So uno no hear bout the big war with handicap Michelle an har battyman drew? Mi say the gyal a real evil mi have to cut har off she no know wa the word friend mean. She a par with a gyal from farrin an a regular she chat the gal an a the gyal me hear say save har in the war. She go on like she was at the top an can do with out drew but now him come an no see har she a mad out worse him have a new gal a model with. Gyal look great no blowow handicap Michelle can’t compare. Hear say she see the man a party an start fight him an him start beat out har handicap self an di farrin gyal run down an start stab him but if she no how Michelle chat har she wouldn’t defend har. Da gyal de a evil she no like nobody but har self she mash up all drew car mi hear but she did a hype say she no need him so me no understand dis


16 thoughts on “WHAT A CONTRADICTION

  1. Bloodclaat michii a ediot gyal she f***y f**y that’s y drew leff har,him did a give har it all but the bitch can’t satisfy so she did a con him fren an the fren tell him back woiiii so drew dump har like truck

  2. Big pussy nicky go look a life and come off a Michelle bitch..yuh nuh stop live ina the gal shadow wanna be.talk about how yuh walk and chat the gal and still a rock michi clothes dem….come out a the goegrage weh yuh live ina all the pussy pic and naked pic that yuh sending all boh with yuh chop up body.still nah put you no where nor a climb go no where badmind dirty nicky

  3. Story wrong bang right here suh caz a Michelle and her fren beat drew bloodclooot no gal wasn’t there with him but richkid and richkid run left drew a get beaten..Michelle don’t have one bruse from drew dutty sell pussy nicky come good at mi fren Michelle again…caz yuh class the gyal and a Tuesday mi see yuh inna Michelle dress old bruck nicky…..a baaayyyyyyyyyy michi don’t stop hurt up hungry belly Nicky head

  4. Drew and Michelle come in like vomit di two dem is a mess dem nuh tried fi guh pon pink wall if suh mi fi get fame mi nuh want fi famous michelle yuh really a fight over batty man lickle gal a suh yuh love when fi yuh pussy full a shit michelle yuh fi stop sell yuh soul to the devil yuh wuck obeah yuh das weh bout 3 five months baby yuh f**k batty man yuh cus yuh mother yuh duh everything das bad lickle gal guh repent of all yuh sins yuh too young fi a gwan suh

  5. Dem should a kill nasty Drew him mad just because di handicap gal left him all the while him come a jamaican come meck a fool a him raas self yuh ever hear old people seh show off bring disgrace Drew yuh member how yuh use to gwan when yuh a di handicap did a f**k di handicap should meck di man dem duh yuh worse than weh yuh get yuh should a guh back a foreign wid yuh head tun behind yuh yuh germs yuh

  6. How Nicky fi fit inna Sample clothes thou. That nuh mek nuh sense. Nicky have shape while sample fava one mop stick

  7. Michelle neva war ova nuh drew him get bright and she beat out him bloodclooot and that’s it…so unu come off a the bloodclooot gal caz she nuh memba non a unu yes a nufffffffff a Michelle clothes nicky inna we can go scoop dem off a nicky bloodclooot ig/fb,all when Michelle take dem in finey hold inna dem so Jamaica2rhatid yuh talking shit and pure shit

  8. Sample you be winning all of these fake ass dirty haters and badmind so called frens & fam.don’t stop hold yuh head high mi gal,YA’LL story lame now we tired of hearing handicap/obhea/dash weh belly/a guess YA’LL need to go do the same caz wah sample a do a work and unu mad and craxy eeh dwrl..sample big up damn self mi gal love yuh load bad we bloodclooot bad

  9. Nicky go look a life and leave michi alone cause michi beating you bad wanna be;you hate Michi so much and still be rocking the gurl clothes them a how yuh do it then act like your the shit,bitch byeeeeeeeee stop carry yuh son go thief then come on social media talking about good mother’go hide yuh self inna the garage and stop fronting fa who don’t know you.cause we all know who you be broke bitch,,,Debbie stop buy 20 rice a town yet and the dirty kick over food them a market back dwrpl

  10. Drew need to get some more f**g lick inna face caz him come yah act like Jamaican and him scamma money can buy out Jamaica Michelle dem nearly kill it Tuesday night sorry him neva get a blind yiy go back America Michelle next time you see him make sure you have some shit fi gi him pussyhole a glad when a hear esii bright and ups…all dirty hungry belly nicky she remember a regular Michelle feed yuh whole house ungrateful badmind gal

  11. Some a unno fi go look a life and come off social media with f***ry the time unno a write pinky and tantan name a try frame the gyal dem unno go luk a life cuz a attention unno a seek n pinky n tantan nah gi unno none so plz go luk a life who cares what nicki wanna do or who care about man and unno arguement kmft.

  12. that girl is barely 110 pounds and can’t fight to save her life, last time me touched her it cost me 500k to fix that broke arm, me need my money for my new bitch… This the same chick who went to the police and pressed charges for me touching her when I never did and u want me to touch her again no way she work wit police me can’t bother

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