0 thoughts on “WHAT A DISGRACE…………IS WHO SHE?

  1. I git is too early,but y she so pissed.As a. Female to argue with tony u worst than him,,,is kids seems to be well taken care of,,,him just curse woma too much at times n that’s a form of disrespect,,,not affiliated to tony but mi love afterdark lol,,,d block burn har dohhhh lolL…but she need fi know,never u tell a person bout them mother or kids,,,serious offense [email protected] angry behavior

    1. DWMFLLLLLLLLLL!!! That “BLOCK” is a helluva thang I tell you!!!! When you block bum broke ni99as and bum hooeees dey be MAD PISSED!!! Why she mad doe??? Ignorance is bliss but when you continue to ignore them it really bring out the madness in them. No acknowledgement dem ago get…NONE!! :malu :kiss :hammer :hammer :bola

  2. She a cuss him cause him put up her son and a make fun of him so she get mad and a write bare things on his ig so him block her…..him need fi stop it it’s not funny

        1. yes mi si di pic when i went to look lastnight fi see who di lady was etc………mek mi :shutup:

          1. mi doe waa she come trace mi at all har mout velly lite but a she did put in him hair ? mi gone mi gone i have left :tkp

          2. Lmaoooo n she full a word to suh but met ur word dem no normal so she is no match to u lmaooooooooo

      1. Him a big boy ina him 20’s but him gay n colour him hair blue suh Maggie n him followers dem a dun him n a call predator n creature suh him madda get involve

          1. dwrcl…met u know say u just make me nearly choke . how u mean u never know is a real person…dwl

          2. Him look some type way and the mama feeling some type way, heyyyyyyyyyyy :hammer

  3. Mi nah lie. If a did my pockney dat mi disown it…mi wudda seh a mi pet Alian. Uno watch American dad

  4. Met u comments them a kill me u no easy. U r a funny lady a lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve u. u just say wats on ur mind and keep moving. So matty u eat inna mi loving deer voice a lady gee.

  5. I will never disown my child for their lifestyle so long his not murdering, molesting, robbing a real mother’s love is unconditional. I support her.

  6. MATTERHORN GET MORE THAN 10 KIDS AND ONLY 3 OR 4 OF THEM HIM LOOK PON…. Mouth tink like shit fi tru tru tru

  7. Maybe a jus me one but Matty act like a battyman. It’s just my opinion. Di way him flash him hand an gwaan wid di skining up of di lips an ting. Mi naw say him gay but mi jus a say is so nuff battyman act. Nutten nuh wrong wid being fiesty but him mout just nasty fi a man. It look bad when women act like dat much less man. Him have a pic on IG an him caption it sumting like “Mi want fight Maggie good hole to bring such a handsome guy like this” (something like that) Which respectful man speaks of his mother that way even if a style an everybody a dweet. Smh. I’m just not a fan of his. Sorry. Just my opinion.

    1. dwl when me see that comment me say me confirm say matterhorn no righted upstairs…cuz all me a say is how him know Maggie hole good..kmt..mad man that ya

      1. Dwlll. Shadae yuh see it too. Tru everybody a talk bout good hole him have to drag him mother ina it. No sah. Him a get cloying and too nuff now.

    2. cita whey u seh it caption?? mi nuh deh pan ig thank God for the savior and all His angels :travel

    3. Cita I thought it was me alone, too feminine for me I would neva give him the time a day worserer to mek him breed me. Not a fan

  8. Mamacita comment @1:37….bigup yuhself sis wi share di same sentiment regarding Maggie bwoy…him move fishy fi tru

  9. @Cita, if u nuh like maggie bwoy, u shouldnt a view him page pon instagram…If u nuh like smaddy u stay far..Ive come to the conclusion matty nuh wrap too tight so pple caan tek him serious…

    1. Mi a follow Matty pan IG long before him get hype and so nuff. Is di attention mek him get hypER. We are all guilty of looking on ppl page all when we nuh like dem. All a we guilty a dat. Dwlll. Matty nuh wrap too tight yes but he is quite conscious and of average sense suh him comment bout unda him madda is a bit much even fi a person weh nuh wrap too tight.

