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  1. Oh boy wah me a see these 2 walk bout broke man deh,Jason u run from Jamaica cos ya Nuh stop f**k the people dem woman and theo u zero trying to be a somebody when u clearly ain’t wanna guh look work and stop fling wanna cocky all bout

  2. Run run run dem dodgy yes,mr kidd married and the next one theo him woman a breed wanna retire offa the dating scene pls wanna stale now

  3. Wait Kidd deh back a London really pop down me nah see him wah happen hype money done lol me nah know the next brudda deh a who him musee just social network famous leave it alone ya nobody

  4. Next brudda all hype pon insta with him chump change and henny tink did a nice boy that but how u ah roll solo and look woman and ya woman a carry your child,it don’t look good.jason gosh ya old news

  5. Some man nah have Nuh standing plan how ya fi chat up gal and ya have wife and baby on way Nuh suh ambition less

  6. Goodup Candy,Sincere,2Anon,2 talk the things and last but not least Marsha is one n the same sumbady I hope for ur sanity u no give none of these men u puxxy cause guess wha when u fuxx u KAINTTTTTT teck it back is either u a look one r both r one r both a play u go hold all the seats n tap tawk to u self that is a sign of madness seek help man kmt
    Miss admin I bet my shoes that this is one person typing all the comments correct mi if mi wrong plssssss n thanks

  7. I’m glad the rest a dem comment tawkchuet what vex you the people just a talk up the things lol waste settings Kidd and ping ping

      1. Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it neva fails smh

  8. Ratid these 2 still deh on the scene rass sereena nah divorce ya yet Jason and alize nah fling ya weh yet theo nuh met these 2 waste a time walk wid dem cocky pon dem forehead dem a the real South Londons finest well so dem wishd

  9. Looooooooooool pon wanna feel for your baby muddas shame how the people put up dem names it a time dem fi step cos wanna cocky musee run outta energy cos it nah stop f**k every gal walking

  10. Sender Alize we all know it’s you send this to met di boy left you long time and it a hurt you to se him living a better life without you Mi no know them but when ever I see them on road them ever clean never hype you would never see Theo up in no next gal like Alize in one bag a picture big belly pregnant with different different woman man and no man for herself as always a wah dis 4 kids now and no man she went Jamaica and come back not long after she pregnant and Theo start distance from then her from then them lost a child December him use to show up this one him nah give no mention Jacket??? Theo full a woman pon standby like but him true to own up him woman when him with one Jason Me no know why she haffi put u up on pinky them youth been friends for dead how long woman love them and them love woman too much one independent and one lie like no matter what them a good youth to them kids

  11. Theooo dem dash u up pon met again a wah this u will never change always gal problem u of all person should of know better and keep away from dem people u know better dan dat gal have over 3 pickney why u go there you no see no man no stay around her and you go ina dat hole go make she trap u now Dna that baby mi a tell u boy she f**k out the whole of dancehall man them u no see how she run down Versace fi money boy just no give her no money she no spend money pon them her pickney them ever look bruk down keep away from her am telling you

  12. me a defend dah boy yah because him is a good youth him never in no mix-up nor argument with nobody until this whoring gal come in him life yes him love woman them a Jamaican not because him f**k mi am saying this but them old old waste gal need to stop try bring down certain man because them no want them no more di boy use to love her like him would never love again sender di boy can look anybody him want she and him not together them mash up from long time/ Anonymous everybody is somebody he is not no loud up guru like Alize show up him self in party 24/7 Alize di man left you and it hurt you and you put this up sad bitch a now him muss hate you big woman like you check yourself something must wrong with you or you pussy make no man stay around you showing off with car house and clothes and cant even keep a man even whores have husband leave di boy alone make him live his life these days him happy kid box her down she too bright bring you name into all this she must be jealous of the friendship am sure Theo wouldn’t mind.

