1. Mi nuh blame her caw she ago need more than mercy fi d lie weh she tell.is her rads sin a beat her bad

  2. I waaa give her 3 swift kick inna har batty bout she change name n a sing Christian song Gaza slime u battum n throat need many many holy water

  3. Isn’t it funny that in the end they always have to call to the “Almighty” only in their time of need!
    She nuh remember da big lie she tell, no mercy till u tek responsibility for your actions.
    Atone, ole heathen!

  4. good day met,metters,peepers nd others..

    re-in-cha-duc’n gaza slim as vanessa bling fi de gal dem weh tell dem man dis mi nah guh leave mi church neva, neva leave it… ..dah voice it dedicated to the man up above :nerd

    good thing God is not like man nd very much forgiving.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  5. Vannessa if yuh really want mercy plze tell the police an prosecutor what yuh man done with lizard remains .mek de family get some sort a closure …bout mercy yuh too wicked

  6. Mercy from the Judicial or from God? Forced to realize what’s going on, she is trying to re-image herself.

    Respect the protocol. God in not in the business of offering favors; in order to seek mercy, the ones will have to first atone for all misdeeds…

    1. Lalibela a d same question mi ask weh day when she post up ic wid food and put hash-tag # mercy, gal a try look sympathy, and still trying to make a mockery of God cauz mi know seh deep down inna fi har heart she nuh change atall, she is still d devil’s pawn.

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