Its two people who lived in Florida they went to JA for their wedding anniversary an the wife drop down at the party an dead 7 days after an the kids dem saying is the husband poison the mother

7 thoughts on “WAR AT THE GRAVESIDE

  1. Does anyone die from natural causes in Jamaica anymore? People are always looking for a reason why why their love ones pass away. The poor man more than likely had nothing to do with his wife death.

    1. Bwoy it sad how dem love to accuse ppl. Plus ppl dead anyweh, all on the toilet ppl drop dung dead, round the dinner table, while driving, while having sex. There is no special place or occasion fi dead, death can happen anytime and anywhere.

  2. mi know exactly how this feel, and they are never gonna get anwers. Jus haffi accept it and try to move forward

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