Mappie Champagne
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Cild support because man a man and we all cheat . Memba dat . Been making it to blogs sites , so whats new . Blogs sites a talk bout mi From 2008 to present and nothing nuh change and nuttin naugo shake mi because unuh naugo stop so carry on wid 5 thumbs up . October 11th is my 8th annual Step Out Ina Yu Black bday bash . Mappie bloodclaaaut Champagne aka mr subliminal


  1. I cannot stand these illiterate fruit cakes! Talking about you or disgracing you? There’s a difference! Have you ever notice that ugly people all behave like this? Despicable and a sad excuse for a man!!!!
    Have some damn pride already!!

    1. He is such an effing dunce. Not a waste of man Foxy waste of air. The nerve of him to even try to justify his wutlessness. This shit makes me so effing angry. Yuh know sey dem fi me a law or application allowing certain people fi have pinckney because this is just down right sad.

  2. Met him no dun yet dwl now him start pon the man inna the video….a box a condom cost bout $25 Mappie see where i’m going here. dwl

  3. Hairy tongue Mappet whirlpool throat Mappet u fi tap nyam front fi a living r use the proceeds to support u chilldrainnnn dem man hayyyyyyyyyy u see dem two moppet deh whey meck u have dem looking like clowns fi get di hammer memba BLOODCLAAAT puxxy louse u caaa even deny say ur wutliss ass is on child support

  4. This is getting better by the minute Metty…he’s gonna soon get the attention he deserves…keep it coming Mappppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! :hammer

  5. @met you have to tek it the next level and start do video interviews and live broadcasts at parties cause a your blog alone him a talk bout

  6. what does this clown do for a living? Is he legally employed? Does he sell drugs? Does he own a business and files a 1099 Form? Just wanna know because when he does eventually end up before the judge he is going to have to show and prove to the judge how he is able to afford his lavish and expensive lifestyle and cannot support monthly child maintenance expenses of only $25.00. A nd he better hope and pray that he isn’t audited too..

  7. Why suh much yardman love breed woman suh like dem tink pickney a trophy or collector’s item? Children are living breathing things that requires both parents to help nurture them fi atleast 21 years. Using cheating as an excuse for why you have outside children that you refuse to take care of is just Fuxxing stupid. If you’re going to cheat and fuxx everything walking, cool, but use protection and don’t have children that you’re not willing to take responsibility for.

    1. I woman cannot “breed” unless she wants to. Last I check, I woman cannot get pregnant with her legs firmly closed. Why do women have unprotected sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry? Something to ponder?

  8. Dutty low life nappy/ mappy, go mine yuh Pinckney dem. u is a low down dirty bastard.. Yuh Eva a floss Ina dunce hall n can’t afford fi maintain u kids dem.. Yuh shud be ashamed of urself.. Ole dutty fruit cake yuh..

  9. What a joke!!!! Mappie support your children bottom line, stop being like the numerous (to many to count) Dancehall Men that believe when you break up with the Mother you break up with the child. All this take video to the courts, take pictures to the court is utter rubbish when dealing with the right divorce or support attorney. Mappie simply can get his paper work together to dispell ALL. Paperwork such as notorized letters from others showing that invested in the party and that Mappie simply draws a crowd. Mappie can in turn show what he’s paid for “drawing the crowd” which barely allows him to take care of himself….there’s always two sides to the penny! Ladies stop being so quick to consent to raw dogging these types of dude’s over and over and over again……same way you could have gotten more than a baby! If he been not taking care of his kids what makes the next chick believe her luck may be different!

  10. If a me a di judge mi woulda order mappie fi pay child support straight towards education just so that the pickney never come out as dunce as him. smt dunce bat

  11. Hello !! Hello !! A wah tek some mongrel around here ? De one dem wey love fe talk, but mi nuh hear dem.(mi hawk and spit ). De one dem who get a hype from dem piccha posing moment, and tink sey dat self – praise a some kinda recommendation, but mi nuh see dem. (mi cut mi eye ). De one dem who feel say dat dem children must suffer financially because of dem adult foolishness, but dem is nutten more than a rat fe go inna a trap.(mi imitate a box inna de face). Dem bwoy deh fe gwehhh!!!! and go drown demself, caw dem violate de ting, and mi nuh rate dem !!!!

  12. Little Miss Muppet yuh need some BAX BAX BAX.
    A who tell da dwarf yah seh him look good?
    Cheat all you want but don’t impregnate you f#cking reprobate

    REPROBATE (because mi know yuh illiterate nuh bloodclat) = DEGENERATE, WICKED, SHAMELESS, IMMORAL, etc.

    Man like yuh fi get bare batty f**k inah prison fi punishment BUT mi have a feeling yuh woulda like cause yuh behave like a big f#ck out lick out batty bitch.

