Someone mentioned me in a comment on a post that Funky Dineva made and while I must admit the people on the video are really out of line,I was upset about his/she/shim’s description of Jamaicans. I commented, he responded, then I read why he was upset at Jamaicans and I am disgusted. I am sorry I have to unfollow . I will not accept this, it went too far. Here is the link to the post
Funky Dineva Nikita Weekes there goes another issue. So many Jamaicans think they are so much better than Americans. Yet well all black. Y’all better than, but won’t even live in your own nasty ass country. Ohhh ok then . Every Jamaican woman in this video looked like her twat smelled like a barn. Girl bye
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  1. Metty, Funky Dineva ah nuh nuhbody fe even get upset with or ova. He is unattractive in drag and even more unattractive out of drag, very very loud and extremely flamboyant and always has something negative to say about somebody…str8 or gay…dwmfl @ this fag frog with his watermelon lips..bye girl bye :ngakak

  2. I don’t like when Ppl generalize Black Americans and I don’t like it when they do it about any other BLACK grp whether Haitians, Jamaicans, Trinis or the like. He needs to STFU with all that slick talk b/c it’s real EASY to talk shit behind a computer. I dare him to go to JA & hold a press conference and say that same shit on JAMAICAN SOIL!!!
    As a ppl we gain more ground when we COME TOGETHER instead of DIVIDE OURSELVES!!

  3. Well look at the pot calling di kekkle black. Dineva shim deh a Mericaka a first wrld country and look wuss dat wah she talking bout. She evah guh a jamdung? suh dat mean dis eediat is talking out of ignorance shimselve, feisty and broite. Only wear slippers and innah mud? wah wrong wid dah? Maybe if she wen deh wear slippers she wouldah look bettah, dyam leg dem shape lakkah K, and walk lakka Ms Mavis Donkey. She need to guh fix dat nasty face as well, come a generalize and chat bout. A jamdung alone homophobic? the main reason any body a hear bout this a jamdung is becaz a how the few likkle jinbangs dem a galang,with dem thiefing and nasty behavior innah people face and expect people fi keep dem mouth shut. She is more than ignorant shimself, an educated fool if a evah did si one. She born and lib yah and don’t even know seh Puerto Rico is part of US territory.. Need fi shut har mash mouth and continue watch har reality show and comment. Get mi bringle up in here. Wah she know bout Jamaica?..no mattah how much degree she want to seh she got she is still as dumb as they come, dyumm broite and outahordah..
    BTW Met suh a wah happn why she saying all this, mi did stop fallah shi long time caz shi is a double bladdah?

  4. I’m American but married to a yard man and I was offended by what he/she said and unfollowed him. He is way out of line and his dumb a** followers to. I’m so embarrassed to be American because of their stupidity that was displayed on that page.

    1. Don’t be embarrassed its all on him. I felt bad for a minute because I couldn’t believe he thought we think we are better than Americans ..racism is a bigger hurdle and we will not win without unity

  5. Haha I’m gonna laff at this one while I can smile at a few of his blogs, Mr wanna be very far from looking like a woman dineva is a clown who I wouldn’t even let raise my eyebrow. When is he she it ever a educated speaker on any subject other than ratchet behavior n guzzling balls mitch (cause bitch u ain’t) plsssss now if I ever decide to give an award for the most untidy sloppy very tacky cheap ass looking batty plug u will surely be the first person to cross my mind until then go try belch all the dicksssssss off ur chest that’s riding it plsssssss
    Hey Met just look pon di video wit the batty bwoy dem inna di gully n tell if dineva can even walk bakka one a dem nooooooooooooooooo dem live in deplorable conditions gully and dem a beat him BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD dem third world shit stabbers got him beat him no BINGO a RAWSEEEEE kmft cho

  6. I’m not trying to hear that crap. We all generalize when we’re ready. Every single one of us.. Whether it’s Consciously or not!! I’ve also seen it on this blog whether we want to admit it.. It hit home so now it ah ruffle we feather’s.. If it doesn’t pay let it fly.. Me know me look good to bloothclatt and yes this is a bad pic but it doesn’t represent all Jamaican women. And yes we do act like we shit don’t stink ah so we born and grow. Who don’t like it don’t chat to we

