Met. What a way shavile lifestyle becomes one big open disgrace she tek it to heart when she find out say unique J breed him boo. Afta she just spend out the married man money n kip big party fi unique J. J dump har afta d party but mi still a say a good fi har because when she a tek the married man she neva have no respect fi the man wife she tex n call the woman like crazy the woman neva inna no peace because she antagonist the lady. she all tatoo the man name pan har shoulder. She live a Johncrow town and the man n him wife live a six east n she neva did a hide n tek curtis. She neva care if the wife waah know, what goes around comes around now she waah mad when she find out say the money weh she give jay a it a feed n clothes him n him baby mada. Shavile yuh life no have no style. Top call a farrin a badda d people dem fi lend yuh money dem no have it. Yuh say its hard having a good punny so why yuh punny nah pay yuh or the glue ran lef yuh punny.



5 thoughts on “WHAT A STRESS

  1. now I know where the fundings coming from because these bitches never work a day in their life,them dunce as f**k,come on social media and behave as if they are some trophies, she, big hole sheika whe a breed for a nigga that she have to be fighting for a spot Inna him life and a gwaan like her life is something special,Sheika stop beg things for your baby on social media!

  2. Trashy girls always prioritize the man who brings nothing but hype to the table and will always try to bytch out or use the man with substance or who can bring stability to their life. Just by looking at this youth, you can tell he’s a waste man, from his flat-top/Mohawk hairstyle to his bleach skin, his cheap clothes that he tries to make look expensive all down to his fake belt, this youth you can tell is a waste man. Any man who is okay with their woman minding them is a batty man and they will shyt up your puzzy gal. Only desperate bytches pay for cocky, what is wid dem Jamaican gal nowadays unnu dat desperate for shytty hood, you have to spend your bups money pon waste man fi hype?

  3. People people unuh come look yah sumady finally expose this big under cove hore yah or should i say low class no class trashy horeing shavel. Met in all my days mi neva know say one likkle young gal caan change man so. She top gah school from she a 13 and from dat time har pussy no get no lunch time nor holiday, she weh f**k she f**k caan top yah so.
    An to make matters worst she dunce like a bat n hype off a hothing, All she do a go a people party go trust up dem liquor and walk n barrow money fi pay bar bill. She no have no reputation fi a likkle young girl she need fi find her place in life because one day yuh luck ago run out n yuh ago realize yuh waited all those years f***g down the place for just a hype. No shavile from johncrow town yuh need fi credit some class instead liquor. Kino Russian nah use yuh.

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