Gun battle, roadblocks in Kingston force cops to issue warning

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The police are advising the public to stay away from the vicinity of Darling Street and Spanish Town Road in downtown Kingston.

In a news release a short while ago, the police’s Corporate Communications Unit said rival factions have been engaged in a gun battle in the area following the murder of a man about 4:20 pm today on Chestnut Lane in downtown Kingston.

The police say roadblocks have been mounted in the mentioned vicinity, hampering vehicular traffic so motorists are urged to take alternative routes.

Police officers are reportedly on the scene to restore calm and carry out the necessary investigations.


  1. wondering from yesterday evening when smaddy a go cover the track and field events of coronation market and darling st, yes police had to run lef them, just imagine sellers had to pack up fass fass dem say bout half hour str888 pure gunshot, a pic of a nurse in pink uniform a set off like Elaine Thompson with 3 cops guns out behind the ambulance its on outajamaica.com

  2. the day before me lef Kingston shots fire but me still had to go get eetiooti apple cause it cool down and buy breakfast a beckford st saltfish and butter bean, dumpling banana sweet potato nice nuh rass 250$ mi a kingstonian it hurts my heart to see wat a gwan meanwhile as they say guns keep comin in all kind a people involve poor get the end of the stick

  3. I drove pass the Coronation yesterday about 4 pm only to drive back through there near 5:00 pm and realize there was a traffic pile up. I was very upset thinking that the indiscipline bus drivers and were impeding traffic again only to realize that it was police diverging traffic and place block off with yellow tape, I eventually reached back on Sp Twn Rd. and realize that at the top of Darling St. was a dead body, I initially thought it was a female but later found out it was a male.
    This was frightening because I shop there almost every Saturday and odd times during the week if I was unable to go on the Saturday.

    The odd thing is that people were walking up and down going about there business like this shit is normal

  4. Big back to sch time them come wid di foolishness. Shoppers need them items and the sellers a look them kids sch money

  5. It is just sad know that there is all this going on over in that section… I really hope the police gets a handle on this and the killings stop….

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