    1. What does women have to do with it and pray do tell what we have generalized about ..name some. FYI, every nation has a culture and general statements can be made about people and culture but you cannot demean anyone based on where they are from. As I said before., people like you are a of the problem, no unity, whether it hits home or not it is disrespectful and degrading……which is totally wrong..hence why it should be defended . You can accept what he has said because maybe it represents you but I will not because it doesn’t represent me in any shape or form. It is not about the video, it is about what he said

    2. I am not accepting it but that is truth and reality that we all do it.. We as ppl generalize without even notice. I remember a post on the old blog about ri and Nicki minaj. The things that came that were said on this blog about trini women fits right in this topic. It may not be the same commenters that are on this post but the blog went hard.. If u were so against it u would’ve stopped it or shut down the post like u use to back in the day.. I particularly remember that post because my father is a trini, mom Jamaican and me born here.. No I am not blaming u for what was said on that day but one cannot be mad at one thing and not d other..

      1. Lmaoo dont do it please. We went in on Trinidad because of the problems we were having there and the fact that some Jamaicans feel they dont like us. We love Nicki N Rih so no. Had there been an argument of sorts with Americans I would have left Dineva to his shegries but to come at us out of no where because they are minding our business? I never shut down posts when an argument is stemming from something..if it comes out of nowhere yes I will that hasn’t changed but no one here gets up and starts disrespecting people like that. There are a few bloggers here who are Trini and even they comment and say some Trinis dont like Jamaicans, sometimes we take it overboard yes but the argument isn’t from nothing

  7. Di nerve a IT, whey him expect di people dem fi wear snow boots and goose jacket IT favor any stay bad reptile. Even di gully tenant dem look betta dan IT and IT deh a farrin. IT tuff and barky barky like any ole oak tree.

    1. A did waa gwaan bad but when I vex I try keep mi composure. Dineva whey haffi a tek di lady husband a from that mi know him nuh have nothing bout him

  8. If unu eva si him in person, unu woulda too busy ah laugh afta it instead ah be mad or offended….just a hot big lipped ass gay mess; all you see is lips, lips n’ more lips…and not the sexy kind ah lips either..the kinda lips you grab and drag like when you scold a child…he ain’t nobody ya’ll…trust me on this :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Simply, and that is all he really is..seriously!!..yuh know one ah dem people deh yuh hot fe cuss and when yuh si dem in person, yuh seh”but ah dis mi ah hot up mi head ova?” and jus buss out ah good laugh and galang bow yuh business and shake yuh head???…him ah one ah dem deh

        1. Before dem go mind dem damn business . Jamaicans ina dem country a do dem ting and dem tek it all up pan dem head…Di bwaay whey police kill whey day n di next one same place a dat dem fi study

        2. Real loud mout baboon lip looking ass faggot, the kind weh yuh hear dem before yuh si dem …unu mine ano word him ah throw pan di man wife enuh :hammer

          1. Yes and people like him will hate we because ina we culture we haffi get used to a place and people before u hear we mouth..People take offense to that kinda thing

  9. The question to me is, why suh much a unno did a follow him in di fuss place? Mout nuh summen wah hab bawda, di said mout wah spew di filth wah unno used laff bout a di said mout a spew di filth wah a bun unno now. Know unnoselves and who unno a follow in di fuss place.
    As fi him statements, him entitled to feel anyway him waan feel. It nuh hurt me cause mi know who mi is and mi know what Jamaica actually looks like, and nuh juss wah farrin media choose fi show. Hawd life inna Murrica is 100% hawda dan hawd life a JA, who nuh hab heat a winta knows dat, who hab pap dung elevator fi munts and haffi climb how many stairs to dem apartment knows dat. Murrica a dem birth place and dem nuh look betta or a live betta dan di ppl dem a JA. If welfare and Ebt neva exist a doan know how some a dem would survive. U guh Murrica and most a di Black Americans do the menial jobs, fram you lick di airport it obvious as fck seh Black Americans are at the bottom in dem own country, more time I doan even travel to di US cause it is a waste of time and it sick you fi si dem state.

