1. Uhhmm …..dude looks like a lady ….lady looks like a dude….#manface ………………..I thought my chin was long but miss chin got me

  2. Warren nuh frighten is the same way he use to post up pics of Natalya…..people just find every dn thing to bitch about…..kmrt

  3. Met u know how long u fi run dis…how u Neva tell we say Natalia did buss a bun paa warren?Anna DAT mek dem lef. Afta all d ring and proposal d gal f**k him fren. Ooo anu frighten him frighten a so him easy fi love.

  4. O plz. Unu doe tell nu lie pon Natalya. Di boy did a f*ck down di place and dats y dem lef. True him know people did a look pon him a way cuz she lef him, him n him fren dem start spread dat rumour bout di girl.

  5. I feel like unnu need fi stop post this story now because it is obvious that both parties are doing their own thing. And furthermore, ppl need fi stop listen to GOSSIP because the girl did not give warren no bun. Mi hatttttteeeee mix up ppl. Idk wah unnu get outta dis

  6. Hello. Unu need fi stop tell lie pon Natalya. Di man did a f**k dung di place lef, right and centre and everybody knows so dem lef. If di man wah move on to Wayanne ugly sista, dat a fi him business

    1. No sir, I am not…but what I am implying is that maybe that’s what he thought * as do many in his position*…clear enough for you now Willie??

  7. Causen seh, Asawfaz “athletic wealth and clout” couldn’t keep Yendi outta Nannyville….as him gwan a morning training she start ring di door bell..ding-dong, ding-dong.

    1. Willie, weh u seh as Asafawaz farwud a training, she pull a nanny ville? As man ding gone train she guh run on pan a next man dong?

  8. N for the anonymous girl weh a post. Him n di fiance did deh fi years so of course him a post pics. Dis ya gal ya a just come n him a post pic so every minute. I wonder if di girl a post none? Plus dem girl deh known fi deh wid uptown man m if warren never av likkle money she wudnt deh wid him. I hope him know weh him a do bout him a post a bag a picta

  9. Weir is Weir’s head at? This girl is only to boost his status. He is a real cocky ass bwoy since likkle fame reach him….that girl would not even throw him a bone if he didnt have some credit to his name….those pics on IG nah fool nobody- he aint happy a crap!!!! POSER- him just a try keep face…I thought if you wanted to make an impression u had to go one better. ..Natalya hot like fireside..try again Warren

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