Disgraced former lawmaker Anthony Weiner had a months-long online relationship with a 15-year-old girl, whom he asked to dress up in school uniforms and be part of “rape fantasies,” according to an explosive report Wednesday.

The unidentified high school student claimed she was a sophomore in January when she first connected with the “Carlos Danger” politician, DailyMail.com reported.

Weiner knew the girl was a minor, she and her dad told the news site.

“I thought of you this am,” Weiner reportedly wrote to her on the instant messaging app Kik, using the handle “T Dog.” “Hard.”

He sent bare-chested pictures of himself to the girl and creepily boasted about his prowess.

“I would bust that tight p–sy so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week,” Weiner reportedly wrote.


    1. Por wife wha? Anthony behavior nu brand new, nor was it a secret.

      No frigging way I’d be on top of my career game as right hand to: former Governor’s wife, first lady of America, state senator, Secretary of state (nation) and potential First lady and STILL a ride wid a global pervert :ngakak NOT ONE FUK! Not even the love a kids could bind me to dat :ngakak har tomuk strong

      1. She leave him now man. From the crotch shot wid di baby pon di bed she left. But nuh care a wah him still di father of her children his disgrace affect her and the kids. Who want to hear seh di Faada a dem children is a pedophile, she haffi hurt to di core as a ooman. Caan see how shi teck herself mix wid dat raisin face bwoy. I can bet my left ovary seh she had misgivings and never listened to her guts.

  1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak this belly laugh is for the wife! Some woman just don’t have NO shame…from Weiner got busted the first time we all know him nah noooooooo shame.

    High schooler pon Kik fi months wid this super perv I won’t even defend… :shutup:

    1. She forgave him publicly..press conference n all smh.But u rt PP cuz this wife is no Hillary Clinton at all at all…all that public humiliation n Disgrace n she nuh have squat outta it!

  2. Dem man ya nasty!

    But dem likkle gal yah must start kno better and walk dem f**r yah far. Skin ketch a fire cause big man a look pon dem. Dem need fi understand dem man ya don’t mean dem no good!

  3. For the sake of Christ, I just don’t understand why the wife is being attacked for her husband’s illness. She married a man she thought was of good character, she thought getting him the right help through counseling could have saved the marriage and the family. She didn’t just turn her back on her sick husband…and yes he is sick. Now she decides to walk away and allow him to fight his own battles and deal with his struggles, why is she being attacked?

    Come on man…cut the lady some slack.

  4. I’m so disappointed in Anthony, he’s actually a good politician. Well spoken, especially about issues that matter, like black lives and police brutality. He could’ve been the Mayor or Governor of NY and made a difference. Why couldn’t he just buy high class escorts like every other politician.. kmt 15 year old?? The little respect I had for him gone now. He cannot bounce back from this. His career is over.

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