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  1. Pregnancy is not the only consequence of unprotected sex. There are a number of sexually transmitted infections you need to be worrying about as well.
    Have you not heard of “morning after” pill?
    Seek medical help/advice asap.


      WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTING FROM THIS MAN AFTER A ONE NIGHT STAND WHERE HE BLOCKED YOU SOON AFTER??? Here is my suggestions: only if you plan on keeping this child should you contact this man (build a fake page, try and inbox him or go under one of his post and nicely tell him! If you do not plan on keeping the child….gwaan go take care ah weh yuh fi take care of :cool

      It doesn’t take rocket science to solve this, please protect yourself going forward!

  2. I empathize with you, but on the other hand if u say u haven’t been active for a year wasnt it safe to take morning after? Ha ha u said “we smoked” hun he would’nt and couldn’t have taken u seriously, now chances are u are likely pregnant, he cares not if u are or not. U brought this upon yourself sad but true. If u thought he failed the pull out method y ddnt u opt for morning after? I still cant believe unplanned and unwanted pregnancy still occuring smh i’m terribly sorry u r in this predicament. U were too easy sorry.

  3. ok so u made a mistake and had unprotected sex with a man u barely know actually dont know but wappen to morning after pill that should been the first thing you did after leaving his house. as a matter of fact i think u have like two days to take that pill so you go home realize he blocked you and you didnt go sort out yourself knowing very well you could get pregnant. im sorry mi nuh sorry fi u thats just past dumb.

  4. 1. Take a pregnancy test.
    2. If you are pregnant tell him.
    3. If you are not pregnant be more cautious. In the future, travel with and use protection at all times.

  5. Chile dem seh hindsite is 20/20..u know dat what u did was very careless- suh wid dat done,if him block u already him nuh mean u nuh good. Hope u larn u lesson – best thing to do now is to go and check yourself out- check fi stds and pregnancy – which I hope are all negative. If that is the case count you blessing and guh back celibate fi another year or 3 or join a nunnery fi a minute, thanking God for his mercies. On the other hand if u pregnant, think about it hard and decide what is best for you and the child-mi nuh agree wid abortion just suh, unless there is a very good reason- this can also be traumatizing for most people, but dat is me, every man to dem own. As for the STDs which I think is wuss depending on wah u ketch, chile inna dem ya time and space u should have an iron condom or five (1 fi spare, caz dah weed look like it did strong bad)..sound lika joke but in reality mi c-russ. Nonetheless, the earlier you find out you will have a better chance at working with whatever it is- suh do u tests and may God guh wid u.

  6. you think with your pu$$y & now u ina problem, your first mistake was assuming he was a cool dude, u wanted a man or fk boy?? As women we gota think before we act, no matter how a situation or person may seem, never assume. You beeter go docter & get a check-up cause AIDS cant cure, we all made some mistake in our lives regarding sex, but if u pregnant him dont care wether u tell him or not, its best u abort the child & move on at least thats wat i would honestly do. Nextime stop look man pon social media, it never ends well. u lucky u neva ketch nothing,use u brain gal.

  7. Kmt

    Sender u send post in to pink wall, so obviously u are familiar with the site, read the post and comments. If you have never heard or see any Aids/HIV awareness before then I’m almost positive you’ve seen it on pink wall. You are a very loose person, and I hope for your sake and the public you did not get hiv because with your loose ways, I’m sure you are already and will be spreading it and contributing to the epidemic we already have.

    Nastiness plan B could be taken within 72 hours that’s 3 days for future reference.

  8. It’s amazing that at the time you had unprotected sex with someone you only knew from facebook, your only concern was pregnancy. That is the very least.

    First of all, if you do not know this person, why meet him for the first time at HIS house? Why go into his territory where he can do as he pleases? It seems as if you went there with the intention to have sex with him so you should have been more sensible about it, thought about the consequences and you should have walked with protection. Also, since it seems as if sex was your intention, why you never let him come to your place instead so you can at least be in your territory and maybe have the advantage if anything goes wrong, yuh never fraid the man do all kinds of things to you? You don’t hear what is going on out there? If you choose to meet a man off social media again my dear, let it be a public meeting. Let him take you to dinner, lunch, movies… Something other than netflix and chill. Any man who means you well will want to take you out, if it’s even to juicy beef and do other things with you and really get to know you before he takes you to his bedroom or comes to yours.

