Is a papers arrangement or is a prove f***k thing .. This b**h who jump from man to man and see she jus get a cover tattoo the other day of the man name Weh did deh pan har Breast U never see smoke without fire .. And poor youth smh.. Gwan tek some f**k and freak yaw caw this NAW last … A nuff things deh a dark Weh soon surface now … But look pan the coner store flowers and one stop shop every Gyal have frock .. No Man U shoulda do better .. Atleast u get professional pictures to capture the ratchetness mi nuh kno if I should be happy fi unuh or jus pray … Oh gawddd


  1. I never understood the pain on and pain off ting, when it comes to tattoos. Maybe true mi have a low ttolerance fo pain, only way me woulda put on a man name is unless him dead, an mi dweet as a tribute.

  2. All if a did easy pickings she buy the dress off the sale rock for $5.00 in life yuh haffi start address her as Mrs.Shithouse ….unno fi stop it wen smaddy mek a move like dis inna farrin wedah real or buy love lowe de ppl dem cuz a betta dem a luk and wan man better and ur betta anuh de same betterment but she mek a step suh if yuh caan wish or gud wish her ntn den….
    Gud luck lady
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. I have never seen a woman who was on the scene who got married and there was not bitter email sent in by someone. The sender does seem pained. It is one thing to want to protect the man, but when you even got to the type of flowers, I knew this was some vindictive shit.
    Mebbie ppl see wah going on round di world and in dem own countries and decide seh di fast life is not it fi dem no more. Leff di ooman alone!

  4. all if a paper marriage atleast she a try betta har self. sum a unu deh america from unu eye deh a knee and still have unknown status..Uncle Sam nuh know bout unu. Lowe di gyal..She a f**k til she f**k har way inna di right direction..Happle and kerryann dem a f**k and can only guh state to state wid dem name brand clothes.. unu heart waan a lickle coconut wata fi wash it off… congrats my girl, green card and status next…

  5. At least she trying to do something progressive with her life,nuff a oonu come yah and shoplift ” Kerryann and Apple”and mess up oonu fingerprint,oonu walk and bruck fight with everybody,when you’re young u do stupid things but has u get older u change for the better but some a oonu don’t have any ambition and oonu ago stay so until oonu dead, so what if she want papers a least she a mek a step Inna the right direction, oonu too bad mind bun fire pan oonu.buff a oonu priority is fi do oonu breast,batty lip, belly etc, her priority is to better herself,oonu come off of her name please and thanks, dutty nasty people leave har alone mek she girl gwaan do Yuh ting and keep Yuh head up high.

  6. Mek den Gwan and live yA …2 a dem nasty and f**k out like woa.. Now dem can spare we wit dem duttyness and share it amongst demself

  7. Unnuh go look a bloodclaat fi an leave har di fuch along,,all if she did a f**k around when she did young she older an wiser now.some a unnuh life shit up an mudd up..unnuh dutty nuh bloodclaat all inna di dark suh wi nuh afi wait till it reach inna di light fi see fi unnuh mess..come affa har bloodclaat name an leave har alone an go look some bloodclaat light fi unnuh dark life..
    Heads up to you my girl yu made a great step in your life..the sky is di limit.
    Who god bless no man curse..

  8. She married fi love Oonu need fi leave her alone,a fi har Pu**y she can do anything she want with it,oonu just vex because all a oonu a wok fi nuting,let her pass stay in the pass, u have people out there that do worst than her, Man married hookers,call girls and them change so what’s the big deal because she find someone who love her and decide to marry her, I guess har pu**y is that good.nuff a oonu weh a talk have oonu pu**y a fling it all ova do place and caan even get the man fi own oonu so oonu vex because she find somebody who put a RING pan har finga so it a kill oonu. Oonu need fi jump off a bridge or go tek two panadol fi de headache she a GI oonu” All dem a talk gal mek dem fret cause Yuh done know u and Yuh man naah left,u a him first choice,a u a do WIFE. nuff a oonu a Ali button, wok fi nuting.some a oonu will NEVER be Mrs. And a it a bun oonu, big up yourself my girl a we seh bigger and better tings for the up coming year.Congratulation I wish u all the best, weh a fi Yuh no one can take it away.

  9. Raaayy fi booo fi di haters dem..unuh ago hav head ache belly ache an all heartritis.unuh go dead a bush an leave har alone.unuh go look a life wid light inna it couse unuh future dark baad nuh man naah wife unuh up muchless put a ring pan unuh finger.unuh gweeh an low di gal alone..

  10. if pussy could talk a lot of unno wud b ashame…sender I don’t kno u or the lady in the post but u sound jealous no rass.. nuff a unno f**k and don’t even have a bottle a water to show for it…now if she is a hoe atleast she f**k til she get a go get a life and pray to God that u will get a ring too..bye

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