  13. These dancehall Men who have these kids, popping champagne, wearing name brand clothes and drive luxary vehicle and dont know where their kids sleep or if they eat, dont know if the kids go school, some a them dont even know the kids birthday because them have so much baby madda and so much kids, I am convence that they are a set of ILLITERATE DUNCE BAT! NO LITTERATE Person in their right mind go around and have Babies and dont want nothing to do with the Kids, ALL a unuh need to but in a barrell and DASH WAY! Worthless set a FOLKS. Go tek care a you pickney DUTTY MAN! YOU SHOULD A SHAME! BUT THEN AGAIN SOME A UNUH SHAME TREE DEAD FROM UNUH LEAVE UNUH MADDA HOLE.

  14. Some a them Z list celebrities dunce you Fack. Idiat nobody naw chat bout you on any social blog we are talking about the subject of not paying child support, you are the example in this case. People chat bout Beyonce, and Justin Beiber on blogs because they are interested in them. People weh come a JMG a deal with real life so no get this twisted you a no nobody fi nobody chat bout.

    Idiat a like nearly 60 and a snap picture on top of Moet box. The bafoonery never stops. Naw seh a man can’t live him life, but wah kind of example him a set fi him youth. Mi can’t get it, yes you might haffi do weh you haffi do- but don’t you want better for your kids. What happen to wanting your kid to be a president of a fortune 500, or an Obama.

    This idiat a loser of all losers……Mi no usually wish bad pan people…but I hope this f**ker will live to see when the same kid that he refused to pay the 25 dollar for will pass him on the road in his big car coming from his good job and splash rain water pan the pussy sidung a roadside a beg. Nausty f**ker.

  15. A whole heap a dem deh bout leave dem good good wife at home or she doing nite job while dem a floss wid the dutty gyal dem then turn around and beg back wife fi money.. Nuff a dem a floss out hell and wear the most design and den pickney Ina old navy.. Bun mi fi the whole a dem yuh si

    1. All when mine inna Old Navy, Ross, T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, Sears, Target, Burlington Coat Factory. and countless other stores weh sell good good tingz fe the entire family/ household..them child support money still belongs to them, THE CHILDREN!!..And it will be in their savings account to use at their own descretion when need be. Good pickney dem nuh frighten fe dare claat ah boot. Good pickney want good tingz like education wid likkle extra tutoring, good quality electronic gadgets like MacBooks ah dem ting deh wid quicker technology and faster speed, big big internships, exotic and educational travels to broaden their horizons, good clean bed sheets and pillows wid ah good quality firm mattress fe lay likkle tiresome heads, god home cooked meals, clean clothes and clean house, good family support, friends and good parent (s) weh wi continue to love, support and protect dem, all when dem grow good, fly and spread dem wings. Those are the children that grow up to be success stories and live great lives and become outstanding role models and citizens from every walks of lives and nations.

      1. BIG UPS to alla di good moms and dads out deh weh mek plenty sacrifices fi dem children and put them babies FIRST above all others…those are the things that out value money, :peluk and are priceless..

  16. Mappy u get divorced yet? Yet still two more baby madda and Pitney add to the brood of the one sweet likkle boy whose mama did fool enough fi help u get papers. And when wife tell u fi cut Donna and her mother move u a New York come put u up and the $25 maintenance fi for the lily boy still can pay but the two girl a mind u and fight over the likkle sof buddy. If me was a dance hall man mi would run u outta dance bc dat nah mek it

  17. WOW a whe him shame face de d man a promote him dance while acknowledging the fact him de pon child support n evidently not paying, u a go see how much low lif eoman flock da dance de n go dash out dem ole to him

    1. Exactly! Dem will fight cuss and laff say they take whey the dutty man! And will even breed swearing they will be different! These men are to get alot of blame but we women need to get more! We always wanna tek whey the man cuz we summin tun up and see them a splash champagne!! Stop breed for hype! Check out the man before you let him buss in your belly and start use protection!! Why do you run go breed for men like this?? What kind of support or life do you expect the child to have?

  18. Hey cannot blame him alone remember we are females and we are suppose to protect ourself. If we don’t men don’t care y’all know that too. Who ever put out his business is jealous be cuz he don’t want her anymore for some reason. Don’t dog him like that he ain’t all that bad. A woman a di fool remember that .

  19. Why u guys worry about this man named Mappie. U think he gives a f**k about y’all. MYOFB & keep it the f**k moving… Worry bout ur life or matter fact buy a life cause it looks like all y’all life is dedicated to Pink Wall Entertainment with no f**in class at all.. Y’all low life/ low self esteem ass probably clicking on this page everyday like “oh let’s see who can we hate on today to make us feel special (attention seeker)” SMH!!!!

  20. I dont know who could mek that reptile looking thing sex dem muchless breed dem lawd some woman nuh have nuttin bout dem see him a party and him look craney Badd

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