Wayne lots! i didn’t know you from a hole in the wall. Yet still you turn up where i resided, and i don’t how you just turn up suh. You brought with you a (negro duppy-woman)name Jackie, her wicked niece Tasha, dressed up in men apparels, and her 2 daughters looking like Tom Sawyer. Please kindly come and tek back yuh crasses dem outa mi life please and thank you. Jackie! Neither you, Raymond jacket, your pathetic sisters, the legal notices, your keyboard duppy/internet meme daughter in Jamaica who promise mi gunshot, via Facebook messenger.Smh (so dumb) the chip neva fly far from the block.

I’m not taking down that page i made for you bunch of witches,it’s all true. Show your lawyers if y’all have one. And let She or He see the life you lived and still living.There is nothing about me that I wouldn’t own in a heart beat. “Even my past”.

Unuh shame about the truth, and that’s just my story. What a rass when fi unuh “real life story drop. People have to know how after one year unuh still a throw stones and a hide Unuh hands,many sneak attacks,but just know this.Wherever this leads, I’ll be alright God got me. You won’t win, have some pride, ” the emperor has no clothes on”.

Remember now, i did gave you the chance to come clean and tell truth way before i send Met my story,and you opted not to. Instead you and your whole family decided to keep wreaking havoc in my life behind the scene,but i have to let everyone know what my brother evil Pitney muma did and continue to do to my life. It seems like me having to close out my US account, liquidating assets i never dreamed I’d touch until the right time ain’t enough? People there’s many people out there can vouch for me. I was a very private person until this rolling-calf decided that all my blood,sweat and tears that i worked for to buy my house and land started slipping away.She once again put a breaks on my dreams. Trying to hinder me from achieving my happiness.

I say that to say this,because people love to talk when they don’t know the dept of things all the time. When me drop this “drum pan of hot water yah! Me want the world to know why i did what i did before by putting her out there. And why I’m doing all of this. People it’s creepy and eerie. A jaw dropping tale of love,lies and deceit. Many lives will change, but i think this is Destiny. It was ordained my father God. I believe in Destiny and i also didn’t ask for this.

P.S. I’ve lost so much behind this you wouldn’t believe. I’m here gearing up for one of the biggest task in my life. I have to try and make back some of my money behind this. People are going to wonder why you let this went so far,and why would you do me dirty when i have all the dirt on you.


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