Gm Met. Tanzana and Munus Buzza gone to Dominica to do surgery cause dem ago Jamaica December. Jacky can’t go cause she a build complex pon suck p***y Junior Baba family land a Kitson town an r muma Deh a Ja a dead fi hungry. Met every day Tanzana chat gal bout cement batty an now she gone put cement in r batty. Dem gal yah red eye fi every thing. She barrow money from every body in a London just fi go do surgery. Met mi dying to see the end result cause dah gal yah need a whole heap a cement and gravel fi full r out. Duty Munus all a dem surgery Deh and u can’t even spell hot fi post say u hot when you done. Tek the money an go learn fi read a civilise time now. Dem gal yah chat every gal bout cement and now dem a go cement. Munus touch u mouth first cause it tink baddddddd. Just looking pon u mouth sick stomach. Dem 3 buzza hole gal yah chat people every day an dem have the most fi chat bout. Jacky a she love ppl business and she a di worst wid r sadamite ancestors Tanzana fi r son Deh a merica hungry a she Deh yah a mine ole man Rudy an him family. Munus walk an beg mine Kick up but stop gi him sum porridge him need it man lawd him crawny baddddddd. Anyway we a look fi di end disasta

13 thoughts on “WE LOOKING SENDER WE IS LOOKIN -_-

  1. munus need fi go learn fi read bout do batty she nah guh understand the paper work the doctor ah guh gi har. batty nah guh look nice pon man royal body munus.

  2. Tanzana girl u gonna need more than batty u stay Bad!!! U first mek d surgeon stretch u neck or buy some u squeeze up an look retarded all u need is a wheel chair cause u is a perfect handicap. All d bleaching u an dunce bat munus a do unu still look like unu weave want dash weh an unu wah soak in a one bath full of domestic bleach fe kill unu cause unu favour germs. Munus idol is Apple u can bet a apple pic she give d surgeon an tell dem I wanna look like her. D whole crew a man mascot mine man a England fe duck an fe stay with dem. None a dem no have nothing but d clothes dem thief an sell to buy d one an two name brand dem an go a ja a act like dem hot. It’s embarrassing

  3. Tanzania please to a send for your big son u have for mark because u never play a mother roll in a him life.munus chat u like dog how u nasty and how Earl can beat u unuh a some kind of friend no surgery can help u .. Little miss still hate u cause u f**k willy and go talk seh h wood little.. I hope u dont go down a Jamaica go stock up dirty draws in joyce house cause a that u use to do when u live a Jamaica …

  4. Sender u sound badmine So what if they wanna go Dominican for surgery they ain’t the only ones. Don’t worry if munus can read or right she can count her money.

  5. Tanzana is one big ole stay bad shape bad ole gogo from long time ..a d gogo dancing mek she tought like some ole iron .Munus wonder if u no seh before u start u surgery you affi sign in case nuttin do u how u dweet lollllll. Jackie need fi guh n get a new head.. Nasty big suck cocky mouth Kayann how u mek that trip miss u lollll o MI Rass MI forget seh home office av u under manners from when unnuh too f**k thief … Kayann u hurt n MI no bcos it shows lollll…

  6. But a weh munus have so. Munus house need a make over that’s the first thing she no have. Good car a drive she no buy no land/house or a build nothing back home where is this money u speak of??? D money weh dem get from d government gor their children me hear say a dat dem save an use. Worthless piece a shit dem tanzana nah send fe Sah son Deh from merica cah she tek on ruddie as one of her children she have 4 pickney fe him plus him is her big son an she Affi mine cloth an feed dem. Plus pay all d bills an everybody know say once him go to her for his weekly allowance an she mek no talk a ber lick she get. Dunno how dem can pretend like dem happy an dem miserable behind close doors.

  7. Who want apple for their idol? Munus is not a follower therefore she don’t want to look like apple no day. All the comments don’t make sense obviously they don’t know munus to to know that she has a cock batty so no need for surgery. GET UNNUH FACTS B4 WRITING ON PINKWALL. Y’all talking bout read and write in fact who is writing don’t know the use of grammar. FYI the word is handicap not undercapitalised.

  8. Stinking pussy Tannzana she’s such a wicked bitch .she curse her mother thats why distruction a fallow her.one of her child is for” Mikey blacks”he got deported to Jamaica she f**k him straight with batty man rudie classic.Tanzania broke a hell gal love barrow people money and dont like pay back .everything she wear is fake . Fake.all them big hand bag made in China. Yes bitch. People don’t like u so stop keep empty dance please n thanks.” Munus needs to go basic school”she can’t spell RAT OR CAT AND LOVE CHAT PEOPLE anyways she dont know better.. Munus poison her own mad mumma just becos she get pregnant at a tender age of twelve’ Munus f**k all mad mad she have a high sex drive. She chat all her so call friends Jackie. Tanzana. Kayan. Munus foot them dirty bad.barrow clothe gal munus me know say gal barrow and wear second hand clothe. Never know you would make your baby wear apple baby seconds.don’t denied it bitch. Fake bag and clothe broke no claat” retared Jackie junior dont want u get it in your handicapped head u stop piss bed? Hope you not pissing on the baby. Long dick Jackie f**k off all the buzza gal. Them said Jackie suck pussy good like her mother.. Jackie mother invent lesbianity her mother live with woman and married shame. All these bitches nasty dirty house stinking. pussy. Cheesey fake Brazilian hair.. Fake clothe.pretend to have money and dont broke. Broke. Broke stupid bitches government tax credit money that’s all.

  9. Tanzana look like when you tun Guinness bottle inside down.big top an small bottom She shape disgusting. Tanzana please remember you can not buy shape. How about sorting you bad breath mouth stink really bad everybody is talking.. Rudie said a bay back way him f**k you n you got to pay.Tanzana go take your child from your mate in amarica you dirty shit .you despite your first child and a pretend like your some good mom we know you business dutty bitch..how can you act like the four children in the uk your only children Old longtime lesbian any sadomite can f**k tanzana for clothe. Munus she when she wearing her fake brazzillan hair she scratch like dog the hair full of lice.. Give munus a lift one night and her pussy polluted my car..them buzza gal said them hot and they don’t drove a good car in them life bay banger old car lol. And dirty. And nasty house Really? No hot gal u lot go have several seats.. What has you lot achieve nothing.

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