1. it works well, at least she went on the catwalk at the New York Fashion Week for that Jamaican designer: Carmichael Byfield.

  1. Leave Wendy alone, she is winning in her head. She swears she’s a model and that’s really funny because she spent her entire life stealing and faking the funk tills he get old and dry the fuck up. She’s the next THIEF and needs to stop pretending to have money with her receptionist job (not knocking the job just her fake ass pretending as if she works a good paying job that can maintain her name brand lifestyle). Wendy lives and works in LI and the minimum wage out there is lower than even Brooklyn. Minimum wage is $11 in LI and Wendy is making no more than $15. STOP THIEF WENDY, STOP THIEF. She’s a pimp, all send Kemario go thief shameful licky licky people

    1. Okay Wendy head look like bud nest… BUT THAT BITCH IS ORIGINAL AND DAMN PRETTY.

      Yu say yu nah knock the job, yet yu sunk right into it! She have a J.O.B…so what now?

      From a person have a job, side hussle and someone (spouse, significant other) to supplement their income dem free fi live as they please.

      From a gyal have a salary/legit business and 1099 dem good wid me. That’s independence.

      Ironback skin look healthy.

      1. Yes, I sunk right into it because she is a big THIEF like Robbers and Snapple but gwan like she better dan people so yes me ago talk bout her low income job and her sticky fingers that she use thief all meat from the produce aisle.

        1. Unlike those 2 bitches, she have a J.O.B., so all when she look like sensi fowl she have some kind a ambition.

          If you carry har go court me would declare as her attorney that she have a disorder, which is being a Kleptomaniac.

          Leave the gal and her low income job. She can go elevate from there.


          Me a defend de low income/entry level diss because a no nothing fi cuss de woman bout! A Shit and cashier work elevate me in having degrees (with honors)
          and traveling miles without rest for long periods of time.

          Plus same low income/entry level people BLOG RIGHT HERE! Find something else fi cuss de woman bout.

    2. Badmind ago kill unno, you took the time you could be striving for better to write all this hate for someone who doesn’t even know if you a breath, why you hate the woman because the lil looks good gave her? smh

  2. @3:34 I am with you, she need to give up like some of her long time friends…sometimes I wonder if she really believe in her head that she is a star. And if she ago live like this the rest of her life.church today dance tomorrow and cry at nights because she’s battling with not having inner peace.


  4. Wendy has her own style and it is often misunderstood just because she don’t have on the lace front wigs and follow everybody run go up a the battyman shop to do her hair. She looked very nice in her own way. Low di gal.

  5. Wendy really believe in her head that she is a star smh…look like Whitney on crack fi real.wendy do not have Shit but old clothes and that Benz truck the house she rent the other day the lady dead.the lady son ask her for the house so she had to move in a basement she can’t even stand up straight.wendy fake it for the gram.

  6. It’s good to be different.its one thing when you are different and it look nice.wendy don’t look good not a ugly girl but this just don’t look good she look like her hair stink and wah wash yuk!!

  7. Wendy love hype like she educated…where and when she get educated when she a walk and teef 20years now kmt girl bye .a gina she a hype pon.

  8. Wendy was winning in her early days.. when she use to go Manhattan go buy the FAKE things and poor Icolate couldn’t talk. I honestly believe she need to go out like Queenie daughter Chin and the tall lady I forgot her name.but then again each one teach one and dancehall ful a dummies.

    1. Tall lady Tracey Champion? So Wendy didn’t buy a house when she was in her prime and things going on for her?
      Young hotties take note…. Secure it while y’all young n hot…see Kim Possible a preach!! Mek mi faas does Kim own a place in NY or JA?

  9. Wendy post pictures everyday every single day on her Instagram she is self absorbed obsessed with herself pretending to live this rich lavish life still stealing Kemario told his mother he can’t take the stealing anymore tashy Bashy said she chat all her friends that’s why she don’t speak to her anymore icolette can’t chat Wendy cause anybody that not friends with Wendy she go and friend dem like Gina what are they going to do when Trump starts going door to door Wendy likes to pretend she works with corporate America bitch where glad u working though boo but humble u self u days done over junior not seeing road again blood is on your shoulder Memba dat the streets know your business

  10. She did buy a house but her worthless ass lost it years ago.she never did a make the payment and had to short sale the house.wendy never even get money off the house.wendy don’t own no house living in a 2 bedroom walk in basement in Long Island. All she do is fake for internet.some of these women too worthless

  11. @6:22 the lady name Shelly I believe she move out the USA and live under a rock somewhere else. Her baby father did kill Ragga because him badmind RAgga, Wendy need to leave dancehall like them ladies deh!!

  12. Why striker wear those bright lipsticks? She act like someone with a mental health disorder these big ole blue, green, white lipsticks. Looks horrible on her.

  13. Wait? Wendy is living in a basement now?? Since when? When I use to see her pictures it was all crystal up in a house. But you see it though. Illegal money doesn’t last. Anybody can get a house but it’s to maintain it is the key. Nuff of them don’t have a stable career “not” a job to maintain a house. I’ve seen this over the years over and over again. They get 40 thousand to pay down on house but can’t maintain a 30-year-old mortgage.

  14. “Bobb-ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  15. That’s why she left kemario because they gave her time to leave the house and he couldn’t come up with any money to help move.the lady who own the house son gave her time to leave the house so she had to grab a walk in basement that’s why she don’t show up her house like that the furniture them can’t even fit good in the apartment.she leave kemario and say he’s worthless cause him couldn’t come up with anything to help her.

  16. I so ironic how waste folks, have nothing to do but bash and put down there own countrymen. This sister have a job no matter who low income it is. The girl is a go getter and a fighter, she hold her head high all the time no matter what obstacles stand in her way. I admire her strength and courage to rise about you low level bad mine dutty jackass. Go clean your houses and go bathe and nurture your children, so they don’t turn out like u .

  17. Wendy still drive that min van with her glass tree looking for jr when he didnt come home i never see her travel back to her country all that money dressing her son’s in gucci n burberry guess her big head face friend run to the alter before her she vex iclotee watch out u not working trump soon come knock on your door stop teef go back to school showing ig that u clean n pretty your breath smell from long time go dentist to see what cause it and u wendy comb your hair thats not drop top benz u was driving before the repo man came and got it

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