A Chinese businesswoman was last week hauled before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court for reportedly assaulting her ex-lover, who is a policeman, and stealing almost $2 million from his house after she caught him in bed with another woman.
The accused woman, 46-year-old Zhiying Zhang, of Orange Street in downtown Kingston, is also alleged to have damaged over $500,000 worth of goods for the complainant, including a laptop computer, a component set, a gold chain, a playStation, and a flat screen television, on the day she reportedly stole his pouch containing $856,000
Zhiying reportedly attacked the complainant, who is also her business partner, and stole the money from his house in Stony Hill, St Andrew, on August 4, two weeks after they agreed to end their relationship.
She was subsequently charged with simple larceny, malicious destruction of property and assault occasioning bodily harm.
According to the complainant’s report on the day in question, about 8:00 am, the accused entered his bedroom, saw another woman in his bed and took up a glass of rum and poured it on the complainant.
Zhang then allegedly took up the pouch, ran downstairs with it, threw it in her van and locked the door when she was chased by the complainant.
She then reportedly ran back upstairs, took up an electric iron and threw it at the complainant who blocked it with his hands.
It is further alleged that Zhiying then picked up a DVD player and threw it into a 47-inch smart television set.
According to the policeman, he tried to restrain the accused woman but she kicked him in his groin, broke off his gold chain and used it to hit him in his chest causing bruises.
Because of the injury to his groin the complainant said that he had to get help from his neighbour to get the accused out of his apartment.
In addition to that, the policeman said in his statement that the complainant had visited his workplace on three different occasions and physically assaulted him in his uniform.
Reports are that the couple had broken off their relationship two weeks before the alleged incident after Zhiying told the policeman that ‘black man was not good’ and she wanted to be with her man, a Chinese businessman in Montego Bay, St James.
The complainant in his statement said that during the relationship Zhiying would often curse him and tell him that “black men are dunce” “black woman leg open easy” and that “black men have no sense”.
However, the complainant in his statement reported that he met with the accused a day after the incident and on the following day they slept together and she told him that she was not going to give him back his money as she was the reason why he had so much money and he wanted it to take care of his woman.
According to police reports, Zhiying when cautioned, said “policeman a wicked, policeman a lie”.
On Thursday when she appeared in court, her lawyer, Tameka Harris, told the court that her client was not guilty of the allegations and the matter was set for trial on January 21 of next year.
Zhiying’s bail was then extended.
Soldier attacks wife over nude photo
A Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier was also thrown before the court for reportedly assaulting his wife after he found nude pictures of her lover in her phone.
The 27-year-old accused, Javar Brown, reportedly got a hold of his wife’s phone in the middle of the night and searched it and made the discovery. Text messages from the complainant’s lover were also reportedly found in the phone.
Allegations are that the couple had retired to bed after a session of lovemaking when Brown awoke and went through his wife’s phone, which he claimed she had recently started hiding.
Brown, on seeing the nude pictures and text messages, reportedly woke up his wife and questioned her about what he had found. The complainant was reportedly upset that her husband had searched her phone?”
Reports are that an argument developed between the two which resulted in Brown punching the complainant.
The incident reportedly occurred on August 23, around 1:00 am.
On Wednesday when the matter was mentioned Brown told the court that his wife started acting up after she got a new job.
“Since she start work, she fluff up and start hype,” he said.
Brown also told the court that he became suspicious after his wife started hiding her phone in her underwear drawer.
Senior Resident Magistrate (RM) Pusey then told the complainant that she should not have kept those things on her phone.
“If you have things in your phone that you don’t want your husband to see they should not be in there,” she said.
The complainant, however, told the court that they have worked out their issues and wished for the matter to end, but the magistrate refused her request.
“No, I have to nip it in the bud,” RM Pusey said before making an order for the couple to undergo counselling.
The matter was then set for mention on November 6 and Brown’s bail was extended.
War over ‘panty water’
A man also faced the court for assaulting his sister after she splashed “panty water” on him.
The accused man, Junior Belnavis, was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm following the dispute with his sister.
On Wednesday when the siblings appeared in court, the Crown alleged that they got involved in a dispute after Belnavis’ sister accused him of using her soap.
The siblings were reportedly quarrelling in their bathroom at home when the complainant allegedly used a cistern containing her “panty water” to splash on her brother and was hit.
But Belnavis in his defence denied using the soap.
He said that he went to use the shower and was about to take up the soap which had fallen, when his sister saw him and assumed that he was going to use her soap.
“Mi a work and mek me money suh me nuh affi use nutten fi har,” he said while indicating that he and his sister were not on speaking terms so he would not have touched her things.
But his report about avoiding his sister’s property was quickly denied by his sister who informed the court that Belnavis was always going into her underwear drawer to steal her money.
“How unuh live so loving?” Pusey asked after listening to both of them.
She then turned to Belnavis and said: “You took it too far. It’s a little panty water, it won’t poison you.
“So what if your brief water had touched her? You need to stop it!” she added.
The magistrate then indicated that she was going to fine Belnavis $10,000, but his sister interjected and told the magistrate that she wished for the matter to be settled differently as they would continue to fight.
The matter was then transferred to the Intervention Court where both of them would discuss their problems with each other and try to settle their differences with the help of the judge and a trained mediator.
Man to face trial for touching woman
A man who reportedly broke into a woman’s house and awoke her from her sleep after he touched her on her leg is to go on trial on October 16.
The trial date was set on Thursday after Nicholas Henclewood pleaded not guilty to housebreaking and indecent assault.
The court heard that the complainant awoke from her sleep at her home in August Town, St Andrew about midnight and saw the man, whom she knew, crouching beside her bed and touching her on her leg.
The matter was reported and the accused was later arrested and charged.
Henclewood was questioned about his relationship with the complainant and he informed the court that he and the complainant had a platonic relationship.
But he told the court that it was the complainant who had texted him and invited him to her home.
“If me never delete them me wud a show you the text dem whey she send me,” he said.
“A she text me on my phone and say me fi come up a har yard and me and har a talk and she doze off. And me say boom and slap her on her leg and asked her if a sleep she a sleep and she jump up and say whey me touch har fah,” Henclewood explained to the court.
A trial date was then scheduled and his bail was extended for him to return to court.


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