    Anyway, the damage is already done so what you need to do now is get yourself tested for STDs/STIs and pregnancy. I know to do a comprehensive test is a bit expensive but in the meantime, watch your body, make note of any changes, any sudden cold and/or fever, unusual discharge or odor, cramps, bumps/blisters on your tun tun, burning, itching, any little thing that seems off with your body and yuh tuntun. I’m not saying you should diagnose yourself or worry yourself to death but be aware of your body. You need to think about the possible options if you are pregnant. Clearly Mr. facebook does not want to be contacted by you and probably would deny the child or wouldn’t even care if you are pregnant. Make your decisions based on what is best for you and what you want to do, not because of the man or whether he will be around or not. I am personally not against abortions and see many reasons why it should be a choice that women should be free to make if they want to. I also think it is better to let it be a legal choice so that it can be safer and there can be more protection for the persons doing it as whether it is legal or not, women are doing it and are going to do it and the risk of having a botched procedure or unsafe methods used is way higher when they are forced to do it “under the table” so to speak.

    Only you can make your choice but if you are indeed pregnant, the first thing you have to do is decide what you want. Don’t contact the man to hear what his opinion is first because if he says he will be there and you rely on that to make your decision, he could possibly disappoint you and then you are left alone when you made a choice based on what he has to say. If you choose to contact him, do so AFTER you have decided to keep the pregnancy if you do. Even though it might not lead to anything positive, at least you would have done the right thing to let him know that he has a child out there by you so he can’t say he didn’t know. It would be up to him to do the right thing. If you don’t decide to keep it, leave it be and don’t contact him at all. Again, and I can’t stress it enough, make your decision based on what you want and what is best for you and your life, not anyone else’s.

  9. A brave heart a yuh fada? Cause Yuh brave Nuh bloodclaat yea! Yah worry bout breed when dat can get rid ah… Mi luv mi would a worry bout mi cratches a nyam out incase him gi mi sumting… caah how dat? Yuh Nuh f**k a year now Suh pussy get all tight back an not even a second f**k him nuh want no man sumting rang! Mi cyah relate mi luv mi a pussy sella mi walk wid all my own condom man one an ooman one… di way mi nervous an paranoid all when mi dun mi falla di man go dash weh di condom 1 feet away Mek him squeeze it an tie it mek sure a tings. Knock pan rassclaat wood afta all mi customers an sellings a desease neva reach mi pumpum thanks be to God halliyouyah!… An mi see gal stay home wid one man tuh Dem ting an desease full Dem pumpum.

  10. I’m going to assume that being celibate for a year was a personal choice, not because you haven’t had any suitors. I’m going to also assume that your woman’s intuition whispered in a still small voice that meeting up with this man at his home, drinking and smoking to inhibit yourself, causing you to act on impulse was not a good idea. However, against your better judgement you slept with him.

    Perhaps if you didn’t feel slighted by his lack of interest in you, you wouldn’t be seeking advice. But you know in reality what the answers are. If you are pregnant and you relay this to him, he will not be interested. Should he be? In my opinion no. You are responsible for you, your choices and most importantly your body. You can’t ask or expect a stranger to hold you and your body in high regard if you do not.

    You need to reflect on the decisions you make about you. Why you make the choices that you make and what are some of the things or thoughts about yourself that hinders you from making better choices. If not you could end up repeating this kind of self sabotaging behaviour.

    I too have given my power away to men, it may not be similar to your situation, but I take ownership of where I went wrong and I start from there to set about changing. All the best my dear.

  11. Sigh, I emphasize with u, the fact that u r looking for input from complete strangers says a lot. I don’t know your family dynamic, if have a family member that u can trust and will give you good advice please go to them. U can’t continue to seek men on the internet, u r lucky to be alive. Please don’t let these men use u for sex, if the don’t want a relationship (mek dem spend money and find a prostitute). Please learn to value yourself, if u don’t no one will. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND GOD LOVE YOU. Please go and get yourself checked out

  12. A baby is the lest of your problems go and get check for a STD.

    If you are still in the time frame just go and get the after pill.

  13. Baby girl go get a check up to see if you got anything and if you are pregnant dash weh the belly. Learn from it and move on. This too shall pass

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