Hi Met,

Mark golding did a walk thru a jungle Inna week ya to shore up support to win his bid to replace Dr.Omar Davies. I came home from work and saw the crowd a men behind him drinking pure liqour. Just up yonder u could hear the unmistakable sound of females cussing. It took me less than 2minutes to link them and find out the root cause.

Listen Mark Golding the women dem a cuss sey u buy one bag a men whole heap a liqour,At 1 bar in question u spent $J24,300.The Women dem sey u doan buy a liquor nor give out nuh money to them.They say u NEED to know is dem response fi 95% of the constituency votes so u nah can win without dem if u go round dem.

Met is true,off the top of mi head I think is 90% of pnp delegates are females esp fi Omar’s area.
Well Colin Campell here is your opening so when u do ur tour just dash out pon the jungle girls dem zeen and a soup runoff this fi yuh.



  1. Funny enough women account for the majority of voters so he sure going about it the wrong way, then again these men may be the one influencing and making decisions for their women.

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