    1. Well, Mommie dearest if you must know, mi wendeh fallow him fi get mi tea pan di reality show dem caz mi watch it innah mi down toime.. The point is dat we stop fi a reason, mine long b4 tiday, caz mi believe she is a two mouthed panyah machete. Now that u have mi reason, hope a nuh get no flagging… :cd

  10. Seriously sometime me see whole heap a american & me affi wonda if a dung a mocho me dehh dem look ery terribleninna dutty foot slippaz dutty clothes some plastic wig tun sideway pon dem head & loud and disgustin AF!!!! Me see some dutty nasty crawny ol empty rottwn dung house wehh dem live in a empty & hungry more than jamaican people

    1. If we did fi seh all dem know a sneakers it would be an issue but I will say this; Marcus Garvey left Jamaica , came to the great U.S and saw that they did not know much about themselves and there was no unity. Is a Jamaican come yah come see dat and it nuh change. They have a system and laws and dont even know how fi use it to di best of their ability …There is not one Jamaican that a go sidung and seriously stereotype Americans pan a serious level, matter a fact we always have a few Americans ina we pocket

      1. Yep, a brother Marcus, may his soul rest in peace, come and teach dem seh dem is somebody and dem come fram someweh. Him open dem minds and hearts to dem humanity, cause di mind control dem was unda before dem didn’t even know dem was somebody. Even in 2014 dem still und amind control, dem not even know how fi tekc advantage a di system to dem benefit in di land of theirs. I honestly wish dem well cause dem is outcasts in dem own country

        1. Mi se all now mi cudda beat miself fi di fus ansa mi ansa dat shemale shera womanframe. When it say we gwaan like we better dan dem :nohope:

  11. The post about Nicki and ri was over 3yrs little word exchange at the vma’s.. The problems with Jamaican’s entering Trinidad has been within the last yr maybe a little over a yr and it wasn’t one of those topics or maybe it happened then too Idk. I’m jut saying we all do it without notice, some on purpose, some unconsciously.. Can’t help but to feel offended I know but we all do it so whatever.. We all feel a type of way about this topic so we can agree to disagree. To the person on top that said deniva is hot mess fag lol that his a personality of his when he dresses in drag it’s a character for his videos. Yes he is gay but he isn’t a full time cross dresser only when he is doing his videos. He could chose better gt up when in character.

    1. Metty, yuh have a very smart mouth….and I LOVE it!! :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

    2. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  12. if a bitch seh that to my face I would beat the shit outta har.. it burn mi fi har you si kiss teet.. hello metty how you doing darling

  13. What’s his life about doh??? This fool that rides on top of the rainbow
    Kiss teeth … F**k him
    Him mumma shoulda know whey fi do when she did miss har period

  14. Evening Met; Evening Metters
    If I may say a thing. The reasons why we (or me) generalized other Caribbean islands is because it seems a lot of them do not like Jamaicans for no reasons. I even see a post put up on NB about Kevin Hart oman Eneko and the commenters a cuss Jamaican women, and the things they were saying is what I usually hear other island gals say.
    And lets be honest. Quena deserve anything shi get because she always wah gwaan like shi brighta dan nuh baddi else and diss Jamaicans neatly…. and dat not going to sit well w/ me or any other Jamaicans especially knowing what I know about her ethnicity.
    I don’t have anything to say about “stinking daneva,” because di dranko dem a quarry look betta so no need fi waste time pon dat.
    Gay people are bullies, once you do not agree with them they start to bully you…..we need a f**king (xcuse mi french)petition because I am tired of being bullied for what I believe in and for what the bible said.

  15. But met u know he is coming frm a place too like u say bloggers were coming frm a place of anger with certain situations wen their dissing another nationality. U can’t excuse one and not the other. He just watched a video of some place in ja bashing gays (what he is). Same like when Trinidad wouldn’t let Jamaicans in everybody was upset and speaking frm a place of anger.. I remember when a Jamaican women went to Barbados and she was fat, a crowd tauted her and followed her for a long time making fun of her and calling her names. Met please tell me u remember when u posted that along time ago. It’s the same situation.. Everyone on the post was rightfully disgusted and hauled nuff insults towards the batman community. I’m not defending him but when it hits home we get offended.. Just like he did when he seen the video, and we seen the video of the big girl in Barbados..

