Hi Met,

Can you find out what could’ve gone oh so wrong with Chronixx and Teflon?Met it is just that we remember the big tune proclaiming…”Me and mi bredda dem good,mi neva grudge Teflon”

How ironic it would be if a grudgefullness cause the fallout smh?


  1. Chronixx called Obama wasteman and see it there now,his bestie a style him.If u know yuh heart clean like a likkle whistle!

  2. Teflon never know say chronixx a wasteman when him a par with him all these years. People always try to project their insecurities onto ppl that they are envious for. Romaine if you are upset at something jamar did u should call him and discuss it like friends. No u want to end up on the blogs so u put this up. Jamar is not perfect but how many times you going to try tarnish the youth name romaine and everytime u pull something like this you run back to jamar and look friend. Tell Instagram how u voice songs year now and nuh mix dem. Tell dem how many times opportunities were given to u for you to be the next big producer but bcuz u lazy and lack the will to follow through they slipped through your fingers. A somebody you a look fi see u.

  3. Mi did hear some talk in the streets somebody did a talk bad bout Chronixx and a seh ” u hear him all a sing bout him nuh grugde Teflon, u can stay deh” , idk what they meant by it.

  4. Saw this on IG and was thinking what could have happened. They seem to be together from day 1. Now Teflon took it down.

  5. So it goes. It happens in the industry often, friends & brothers start out good, then end up enemies. However, the rastas never fail to surprise me, given how they always start out with their righteous indignation about everything.

    I like Chronixx music, but I don’t like him. I like Teflon music & he seems ok. Best of luck to both.

  6. How ironic that the very name he called president Obama is the very name that is now his name

    Good Morning Met,Metters,Peppers nd Others…

  7. Dem a nuh real rasta cause rasta woulda discuss it like real men. Some man get too weak a put things pon social media. Then when unno friend again unno look stupid.

    Why would chronixx grudge teflon? Money or fame , i think not lol. Maybe Teflon feel seh Chronixx must pay him half of his money.

    I see it all the time you and a man come up and u feel like u must get half or more.

    Some people don’t want to work for theirs and will badmind the other man. Teflon remember you a d producer and producer don’t get nuff money unless dem a produce pop or rnb overseas. Why u nuh try sing some songs to

    1. You raise a perfect point about discussing like real men.

      “Why u nuh try sing some songs to” had me in stitches 🙂

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