16 thoughts on “WATCH DI TWO BRITISH DEM

  1. Who keep sending this girl in? Stop trying to make Camille Lee happen. She will never happen. Some people just aren’t gossip worthy.

  2. How old are they?? West Indians seem to have the hardest time settling into middle and old age.
    I have a hard time watching people in their mid forties and older skin over, skin out or twerking :malu2

    When is the next Old Hits night…..

  3. @ PUERTORIQUENA your mention of “West Indians” Is funny . I actually think you were trying YOUR HARDEST not to offend here. Puerto Ricans I’ve found have the hardest time accepting they aren’t “white “ and/or “Americans.” It’s quite a conundrum actually . :nerd

    1. I’m 99.99999999% sure you struggle with literacy…Puerto Ricans are American, my Birth Certificate and Passport says so (talk di truth a dat mek yuh grudge wi). There are many ethnicities that make up Puerto Ricans, we cant all be white!! :nerd :ngakak


    2. I honestly don’t feel like the commenter had any malicious intent, it seems to me that she is just giving her opinion/ making an observation.

      I’ve seen her comment several times on this site, and I have never picked up any negative vibes towards us Jamaicans from her comments.

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