WE ARE……..

6 thoughts on “WE ARE……..

  1. I don’t really now him to talk to Struggy but everyone I ask about him they tell me he as a good heart an him ever clean I have a big crush on him him cute to

  2. -Bleach your skin
    -Have a name on the road (good or bad)
    -Pretend you can dress in fake and cheap clothes
    -Go to parties more than church and make sure you take pictures there for social media
    -Have an I.Q. score That is equivalent or lesser than your age.
    If you meet all these requirements gents you will attract the interest of your typical lager head Jamaican girl.

  3. Anonymous you is nothing but a hater,I don’t know any of these guy and don’t which to,I think one of them f***k you in your stinking mouth then dump you like some unnecessary garbage move yuh nasty bloodcloth and gwey bout cute go Nyam a hiv dick

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