22 thoughts on “WELL SHE SEH SHE PLASTIC

  1. Her Body is disgusting Katti mi know u hate yuhself
    Yuh batty stay bad is what dem inject inside u ? MNL u and Yankee Michelle use the same thing !!!! Mi feel bad fi unu not just u batty u breast dem lopsided as well! Katti mi shame fi u my girl. When I saw her pics I was literally grossed out do Way she look STINKKKKK me wa know a which man lay dung wid r. And on top of it she ugly me can’t manage where this new found confidence come from? She stay real bad

  2. Katti you been a take up residence in Florida lately seeking the people man. You was just at sandz Party few weeks ago were the man there with his wife and you present your lapsided looking self all the way in Florida to be at the party ,the man pay you no attention whatsoever and only call you the next day and get a slap off you in the hotel you pay for and promise to send you a thing in the week.Which you didn’t get. Then you fly your way now to BRT cause you spend you money buy up things and him promise to give you back the money and hotel money but instead he there with his wife and friends you in BRT looking like a wounded dog. Yet still Monday morning you never stop untill you get him over to give him a 3 some wuth u idiot sour mouth friend. Hope anything him promise you is received. You give Hubo phone number,you give chanze phone number. OK 1800plastic.

  3. #anonymous she name Kattie dirty dirty girl. She go from one state to next seeking out flossers and so call ballers and wiggle her way in then give a two slap and 3 some for name brand and surgery money. Is earlier this year a girl box her a Vegas for approaching her man with her dry eye. One slut bucket that.How she taking care of home is her mother she leave her kids on all the time. How you mother but hardly with you kids? Tell me

  4. Well if bayyy man acask fi her number dat mean dem like what them see! She cant be dat disgusting looking as u seh

  5. She and Kerry Annan Nikki Sweets lk and sell front from state to state for name brand. Non of dem live nowhere. Her body is disgusting and she’s all bleached out and her skin is really think. The wind can cut her skin that’s how thin & pale it is from the bleaching. if u ever see her without makeup. Yuk

  6. She didn’t need any surgery nor bleaching she looked so much better in her acid dancing group days she was pretty girl…. she ruined herself and I’m no hater just stating the facts but she gets a lot of likes on ig so I guess she feel like she looks good but I’ve seen worse than her get more likes so I guess it’s based off of how naked you are.Her surgery wasn’t done great. The best body would have to go to twinny besides her nasty looking stomach her body is well proportioned. Bobbete breast looks horrible it’s too big for her body, her ass isn’t propionate she’s still ugly to me, Tricia body nuh look good belly too big and her ass looks weird, apple body looks better on ig it looks weird in person, kizzy lipo doesn’t look good, but all jokes aside yankee Michelle, Jodi and katti has the worse fake body in dancehall they need to link twinny for her doc and NO I don’t know these ppl other than seeing them so I’m not being biased

  7. She is one local and international whore
    She look so good before she did all this wack surgery and Bleaching. Which dancehall baller don’t get that front is who don’t come in dancehall yet. So now she switched it up to 3 some. BOGO with her friend. And she is a imformer to street talk not sure if it’s only hate talk but a little dog yes I know she is..Kattie u nuh tired of you dirty life just to wear me brand? You got 3 kids do better.

  8. Kattie why why you was just in LA BRT doing the same thing ,you go negril do the same thing now you go key West on the same thing. Kattie you go mess with the wrong woman man and you Beach skin get tear off and you blow up body burst. Remember girl box you already in Vegas for her man.

  9. Wait wait wait Trecia Treciafocus on Ig wey did a dead ova Aidonia a give 3sum neva put it pass haar a St.Elizebeth slut bucket dat that’s expected she soon do up haar body too wonder what happen to the good up man she did hv a Ft.lauderdale or deh money mon a West Palm Beach

  10. No correction she has 3 kids…so them love make it look like is only 2 after that no more get mention. Lol. Always leaving her kids to be on parties how you taking care of home? How about school work getting look over,helping with homework, spending quality time with you kids. You in dancehall and every pan knock like you don’t have a chick or child. All you worry about is running you front like spirit airline, like any highway, like the subway. People even think about Aids anymore.

  11. Trcia why why you have Katie let you do 3some Monday morning. Like you can really have you helping her do her dirty job.Shame on you. Hope you get proper pay and not just promise. Just to wear name brand you all will go low . Katie were is the scammer you meet couple months ago you should try keep him like how you like name brand. Which bae you got letting u eat good? No man own you. Only use you department store you carry between you leg and mouth.you like Walmart and Target for dancehall man

  12. Let’s guess Jr again smh. This married man run either the crawniest set a gal and they get flew in f’d n no money!

  13. Yes you sure know the business him same one have them life sex buckets a BRT all tell her to let she and her friend sort out him friend untill him get chance to link her since wifey in the place. Gal nasty and low no shame might as well advertise on Craigslist.

  14. Yes trecia want to get body do up to so she have Katie teaching her how to be a slut bucket with dancehall men cause she was already St Elizabeth slut bucket but the sad part is a pure promise after the threesome Kattie give her so good luck with getting her body done. See how Katie quite and not defending her name on here cause she know me and her in malice and I know the full episode of the Hawaii trip. Is not everything you see on these sluts IG u must believe there is more to it. How she reach,reason to reach and what went on sure didn’t show on IG. So yes it was family vacation with a whole lot of dirt garbage, Congo worm behind it.Yes a ya suh nice. Kattie u life dirty bad.

  15. Lmao Trecia Nuh need fi do her body she born shape good she might ugly but her body been on point ! I don’t like her but I’m gonna give ceaser what he’s due ! She have mash mouth and just ew but her body neat from day 1 she put on nuff weight recently but it’s nothing she can’t work off !

    Trecia the man a Florida weh him deh and weh di Lexus deh weh u seh him buy fi yuh lmfaooo girl look ya u deh a foriin from Wappy kill Phillip I never see u wid a man of your own yet nor have I ever seen u in any car lmao you’re like 32 tho! You choose to put on weight inna ur old age and never breed yet? Girl bye
    Aidonia drop Trecia like a bad bc habit lmaoooooooo and u know me kinda feel bad fi Trecia she might be a whore but she’s a nice girl lmaooooo Trecia u have a good job a u seh keep u work she been working the same place over 6 years stop follow dutty PUSSi Katti stay in your lane you don’t see how completely different you guys are?

  16. Clap clap on that one. It’s so true they two different People. Why she letting this blow up crocken lizard looking girl have her all over the place I don’t know. It’s true she ugly but she shape good. Kattie is straight up crosses every minute she have a different friend doing escort service but then again you get pay for escort service while them get promise she need to be thankful to her batty man friend that in credit card scamming to help keep her in name brand. Name brand go let them sell they soul for cheap to the devil. These girls just make themselves so low and degraded.Like you got kids it don’t look good.

  17. Which Jr cuz Jr Skeng was in Bahamas with Mavado during BRT. His wife was there but he never reach back a Fl until Monday night. She do f**k with him and pass through him crew But they don’t get shit and never will. Just promise. Kattie pass round all during BRT the amount pass thrunroom dem. Either Jr have HIV or a look it to give him wife. He love 3some but no love condom n katti say she gonna get a baby off him.

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