1. I gather what she is saying is Mr X mek a deposit pon di hairy bank, after which the bank declared bankruptcy.

  2. I would not like to be her linky. As the girl turn har back u broadcast the girl business. But then the girl seems like the kind that don’t have any morals anyways becayse if someone tell me a man that is looking me is happily married I’m not even linking him back much less to take his money. That’s why nuff of dem get killed cause dem try play man an certain man not having it. She may think she is spiting the man or dissing him in some way but some man don’t play that. Jus straight greed. Smh. And trust me, her “linky” might not tell her but she will f**k dat happily married man on the low because of greed. Cause she ask fi money fi do all those things and get it, so she will want more. The things we do for money. She not hurting a soul but herself and she is going to f**k that married man if she nuh start already. Kmt

  3. Yes ! Man naw run no money so fass and not getting nothing in return unless a one ole fool. Got a few they will do anything just to get ue attention married or not

  4. She’s not even hurting herself neither, what she did was a vengence type sh*t… If she was into this man and thought maybe something good could come from it why you didn’t ask the necessary questions to see where his head was at, there are some guys that will tell you he has someone and there’s some that won’t… but we are outside looking in don’t know what conversation she had with this man… He dirty for even stepping out on his wife, I can’t stand a man that is so damn disrespectful but apparently his going to sneak but his not leaving his family… why take the money and stop talk to him, I don’t even think she stop talking to him because she got the money easy so I know she still dealing with him just because of the litte change she can get from the man… some men and women do not have any morales…

  5. dont seh no man na give weh nothing jus su…cause i had a dude tht really dont know me living in london pay for me and my friend to go to bahamas for my bday and tht was nothing, him all buy me red bottoms for christmas…he just kind to me and i still havent met him yet

  6. There are nice men out there but they are a dime a dozen they are not made like that any more but good for you he might be a good catch. @2RASSFASS

  7. a suh make some a unuh gyal get unuh head cut off.unuh too wicked and tief.Love take man things.D man should a see are linkie and f**k are up.

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