Dem did to close as man and look who Dem a war ova sir nobody we douggie deh

  5. In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Jesus take the wheel and steer the story straight even though the Patriots in the story or not Mikey stabed Jason over his hotel room has he doesn’t want loudy in there as Mikey was trying to defend loudy with a piece of iron honestly speaking isn’t loudy tired of getting beat up by Jason

  6. Dem fi lock she under the jail wast gal MI hope some big dike gal f*k some sense in a har batty mon money tall might be Dem a wait fi a batty mon judge dem fi ship dem back ova Canada MI na think dem can go manage merica jail house how Kim possible na help dem out

  7. Jason n Mikey a fight ova loudy shitty batty n poca a tek all 3 of dem buddy inna har mouth batty ears all part a har…. gal deh a road Inna nuff…….

  8. Jason beat loudy first then Mikey jump n to defend him and dash the iron off of Jason and Jason use the same peice and stab him up.

  9. Did this really happen? Sounds made up as hell.This sound like this isnt the full story. Makes no sense. And if the only people in the room were the four of them who sent in this story? Poca? I know she will chat all the business.

  10. Alan ladd chippy new hilly lady annjacki royal…unu stop play hypocrite.and talk to unu son gal ms.miky mention…unu caan talk to him…o no unu caan do tht..cause fi unu life no big people… sad such a shame…..the whole lot a unu sad.mi feel sorry fi unu….

  11. Is any of this information accurate? The story is just too much back&forth MIXUP….who stabbed who and for what real reason?Frens fight all the time but if STABBING TOOK PLACE THATS F***D UP!!!How can a fight happen so far away&mixUP ppl catch the story?Who is the uncover FAKE FREN?Batty mon dis&dat Mikey&Jason have they been caught ever?Kim possible name in DIS was she there?Loudy who him&whats his relevance?Poca have what SHIT IN HER PUSSY….I want to see pictures and videos ASAP!!!

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