  13. Me look pon alize page the girl and her kids look mighty fine to me Theo just a run down gal suh rass nasty,how wanna a mention them lose baby and diss her suh I wouldn’t wish that pon nobody alize lef that useless f**k out boy him have a bag a whores who love off man who sleep bout nah suh these women love the bagga sharing ting.jason fi box down pregnant woman u women have Nuh shame poor tings where unna baby fathers run gone lef wanna lol

  14. damn yet again theo i knew this boy from few years back nuff drama was on his Facebook page to do with his ex fonda i think her name and a next girl jessica.fonda was the main chick and so much cussing over him really don’t know why any of these ladies would defend such a man ssshhhh he even looked me but i didn’t want the drama hell no.Dont know why or how the mans baby mother getting branded so reading the comments it seems whoever is dumb to the headline lol,but seriously her losing a child aint nothing to brag and talk about and if she’s expecting i sure feel sorry for her with a man like that fix up theo be a better man

  15. Met done run Jason story people stop fool up tinking a news ‘HIGH ROLLERS CERTFICATION’ November last year don’t know wah gwan fi him change up the ting nah

  16. Alize use to b Fonda friend some invisible gal karma is a bitch f**k you friend man Alize,them gal ago defend him because he is a good guy to his kid and he can F… he just need to keep away from these type of woman,My girl stop run off u mouth about Baby u had a miscarriage if i calculate right funeral why take it so far muss have been her idea Fonda was never a main bitch him main bitch was Vanessa very bright smart intelligent lady with alot of ambition and got her owner money up di boy left her long time from him take off her pictures months ago she so fake with her profile like them did still ina something shouldn’t laugh but how many kids wonder if Theo ok to think to pick up dat ….

  17. Looks like theo can’t hold Nuh woman all me did ever see him a show her up me hear she dash him weh cos him gone back to old tricks ESCORTING theo did do cos me fren pay fi that yes.him live pure secret life.alize nah spend pon Nuh man truss her kids come first and the 1 nite stand pickney him a show up a really his to me no offence nah look like fi a him 1 me hear him guh lay down and cheat pon Vanessa to get that child deh never see a pic of the baby mother yet cos definetly nah alize child facts nah fiction theo just a live off woman name cos him a zero wid out dem miscarriage and had funeral lef the woman wanna sad like maybe them stress cause that him ever borrow people car and swear me see him a few times a drive hers nah bout clean and ever look good him look cheap and bruck COMMUNITY cocky lol

  18. Relationship problem too lovers I never think would break wether the child is his or not the love he shows for his 1child as he always mentioned is unconditional he is not a hype person like his expected baby mother he is one hard person to read you girls saying he is broke wasteman and he do his all for his son and any woman he with dats what I see on his Instagram he with he is a very cute guy he must have wake up and dont like what he see anymore

  19. Too much gal to him ting that’s the problem any gal rate that a waste some people love to be fake pon dem social network he gi him baby mudda too much woman trouble count how much gal mention as I see it him a galis only dem will know why dem bruck up but obvious man a man whether him hype or not learn fi respect women him coulda never step to me ya seh 1 kid rass and a galis the other gal dem mussee nah want fi breed fi man suh man garbage run lef ya pregnant baby mudda fi crutches and people seh u a good baby fadda oh pls trash that

  20. Leave the people dem nah stop judge pointless story and people a judge the Man and woman if she pregnant so what leave her alone me read she lost her child and had funeral now is that anything to talk on here its there business it just seems like a jealous ex who wish she still had the man if the girl is carrying a child and the man gone wanna saying he’s a good dad I hope he knows to play his role as a father then when that baby comes.

  21. Sender two attractive young man chat you up dats why your mad and put them on Met????sender your motive putting them on met sounds false sender hope you also put up all the other brothers that chat you up also sender dats what straight men do chat up woman they both on my instagram they show all love for there kids and so simple how did you class them as nuff i known these guys for so long they dont trouble nobody why draw them out like this

  22. Wasteman always fi get draw out that’s the problem Instagram oh pls dem jus a advertise dem self as good up fake like Jason dogg out him wife while out in Jamaica wid next gal and theo can’t seem to hold it down ever wid one woman more than a month so wah ya know

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