1. Him mussi just a find out bout Di baby like everybody else……prob tell ar Fi discontinue the belly and she se Phuck it a matey season so I. Am going to show my #weirs

        1. A Mi fi tell u. Every turn we turn dem just a rinse out the mix up! I curious fi kno what dem going come wid next!

  2. To how tings a run good all a Lexie a Di mate … And baby mada a Di wife these track stars have a bad track record

  3. It’s true the baby madda post bout it on her snapchat this morning “big up to the man them out there that play a active role in there child’s life” that’s what she post from the baby born warren nuh see the little girl

    1. Women need to be more selective and mindful of who they choose to farda their pickney dem. Babies do not change every man. She may get a likkle bread money but she’s clearly gonna raise that chile alone. Warren lost his way after London 2012 olympics an dash weh de sweet gyal weh him did have so he could run around and enjoy groupie sex like Usain. Ever since, nothing good appears to be happening for him.

  4. Him lucky this couldn’t hide Fi long after him tell him frenz a training just sorry Fi d the girl she’s trying to be strong from what I see on her page

  5. Rathid met the girl unprivate her ig page n them tag warren n Lexi inna the baby pic , her ig name is cici_gemini_27

  6. Gabriella, Usain is going to mad yuh!!!! The post is about Warren and you have tuh mention Usain. It look like him f**k and duck yuh!!!!

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