Alright Met so the previous sender get the story wrong Lexcee actually did graduate from Utech so listen she is still an educated dunce. Alexa me swear u parents grow u better than that. Baby mada pregnant for 9 months, baby is 3 months= 12 months aka one year and Lexcee and Warren deh for 2 years no sah, u r a sad case. Baby mada winning still. The little post earlier get Warren and Lexcee Ansy them nuh stop mek graduation post and use location tag so we can see she deh school



  1. Alexa is very young and immature. She is also not cute at all to me. Hopefully she learn soon because Warren keeps sending pics of his penis to my friend. She is way too young for man to be having babies on her. Why someone would stay in that mess is beyond me.

  2. The parents man the parents because if you neva know dem well you wudda neva know seh she and Wayanne a sista and dem don’t deal. All used to live unda the same roof and nuh dealings? That story is a post on its own but I blame the parents.

    If you two daughta dem a war over foolishness and you can’t quell that, what makes you think them a go know how fi tackle the real world? It starts at home.

    No prob with Alexan because she no too hype like Wayanne and she is not disrespectful just young and fool.

  3. On anadda note warren teet wa jail time(braces). Everybody inna Jamaica a put dem on and all a dem nuh rich…sooo Warren come now

  4. Wayanne and Lexcee a sisters???? Nu wonder the 2 a dem shape so fk up. Dem parents shuda pray fi boys cuz dem 2 likle girl de a walking claffy

  5. 1. Yes Wayanne and Alexan are sister

    2. Dem hav whore stuck pon dem name from dem deh high school. (Which is why must ppl did a laugh at Warren after him and Natalia lef and him wife Alexan). Smh!

    3. Dem never live good yet, only play hypocrite fi cameras, and that goes for the whole family (both sisters + mother + father)

    4. It obvious seh di parents prefer one daughter over the other just by how dem move.

    5. Mi realise seh di 2 a unnuh live over yah, cause everything everybody point out yesterday unnuh run gone show up…try a little one tact next time so it not soo obvious, so it don’t mek unnuh look so sad!

    6. Congrats on graduating…but you still dumb!

    7. Big up to the baby mother! All if a spite you have di pickney fa, you really have di two a dem a go hard fi prove a point!

    8. Alexan at any point in time was it ever just you and Warren alone inna di relationship? Cause him name forever a call pon some other woman (di proof all deh deh)!

    9. @ Warren you still a try look di top, well mix (closer to white dan black), dutty money, uptown girl dem so you can upgrade from Alexan? (you realise seh dem laugh at you more while, don’t!?)

    10. What was that question that the girl did ask di time? Oh yeah….Warren still do tracks?

  6. Wow woman ..no woman see the men in your country are kinatta bruise Unu. You are some messed up people who need a life.

  7. Wow woman ..no wonder the men in your country are not marrying you…jus breed Unu an Lef.. You are some messed up people who need a life. I know the whole family and if you all know how wrong you all are. This is disgraceful and people who have heart like fi Unu muss a work obeah

  8. Well who has the last laugh now?…Baby mother tied down with a baby, while the girlfriend is out vacationing with the man and is having a blast. No matter what it is obvious who this man loves. When will women learn that trapping a man with a baby doesn’t work anymore. It traps you.

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