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  2. I think 25- 30 sounds about right (if I’m not using my emotions). The role he played, whether he actually physically did the killing, or not is too crucial. The influence he had over the other killers and the attempt to bribe the jury and pervert the course of justice (with Gaza Slim) shows a man who never killed in a fit of passion, but one who was the leader of a killing machine.
    It goes without saying that he can’t be rehabilitated. Narcissists rarely can. Not unless they go to Japanese prison where the prisoners are locked in a room all day , in silence, crossed legged, not allowed to touch any walls and naturally forced to REFLECT until they break down and humble dem claat (I assume).

      1. and fi know how di man tek di yute soul and den ….sentence him physical to death….a hope di judge is working with the Lord

  3. Life mi say…. and him Lawyer can keep drinking Busta money… matter a fact dem shuda lock up di father son lawyer fi waste the court’s time.

  4. 900yrs fi Shawn Storm dat dutty mongrel know de yute was gonna die and brought him nonetheless, 100yrs for the rest.

  5. Metty come yah quickkkkk, mi just hear pan news seh di boy kartel get 35 years….Mi glad bag busssssss, Champagne pan di house fi everbadyyyyyy, :selamat :selamat :toast :toast

      1. Metty a mi fi tell yuh, People a portmore and by extension Jamaica (cause a dont think him killing was limited to Kgn St Andrew or St Catherine alone, I think it was island wide) can Live In Peace now, and those weh him kill can Rest in Peace now, praise be to GOD, a we seh good over evil and God over devil.

    1. mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh di madda mus nah go sleep tonight jus like how lizard cudden sleep di night before..wickedddd di judge hand it to dem book pencil and eraser

  6. Oh gawdddddddd but a who ago tell di girls dem say ” u body good from morning and it ago stay so forever” lmaoooooooooooooooooo u haffi teck bad things meck joke

    1. mi nuh waaa laugh oo because mi sick and coughing follow laughing mek mi lean ova den __________________________

  7. Serve him damn right! yuh how much ghetto youth would an glad fi di opportunity weh him get through music, before him go build up some skill centre fi d youths dem, and some schools yuh tek yuh money gone buy gun gi man. Look pan d influence d boy got pan d masses before him use it positively yuh form fool a yuh damn self and use it negatively, if come in like seh if d boy did seh him a go in a politics and run fi government deh ppl dem would and vote fi him, d poor ppl dem love ( a really dont know if a should seh love or fear) him more than dem love portia to baxide, it come in like seh ifhim did line up all a dem and seh jump off a dah cliff yah dem would an jump, and d boy mek him opportunity slip through him fingers like sand, all because yuh waan be greater than GOD and yuh rule, mislead, blackmail and kill ppl. Such a pity…. I really hope that all is not lost for you, and from this all you can still find GOD because he is a loving and forgiving GOD!!!

    1. Amen..and never abuse any talent or gift given to you by The Most High….He will charge you double! And that is written in the bible

      1. A true man, if a 1 talent yuh get seh Thanks be to God and use it to d best of yuh ability, It is said “our life is God’s gift to us, what we do with our life is our gift to God” it come in like seh him try fi spit in a d sky and it fall back inna him eye, yuh cant defy God’s will, and fly up in a God face, God put him inna d dark fi mek kartel see seh he is d light, dont mess wid d powers that be bwoy, God mek kartel small up himself and show kartel seh a him a d Big man and d Real World Boss a dat him fi try know waan power and cant handle it…..

        1. pow pow pow God gi mi dis likkle forum and I have said it before and will say it again…the day I use it for my own personal agenda will be my last…Dem nuh fear no one suh God show dem WHO IS BOSS

    1. damn stupid and the thing is she neva se mek she bow out a talk all kinda f–kery …very sad that it come to this

      1. No sense she don’t have n because of hype n this whole idea about being a ride or die chick dem mess up dem life welllllll any man whey me deh wid first if u a do wrong mi gone n if mi neva know n find out when u get arrested HONEY CHILE U R ON UR OWN, mi nah ride n die fi no prison time especially if its a crime where u killing ppl n shit

    2. Yes Chuet, next patient same treatment, d woman dem over Fort Agustus soon get some fresh meat, d Judge gwine teach har a lesson so next time she dont tell nuh lie pan a dead man (duppy) wicked wretch, damn brainwash idiot.

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