Hi Met n fellow bloggers this is Yardielovethug

I came across this picture of Dj Starface,Stardust;Starfish or whatever she calling herself these days.I thought how lovely and just as my lust was about to take over,I caught myself in the blink of an eye.

My conscience said but wait is optics and s*x symbolism them a try use trick the crowd to get a buss?immediately a host of those who try that tactics came to mind and I wonder what them up to ya now. THINK Ishawna (the poster girl for this shiieit)Barbee,Tiana,Raine Seville, D.I,a few who won Magnum dj competition,one who follow up bounty killa peep peep cluck cluck (her name escapes me now) and people can add them own from over the years.

Met don’t go there please by mentioning D’angel because she had a few hittish tunes.Spice and Tanya Stephens are no beauty queens but them have substance and character with their music making a mark on dancehall.Mumma Saw reign supreme till thine kingdom come it setting up to be it seems.

Cherine Anderson is my perfect match of beauty and talent in dancehall but let’s see what This Shensea chick a come with nuh. All I’m saying is tell pretty Starface gwaan a Studio n put in work like Sizzla till yuh buss.You can also try tekking the easy way out by run go foriegn because them more into ur image than the music. Whatever you do just know you can’t trick the Yardies,cuz we use to pretty s*xy girls hourly. Music we a defend,unno show n use unno good good so much that at the rate unno going most people a go get clyde a it n unno …ijs.


  1. YES!!! Yardie bare looks and profiling but NO TALENT.Angel may not be the best but she has some positive hits. Shenseea has talent but she needs her own hit,she’s doing too many features. Spice and Tanya have dem nasty ways. Tanya is underrated, I think that woman should have a Grammy. Spice works very hard and put out catchy tunes. She has a great singing voice but nah use it.

  2. Nadeisha star is no artist are man consequences what ever him waa name a try buss are because a fi are name the dirty money in a. Nadeisha a try buss from star girls dem days until now she boring not to mention the song dem…

    1. Him and Don Andre a drugs man dem weh a try clean dem money. She favor eediat everywhere she go dem boo har. She don’t stand a chance

  3. Like your article Yardie but in my opinion Spice is beautiful. Sure her attitude and overall ways can be ugly but she isn’t.

  4. Wah bout Ms.Diamond? She has been doing her tingz since the 80’s. Image wise she needs refinement but her talent is undeniable.

  5. Thank you for giving props to Spice.
    Lady Saw was my idol, raw and rude.
    What a inspiration the woman she turned out to be. I love it!
    Yardie, I’m having a love, hate relationship going on with you. To how you word your post, im like a brother with his head on his shoulders but when you defend some girls on here, im like wtf…lol. Mi nah lie, sometimes mi think a reverse psychology you a use pon dem.

    1. Bless up every one n thanks.

      Dear Jus for Laugh,

      It’s true. ..I’m a troll;I accept that it’s kinda twisted but I get quite a few kicks.However here’s a guideline to kinda help with all my muddle.

      I genuinely keep it real with the Regulars because they see through or pass or call out my bs.I am genuinely into supporting my teams n I love off Genuine inna real life. I rate highly nuff nuff ppl on here too numerous to mention .

      The key thing is that you are way way above smart so you will be able to discern when I’m trolling or not. ..but yea u got it 99% right thus far. Big up urself n maximum respect to all who took the time out to share this wonderful cyberspace!

  6. Saw reign supreme and Tanya second in my book. Spice bring nuff vibes but she brawling bad. Dancehall a mi everything

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