    1. U know my memory bad but yes I remember lol..When that kind of disdain hits home one has to take offense especially when lies are mixed in…Nobody never call we smelly or nasty yet

    2. With that post u speak of it cannot equate to his insult at all and u know why…….in that video it was jamaican against jamaican so by right he had no business in that

  16. I unfollowed this asswipe months ago when I saw him bad mouthing our Karla Moore ( mooretalkja) just because she also did a scandal review…he is a badminded piece a crap.

  17. Wat a person outta order han rink. I think somebody buss a nutt inna di shemale mouth an it bore a hole right inna de miggle ah raaaaaaaas frontal lobe why she/im ah talk out ah de side ah him neck. She/im better mind before a yardie tek off dem slippers han slap him inna him face wid it.

  18. A wha do tinking dutty foot suck hood batty bwoy. Does he own a mirror he look like he belong in a third world country. He is the most disgusting ignorant gay man I’ve ever seen. He tacky and not funny. I will never condone beating or killing a person because they are homosexual. That’s not right I am not god I can’t judge them so I leave them to the universe. He lucky he lives in atl a very big gay community. But he should be careful talking about Jamaicans like that since were so “Ignorant” cause they would actually beat the shit out of him. I would hate to hear about that but you have to be very careful when you speak on things like that. Funky dineva look like he needs a well needed shower in boiling hot water and detergent not bathing soap but detergent.

  19. Unu nuh see seh dineva illiterate? Me don’t even business bout da post yah cause dineva a smaddy weh when him talk you affi ignore him cause him nuh too bright! How can he blame the people of Jamaica for growing up in a “culture” that does not condone homosexuality? Not everyone I JA is against homosexuality but our culture is our culture him as an “American” should know that his country is the only country that Homosexuality is accepted 100% there are other cultures that are doing way worst than Jamaica is to homosexuals! Him can gwan talk because the only thing that America have over good up Jamaica is Oportunities & that’s why we are all here Jamaica a better country fi yahsuh! Kmt

  20. I don’t partial fi tell any nationality how me feel…out a respect fi met and some bloggers and peepas If me fling 2 afta da burden deh whey come out of a female all di cia and god shiva!
    Onu see wha happen when onu prop up monkey? how onu fi a falla dis demon fi jokes? whappon kat stevens nu have comedy pon youtube? dis wha happen onu think onu a unite de black race. WE NEVER CAME FROM THE SAME PLACE IN AFRICA AND NUFF A WE A SWORN ENEMIES FROM CREATION! I wouldn’t mind seeing diss creature do a gas dance!

  21. Morning am late but add to coment this shemale is free to voice opinion but this is way of out of context dirt bag his like too much hood to yuh brain Jamaica only have one climate what do u expect us to wear Huggs boots & trench coat shit pit I don’t know why most of these country carrying a belly fi Jamaica only god he knows this really offend me i feel like I would pop him neck like the jackass own dam batty washer smh

  22. That’s out of order big time. My friend was just reading this and he was saying I guess this is how he feels when people generalize him as {the African or that African} As Africa is a big continent with over a 1000 Languages. He said the same anger he is seeing towards this he she comment on her is how he feels when people start up with him too and start imitate ie Nigerian accent when talking to him {btw his not Nigerian}.

  23. Gd! I think the faggat is lost wen man ah juk prostate fram morning till night yuh mus talk and poop shit literally he’s not comfortable who he is and right there is the proof he was born a man an him tun him batty inna pussy that looks like confusion to me!!!

  24. The only reason why he don’t like Jamaicans is because we don’t accept homosexuals if we did we would be idolized and glorified by him. I really don’t care what he has to say especially coming from a very ugly man and a extremely ugly shemale……the gays in Jamaica look way better than him and he has access to everything and they don’t.

    1. No thats not the reason , he speaks the way a lot of uneducated and uncultured americans do, at his stage he dont know better ..people only feel people act better than them because they feel less about themselves…I have never felt like anyone acted better than me so its a mind thing and thank God many americans know better than him

  25. Gal a wah do you we respect our country and no put up with slackness for our kids to grow up and follow, future more don’t dis a country you dont know about every country has a downside i travel to many sure you never explore Jamaica to see what Jamaica actually build on Jamaica is a small island and still we manage to be talked about bitch you only hatting you not a Jamaican make sure you don’t visit Jamaica make sure you don’t go to our parties make sure your parents aint Jamaican keep to whatever you are we dont take no disrespect

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