As usual mi nuh know whey fi stawt! I asked for a chair for Angella and one of the readers bought her a brand new chair and another one shipped it to her :alay..I dont think thanks is enough, may God bless dem and bless dem and bless dem…….Suh mi ask fi di chair fi Angella and I was telling the person who always go check fi Kevin about a month ago that Kevin too would need a chair…………loo and behold mi see someone go pan di old post with Angella and seh she have a chair fi Kevin……….. If a nuh God a mus God God God cause satan nuh ina it…Kevin get an automatic chair and him can come outa di house now and do road * dancing* . Thank you so so so much :kiss





22 thoughts on “WE GOT IT GOOD OO

  1. To god be the glory @met. U see what happen When u have a good heart,,to all the haters out there ,, met site is not only for mix up .. It’s provides lots of stuff for people that are in need throughout jamaica.. God bless you@met. BROOKLYN

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Omg suh yuh did get someone to go out to St.James and get it Met…Anonymous God bless you indeed only good God almighty cuz yuh aunt could have sold it or leave it there as is,may yuh basket neva empty

    (Simplicity Soon Sign In)

    1. Yes oooooooo mi call him di charity distributor so whenever I have anything that need handing out him do it willingly.

  3. All when dem a cuss and bash you them can’t come close to you because you’re a good person with a good heart who mean people well. Blessings will forever come your way.

    Big up yourself Met :request

  4. Tears. I remember the reader commenting that they got the chair for their aunt. But someody affi go pick it up and u say u will make arrangements….God is good… Keep it up met…

  5. good morning metty… metty one more ting, one more ting,inna mi (delcita voice)… suh like how kevin have him ride him ago need likkle clothes fi do road…trying to pack a barrel for him but mi know it naah go ready until about january suh.. praying

  6. May GOD continue to shower HIS blessings on u n urs Shani!Donors may the ancestors favour you n keep being vessels by way of showing love cuz GOD IS LOVE!

    Humble suggestion met,can u keep a ongoing charity post or testimony AT THE TOP,so that ppl who claim them not here for the mixup have a readily available outlet to do some good.it will also raise awareness n educate the misinformed that jmg is so much more than entertaining blem.

    it seems to be way too much to ask the few who run een to go click n read the charity category b4 them cussing ppl fi lef ppl bizness n go spread up wi bed.give them an opportunity to DO good if is even to offer lil prayer n best wishes to those in need.

  7. Met the chair going to need a tracker! Kevin need to call Hawkeye. Dem might donate one. God is good all the time

    1. Yuh right. Im going to see if I can buy him a tracker and get it to him. Remember some time ago dem tek a lady out her wheel chair down town

  8. I am so happy for Angela, she appreciates everything. Did you see a pic met, brand spanking new. Thanks again Ms. St. James.

  9. nuh seh nuttin miss metty it will be done.. also I think the men skirt((lungi Izar)) will be a good thing for him..muslin clothing

  10. Hallelujah and the glory, hallelujah amen!!!
    Hallelujah and the glory……..

    Blessed be to God and the angels here on earth (the givers and Met herself).

    May your baskets never be empty, and God continue to bless you all….. Selah

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