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  1. I ain’t swearing for no one but these pics don’t look like they are lovers. The other guy look funny though

  2. mi ago look pon the rectum pic wan more time cuz mad puss have only wan hand tatted ..plus mi did hear from a longer while seh kartel phuck de yute dem nd record it as black mail **shrug shoulders**

  3. I really don’t like to do this, but picture number two look suspect, all if it was not alluded to, meeda seet in an wonda!! man nuffi close no man suh, especially Jamaicans whey lick out de most…dis fishy (pun intended) bad!!

    1. You remember the pic when they where going to court? and mad suss have on a white sandals and holding a bag with Kartel behind him? from the first time I saw that picture it look kind of suspect, just weird.

    2. Obara u reach ….mi neva si nutten like this….inna di pic u can tell seh kartel have something over him plus kartel is always on his left…so he does not agree with it he is doing it out o fear whatever it is

      1. @Real dem sey a picture speaks a thousand words, we doe haffi see no video, mi shame ah we Island, dese damn unda cova!!

        1. dem cah read words not ppl dats y ppl call some a dem outta dem yawd and poison dem fi years and hold dem dung ….cause if sombadi nuh have hand roun dem neck dem nuh notice………….but dem a seh dem up to date but a we up to date cause we read and understand everyting all ppl

  4. A pix says a thousand words or more. Re pix # 2 in particular no straight man an mi mean straight as in 100% – because some man a talk seh dem straight but dem have some bumps & dents weh some a we caan see – NAH chat & stare one annedda in a dem yi let alone a press up ‘gainst a nex man so. wooooooiiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!

  5. @Real ah gooda likes, mek de yute Mad Suss and oddaslike him sell dem soul, some man cyaan hold dem order, caws in ah de bbm messages dem him deh deh ah beg Kartel fi money, him sey him hungry and no funds, him ah beg car, so licky, licky and wanting de high seat whey dem done hear sey did kill miss Thomas puss…nuff man mek man bend dem chu likes, and Kartel whey done did have di wants fi man from way back when (caws mi believe Taliban when she did mek de comment sey Kartell parents dem ketch him when him small ah mek out wid ah bwoy) inna him, an chu him ave poer an money now of course him aguh ben up nuff ah dem…well him deh ah prison now whey him ave him choice…sick dranco stomach!!1

    1. Obara bwoy want everyting weh him cah get…….look like him all want to be a oman ….dem head nuh good nuh day ..and it nah get better

  6. Inna picture number two, (de man and oman in love looking picture), Karte looms majestically over Mad suss in his top man position while Mad Suss is obviously tense in his submissive bottom position…wants is a hell of ah ting…so sad!! de bredda, Mad Suss looks tense, ashamed, and uncomfortable!

  7. these pics speaks VOLUMES….well ……..dem have each adda in prison for 30yrs at least #tunUPPPPPP lol


  9. Husband & wife this to baxide, madd suss a run shorty foot haaattt. kartel just lean dun pan puss like him a seh tek buddy gal.

  10. Husband & wife this to baxide, madd suss a run shorty foot haaattt. kartel just lean dun pan puss like him a seh tek buddy gal. The body language alone mek yuh know seh dem 2 yah a f**k.

    1. to me it looks as if kartel is into suss than the other way around. I wonder if suss was bullied into a relationship wid kartel, cause he hardly ever looks happy

  11. im not a person weh swear, but i lawd know star everytime mi see da bway madsuss mi tink him suspect…de man walk a switch like a gyal….and den again dem seh michael cake soap jackson luv likkle bway..

  12. From mi see how Kartel a promote himself as a gyaliss mi seh “Something nuh right!” When men have to push how much pussi dem get I questions their sexuality. Like they’re trying to convince EVERYBODY that they’re straight. Mi nuh know bwoy dem pictures look sticky!! :hoax2 :siul :cd

  13. I am confuse. Mi nah lie. Met mi know long time that u r part of the conspiracy with the Jamaican government to bring down the gentleman Kartel ! First calling the man a murderer with evidence to prove it now dis!! hahahahaha. Even my liberal mind confuse esp with Pic #2
    Way back in the first reveal didn’t u say u wldnt be surprise if him lacing up sme ah the men dem a gaza met?

  14. @Met Did you catch Mad Suss pendant in the second pic? Gift from his lover! Homosexuality is common among occultists.

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