  10. metty good afternoon. tony is nobody, i bet you he is on here as we speak taking a look for his fool fool after dark. metty i went to jay icon party the other day and hear him a call up yuh name bout yuh broke and hungry like dog and how pink wall gets 30 comments and after dark a thousand. i heard from good source that him love beg pussy and thats why one a him teeth them black so.i cuss out him rass one night on ig and mek him know a fool fool gal rate him for all that he says on ig. mi nuh rate nuh bwoy that talk bad bout woman and is very rude towards females. He is not getting no pussy when night time comes, notice nuh gal nuh deh beside him, is just him and the pillow and the sheets in the room alone.Him and suck pussy noah love dis woman cause them cant talk and call nuh man name. Tony needs to look in the mirror before him talk cause him look sick.

    1. But Matterhorn back a time like hogseed eee man him just discover internet so how him fi a size up him self with Met kmt Matterhorn seek dental help STAT ASAP SOS MAYDAY MAYDAY 911 emergencyyyyyyy

  11. @Cita, anuh tracing match me ina wid u, its an observation. Maggie is very outa-ada and him say tings for shock-factor..Him a selector, dem get paid fi chat f**kery and fi dem line a work dat.. If we were all to take him at face value including him combolo dem, then pple feelings woulda really hurtz..Mattheron is outa-ada and him mouth nuh ave no govern, and he aint wrapped tight at all!! tony-mental, his name is befitting!!!

  12. i think maggi son is on narcotics..
    him a cross de line tooo many times now an it ah get wurs

    any body close to him know if him own a crack pipe???

  13. Big pussy tony matteron can’t style met up no way no how. Look how much advertisement on JMG a wan hear him fe cus the cricket matty look like any old cricket he is Instagram Jamaican DJ clown face long like country jack ass . Teeth them black like him a eat charcoal pussy thin man matty with the little willy hood .

    1. Maybe mi did beg him food and him tek him plate a food trample dung di hungry dat was about fi kill mi…u know how dat save life ting guh…only ting is I dont recall :maho

  14. I think he is going too far he gonna harass the wrong person and end up get what foota hype get. if that was my gay son he would definitely loose his visa.

  15. I believe he is a batty man and he cant hide it , he is no bad man so he needs to o chill I want to see if afterdark gonna save him in ny end of month.Matteron I know you reading I will be there to video the beating batty boy. you cant diss and think its all good these ppl know where to find maggie. how could you diss ppl kids and your family is a phone call away?

    1. The boy is a big man for one…number two, dressing nuh have a thing fi do wid lifestyle..If the mother is so concerned for him she should not have allowed him to leave out of anywhere like that…Him did a call attention to himself all the way

    2. Tru met..I do agree say Matterhorn cross the line more while,n say some real shit but honestly,,,,d pic look messy,,,,a Nuh everything fit white fit black,if Matterhorn no talk other ppl gonna,that colored hair,etc just look like a. Clown…no1 cares or discrimination his sexuality just d fashion,,,no mek no sense….n I didn’t see where he said much under d pic,a d followers…smh.

      1. I feel a she do di hair because she say she a hairstyle guru :hammer
        a di guru ina di head rite dere a feel a dat mek har upset

  16. matteron they need to light you .walk and suck nuff pussy a town every page you make we going to report it your career just done that you must know. You can erase all you want erase we done screen shot straigh to the gay activists.

    1. Gay activists fi wah??. It doah look good!!. Everything unno run talk bout gay activists like seh gay people above being laughed at. Nuhbaddy nuh care if him is a goat, an alien or a diseased monkey but him just plain look like shit, Argument done

  17. Sad when critics tell you the truth your family hid from you. All the people them a say in not so many words is thar it was a fashion road kill. Too much at once make you look like clown or predatot lol…..

  18. Hellerrrrrrr can somebody direct mi to di picho please, from yesiday mi a ask.Mi feel left out

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