A shocking discovery happened after a little girl led a couple to her Oklahoma City home.
Jim Rowell and his wife spotted a four-year-old girl-nearly naked and without shoes and asked the girl where she lived.
“She looked like a little angel. She really did, with her pretty blue eyes and curly hair. We were wondering where the parents was. My wife got out and asked the little girl, ‘Where is your momma,'” Rowell said.
The little girl did not respond but instead led them to a white house, where the little girl ran upstairs to her apartment.
Jim’s wife knocked on the front door; there was no answer. A neighbor came outside to see what was happening and went inside the apartment to her shock.
She found the mother’s body inside.
“My wife went upstairs and knocked on the door and nobody answered. The neighbor next door came out because they heard all the noise and asked what was going on,” he recalled.
“The neighbor just came out in hysterical and said the momma was dead,” Rowell said.
Jim Rowell says he is thankful police were able to solve the crime so quickly, but believes they would not have been able to do it without the little girl.
“She really looked like a little angel. And to me, the way I see it come down, she was the angel because there’s no telling how long her mom would lay there until somebody found her,” he said.
Within one day of finding the body, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, with help from OSBI Agents, were able to pinpoint a suspect the mom’s boyfriend, 23-year-old Christopher Sparks.
He is currently in Phoenix, Ariz., waiting to be extradited back to Oklahoma.

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