Good Morning Met! Marcel wet dem yuh win the gold medal for community cocky. Met here is Marcel secret lover jersey_trish. Remember when dem send in di post asking who will Marcel spend Valentine with well it’s was this lady trish. Here is a picture of both of them posting the same hotel on vday. You can also go and watch the videos and you’ll see it’s the same hotel. Back in November they was also in the city on the 5th floor which she had as her location but he said it in his video. My only problem is this man is constantly in my inbox trying to get with me and come to find out he’s secretly sleeping with a associate I’m know her but he doesn’t know and she doesn’t know that he’s trying to talk to me. So Trish just to let you know if he trying to talk to me you ain’t the only one he’s seeing. I could of got Valentines if I didn’t shut him down. So ladies don’t feel special because YOU WILL GET PLAYED.


  1. Please sender you sound like the man Fu$k and duck yuh already and yuh hurt yuh sound like a big fool cause it yuh neva waah him u wouldn’t care bout the inbox. Plus u don’t care bout Trish that much but it obvious u straight u stalking them lol but then again this kinda fishy trish mine a yuh send this in enuh cause u tired of being hidden

  2. Lawd god so him at UNCLE party with him next woman @TAMIHAIRSTUDIO on IG… And right now today now now him other woman @__SHAKKII__ just post picture today outside him house. Him have nuff woman more than 20. leave the man alone him a live life as long as him boots up wet dem Mr man wet dem

  3. For all…. I’m am the sender Marcel have never slept with me and I turned him down if you really wanna know and till this day he still tries. Marcel doesn’t want anyone before Marcel tried to talk to me I knew about him In the streets and I also know of his secret lover. The reason I put this up which I’m apologizing to the young lady. But Marcel is consistently tries to talk to me I asked him about this girl and he denies her 10000000% percent but you want me and then y’all spend nights in hotels together. I’m not dumb. I’m not one of these dancehall chicks that’s frighten for a man with materialistic things. Marcel have X6 I have my benz truck he got his apt I have my house he have a good job I have my career. If he have to hide you he aint yours to begin with and that’s not how I roll. So Marcel is not hurting nobody on this side. If Trish is comfortable being either a side chick and the main hidden chick then that’s good for. I have to much pride and standard to settle for less when I can have more. So anybody that have something to say about the Sender come again.

  4. Sender My girl U say u a question him an him deny it. So u an him a deal but him a lie to u an u vex. This man never claim a woman yet cause Him have nuff nuff and everyday him looking more. Him in everybody inbox. Nobody own him an him not gonna wife nobody. 75% a woman on him page him a f**k or use to f**k SPEAK TO HIM & STOP SEND HIM IN

  5. Must Shakkii post dis.. she nuh stop stalk out di man ig and page dem.. Di man use and abuse har suh now she a post up di man naked pon ig.. Real stalker and she live a yard wid man.. Shakki ig name yuh fava ediat

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